Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lots O' Polishing

Tore into the carbs for their complete rebuild and damn was that some work. Not only was every single diaphragm rotted out but all the needles and jets were dirty as hell to. I guess its to be expected for a bike that has been sitting for so long and had leaky carbs. That should all be remedied now, but it was pricey along with about 10-15 hours of pure clean up with all the parts. From polishing to soaking in parts cleaner to straight up scraping off sealed port holes from old gas. Now the fun part, tuning these bitches in unison!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Great Highway - US 50

This is why the US rocks. We have highways that go for 3073 miles and when I get stuck in California, I always know how to get home!

Painting I did for a client a while back

Thought I would post this as I came across it this afternoon. Was commissioned by a friend to create a painting for his dad who happens to be a huge Ducati fanatic. Yes, he personally owns 12 Duc's of all years and models and rides them all regularly. I knew my work was cut out for me as he would be on top of all the details. Knowing that he was about to purchase the Paul Smart commemorative bike I thought it would be a great tie in for his shop/office. Was able to score a slew of old Ducati ads from a lady in Italy off ebay and funny enough, one of the ads was actually the first Duc' he ever owned. Overall, the project was fun as hell and he was stoked. The painting is acrylic and is 3 foot by 4 and a half feet wide.

Sorry for the lack of updates

Been absolutely swamped with work and trying to get a slew of projects underway for the new year. Some of the big things going on is the complete new Gearhead Records site, all the regular client graphics, working through the Honda 650 Chop build for the Smokeout and more graphics done for Rusty Knuckles TM official summer launch. The trademark finally came through so life is good.

We will finally be moving into a realm where the Gearhead Records site works great and fuctions even better. For all of those that have had a hard time navigating or even shopping, all will be changing shortly. He is a preview of the new site along with some Rusty Knuckles in progress graphics.