Wednesday, November 25, 2015

5 Ways To Be A Better Band, By Kurt Ballou Of Converge

Friday, November 20, 2015

Read About One Of The Rarest American Motorcycles Ever Assembled

Read About One Of The Rarest American Motorcycles Ever Assembled

"Possibly one of the rarest American motorcycles ever assembled, the Cyclone powered, OHC 8-valve Reading Standard factory works racer is photographed here with legend Ray Creviston on the company dock in 1921. Beginning in 1903, Reading Standard began manufacturing high quality American motorcycles known for their durability, and from the start the Pennsylvania based company garnered accolades for their performance on the track.

Revisiting The Glory Days With One of Japan's Most Violent Biker Gangs, From Vice

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cascade Record Pressing Is Open For Business And Bringing The Heat To The Vinyl Record Manufacturing Competition

Cascade Record Pressing Is Open For Business And Bringing The Heat To The Vinyl Record Manufacturing Competition
Cascade Record Pressing Is Open For Business and looking to expand upon the small stable of vinyl manufacturers operating within the continental United States. We can personally validate their quality as they sent us a test pressing and it is well made and the sound quality is fantastic. Best of luck fellas and hopefully we will be working with yall in 2016 on some 7" vinyl record projects we are planning to release.
"On May 28, Cascade Record Pressing's website went live, with the ability to accept orders from labels and musicians for all types of vinyl projects, with runs of 500 records and up. These orders are fulfilled at Cascade's brand-new plant in Milwaukie, Oregon, where sacks of PVC pellets the size of lentils are transformed into flat, shiny 12-inch records, packed with grooves of sound.

Troy Ladd of Hollywood Hot Rods Featured In A Red Kap Product Video

Hollywood Hot Rods is a name synonymous with style and finesse. Troy Ladd has been honing his craft for a number of years in a small shop over the hill from Hollywood in Burbank, CA for a number of years now. His builds have landed him within the pages of a plethora of magazines and featured on many covers, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The real depth comes from within the man himself. His easy going nature and zeal for building cars from the ground up is equal parts infectious and down right holy. Craftsmanship is a fading concept in many areas of our disposable culture. Thankfully people like Troy Ladd continue to push the perceived limits.

Watch Jim D'Addario Join Bill Collings of Collings Guitars In Austin, TX To Talk Shop

Watch Jim D'Addario join Bill Collings of Collings Guitars in Austin, TX to talk shop about music and guitars. Watching the craftsmanship that goes into these great instruments is a fascinating glimpse into an American company that is building instruments the right way.

Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age Dedicates All Funds From The Sweet Stuff Foundation To The Victims Of The Paris Terrorist Attack

Good on Josh Homme of the Queens Of The Stone Age and the Eagles of Death Metal for using his foundation to honor the musicians, crew and fans that were killed in Paris during a terrorist attack and donating all money received to them through December 31, 2015. 

"The mission of The Sweet Stuff Foundation is to help our musical community and their families with the vital elements often overlooked during periods of illness and disability. Things like transportation to medical treatment, assistance with childcare and tuition, income assistance, the "last wishes" of a lifetime, and special treatments not covered by insurance. The healing power of music is also a vital form of preventative medicine. That's why the Sweet Stuff Foundation's two prong approach is also committed to providing assistance for music lessons, instruments, and musical collaborations for children. To help foster an atmosphere of creativity & introduce a healthy outlet via music, so that the "Sweet Stuff' will continue for generations to come."

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Whiskeydick Announces New Belt Buckle For Sale, The Texas Skull Buckle

Whiskeydick Announces New Belt Buckle For Sale, The Texas Skull Buckle
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We love belt buckles, lets just say it out loud. Each one of our belt buckles starts from a blank sheet of aluminum in 0.188" plate and is then water jet cut to our exact specifications. Once we get the blanks back into our shop, the process of etching the designs into the metal takes place and we craft each buckle one at a time. The process is tedious and time consuming, but creating an indelible mark on a piece of metal is an absolute triumph and makes us quite proud.

