Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Gold Web Enlivens Chicago Glam Rock

The Gold Web is Brian Selke, aka Dr. Weed, from left; Max Perenchio, aka Silver Wizard; Rich Lombardo, aka Goldilox; and Jake Serek, aka St. Snake. (Courtesy of The Gold Web)

Art is more important than ever for Chicago musicians.

Just ask Max Perenchio of The Gold Web. The glam rock project may seem like a cultural throwback in a city filled with generic garage rock bands, but Perenchio said the group has greater cultural, social and political goals than its appearance might suggest.

The transition from traditional rock band to glam rock was a quick one for the group. After touring with classic glam rock band Kiss in a different band, Perenchio began incorporating costumes and other extravagant looks into his aesthetic, adopting a character (Silver Wizard) in the process. Other members of The Gold Web followed suit.

"It turned the whole band experience into a ritual where every single show, you're putting on 9-inch platforms and wigs and makeup," he said. "There's something about this energy where you can kind of be whoever you want to be, even if it's just for one night."

Haunting Driftwood Sculptures By Japanese Artist Nagato Iwasaki

Nagato Iwasaki is one of those artists you don’t know much about. But his art talks for itself.

The Japan-based artist creates incredible driftwood sculptures. Each of his human-shaped figures can both mesmerize and scare you. The artist manages to create an uneasy feeling using nothing but wood and you can be sure, that if you’d stumble upon one of these sculptures at night, you’d go sleepless for days.

More info: | Facebook

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Forgotten New Yorker who Changed the ‘80s Music Scene

Ruth Polsky at Danceteria

When the members of New Order arrived in New York for their first North American gigs in 1980, they were greeted by a booking agent, a drug supplier, a tour guide and their own personal chef — all of whom were the same woman.

The Brits were just one of dozens of new wave and post-punk acts imported across the Atlantic by New Yorker Ruth Polsky. During her tenure as a talent booker at seminal Manhattan nightclubs Hurrah on West 62nd Street (1979 to 1982) and Danceteria on West 21st Street (1982 to 1986), she was the first to take chances on then-unknown bands such as Simple Minds, Echo and the Bunnymen, the Smiths, the Psychedelic Furs and many more. With disco and rock still dominant in the charts, Polsky had a rare ear for fresh sounds, and took chances in bringing them to the United States before most other club bookers would dare.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Company Will Press Your Ashes into a Working Vinyl Album

When the final track of your life finishes playing, how would you like to be remembered? Do you want to be buried and forgotten like a bad solo album? Or would you like to be encased for posterity like a big platinum record? Or maybe you hope to continue being heard, like a legendary musician that lives on forever. Well, if you hope to have your song play long after you’ve left the recording studio of life, there’s a way for that to happen–literally–by having your ashes pressed into a vinyl record.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Datura -"Charm of the Rat King" - Teaser

Check out Datura's new music video teaser for "Charm of the Rat King"! It's the first single off their upcoming album "The Harrowing". Get it spring 2017 on Rusty Knuckles!

The Ditchrunners Ink A Deal With Rusty Knuckles Records

Rusty Knuckles would like to welcome The Ditchrunners from Wisconsin!

Look for their latest album to be released this year, through Rusty Knuckles! And stay tuned for tour dates!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Never too Young to Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Third Grade Punk of "Old Skull"

There’s been much ado—countless articles, TV appearances galore,  a whole movie even—about pre-teen rockers Unlocking the Truth. Which is fine and all, but what if I told you there was another band, decades before, that were even younger, sold more records, toured extensively, and rode a wave of minor rock fame all the way to high school?

It’s true. And if Unlocking the Truth knew what happened to ‘em after the band broke up—a saga much grimmer than your average episode of VH1’s Behind the Music—they’d find new hobbies. Old Skull formed in Madison, Wisconsin when a couple of punk rock dads—Vern Toulon (Missing Foundation) and Robin Davies (Tar Babies)—decided to recruit their sons into the lucrative world of indie-rock. Toulon’s kids JP and Jamie handled guitar/vocals and keyboards respectively, and Davies’ stepson JP pounded the skins. They “wrote” songs about hot dogs and AIDS (most people assume Toulon senior composed the music, but the truth is lost in the mists of time) and bashed ‘em out with impressive energy, if not finesse. Which was fine, I mean, it was hardcore punk made by kids who were in the third-grade.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Curio's Latest Album, "Tall Tales!"

Rusty Knuckles presents Curio's, latest album, 'Tall Tales.'

'Tall Tales' is a collection of down and dirty, Chicago bastard blues tunes, about bad men & bad luck, inspired by the rags to rags struggles of dreamers and schemers.

It's a record written by outcasts and outsiders, for outcasts and outsiders. Album artwork by Curio bassist, Donovan Foote.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Heavy Metal Cruise of the Caribbean

The "Independence of the Seas" set sail from Florida for the loudest sea cruise in the Caribbean. Some 60 bands are to play on board for 3,000 music fans who'll spend five days and nights dancing on the pool deck. 

The organizers, "70,000 TONS OF METAL," claim it to be the original and biggest heavy metal sea cruise. The first such music festival on a cruise ship took place in 2011.

This year will feature acts like the legendary bands Anthrax and Overkill as well as Uli Jon Roth, the former Scorpions guitarist.

From Port Everglades, the cruise head to Labadee, on the island of Haiti, and back again. The cruise lasts four days, from February 2-6.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Big Husky Burnette 2017 News!

Hey folks, Husky Burnette has lots of upcoming music and  tour trash to talk about, so let's get started...

More shows, more tours!

After taking a break from playing so much, and moving to the great state of Colorado, Husky Burnette is back at it!

He has a handful of gigs coming up around Northeast Colorado, until mid March; a short run through Texas in late March; and a tour from April-June, around the Midwest/East Coast!

Check the tour dates for your city!

In music news!

Husky Burnette is planning to release a new single called, "Honey Child".

It's a duet Caroline and Husky wrote, and they're extremely excited to get it out. Look for it soon!

Husky Burnette has also been writing new material for a new album! He will hit the studio in Pittsburgh very soon. Look for the new album on Rusty Knuckles!

Husky is also recording  a split 12" LP, with speed-rockin' pals "Six Speed Kill!." They're collaborating on a song, Whiskey Trippin', full of dirty rock n roll,  slide guitar, and distortion explosions! They are all  damn excited about this project! More details to come as they hammer it out.

New website and new merch!

Thanks to Michelle and Zooma Design, Husky Burnette has a new website up. Updates include streaming music, merch store, easier mailing list sign-up, and a lot more! 

Husky Burnette also has new merch, thanks to LoveLace Art & Design! Some of the new items include bandanas, shop rags, panties for the ladies, and weed grinders for the stoners.

Also, be sure to hit up the store page for all Husky Burnette and Rusty Knuckles CDs, shirts, belt buckles and more! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Guitar Strap Process Build With Bongzilla As The Soundtrack