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Beauty Of Recycling, Watch A Dagger Be Created From An Old Metal File

Watch a process video of how Jimmy Diresta makes a dagger from an old file. Bringing new life to a piece of steel that is at the ready to be reinvigorated.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Motobunny Has The Coolest Song In the World, As Featured On Little Steven's Underground Garage

Motobunny Has The Coolest Song In the World, As Featured On Little Steven's Underground Garage
Have you checked out this week's Coolest Song in the World "Lets Go Out" from Motobunny on Little Steven's Underground Garage on Sirius XM. Motobunny is made up of members of two different bands…The Wooly Bandits from Los Angeles and The Love Me Nots out of Phoenix. This is from their debut eponymous album. Co-lead singer Christa Collins will be The Mighty Manfred's guest on Coolest Conversations this Friday. Grab a copy of this great album in our webstore.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Whiskeydick Rolls Into Nashville and Plays At The Gibson Headquarters

Whiskeydick with David Berryman, President of Gibson

Whiskeydick continues to conquer and today added one more notch to their Texas sized belt of achievements. On their day off they were asked to stop in to the Gibson offices in Nashville to play some tunes. not only did they win over the staff but Gibson President David Berryman enjoyed them so much he signed Rev Johnson's guitar and Fritz was also given a full Epiphone Guitars endorsement! Quality music, great attitudes and a work ethic like no other, Whiskeydick may be the Bastard Sons of Texas but they are now on the path to bring Heavy Metal Honky Tonk to the world!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Stump Tail Dolly's Debut Album Merges Metal And Country Entirely Into It's Own Genre

We would like to tell yall about a great band and couple of people that have recently joined Rusty Knuckles Music. Damn proud to have Lucy and Ryan on board with their new project Stump Tail Dolly. Equal parts rootsy americana and melded with the riffing and thrashiness of metal, this hybrid sound is a unique amalgamation and about to hit the road for touring.

Ryan Clackner and Lucy Cochran (sometimes separately, sometimes together) have toured, performed or recorded with Bob Wayne, Fifth on the Floor, Shooter Jennings, JD Wilkes, The Legendary Shack Shakers, Red Simpson, Sarah Gayle Meech, The Local Memories, Joe's Truck Stop, Tyshawn Sorey, and many others. They've opened for Social Distortion, Tiger Army, Hank III, George Thorogood, Unknown Hinson, Roger Clyne, JJ Grey, Scott Biram and more. Ryan has appeared in multiple music videos, including "Hush Hush" by The Pistol Annies. Lucy is an award-winning contest fiddler.

Stump Tail Dolly's debut album comes out Friday 11.20.15

Track Listing:

1. I've Endured - Reed (arr. STD)
2. Insomnia
3. Stump Tail Dolly- Traditional
4. Marish Prophet
5. Billy

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Best Time To Practice Your Instrument Might Be During The Middle Of Brain Surgery

On today's episode, we head to the University of Chicago to speak with one of the nation's leading neurosurgeons, Dr. David Frim, PhD. Dr. Frim discusses the basics of brain surgery and how surgeons will examine the brain to make sure they avoid damaging the areas that effect speech and motion. He also discusses why some patients perform their instruments during surgery, and how music, and its effect on the brain, is currently being studied by doctors.

The Excavators, A Brand New Side Project From The Fellas In Hellbound Glory

The Excavators album was recorded in a couple hours at someones house in Reno, NV sometime in late October of 2010. The Excavators consist of Leroy Virgil and Rico Peterson of Hellbound Glory, performing all tracks. All performances are raw and the recording techniques used are extremely primitive. The album comes out November 27th 2015 on Rusty Knuckles Music.

Pre-order your copy now

1. Big Time
2. World Coming To An End
3. Feudin'
4. Working Hard A'int Hardly Workin
5. Another Dead Friend
6. The Repo Man
7. Stateline
8. The Black Mass
9. If The Good Lords A Good Ol' Boy
10. Bonus Track L.O.F.

Husky Burnette Feature Profile Page With The D'Addario Suite of Music Gear

Husky Burnette Feature Profile Page With The D'Addario Suite of Music Gear

Absolute huge congratulations for Husky Burnette on being selected as an officially endorsed artist by the great folks at D'addario. This is a huge honor and recognition of his abilities as a musician and performer. Great things coming up for Husky as well with new album about to launch and a myriad of other happenings we are poised to announce.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Brand New Belt Buckles From Rusty Knuckles Customs

Brand New Antiseen Belt Buckle From Rusty Knuckles Customs
All of our belt buckles are made by hand one at a time. Creating items that will last for many a decade is a proud accomplishment and we cannot thank everyone enough who has purchased one from us. Keep an eye out as our line of belt buckles will continue to grow according to the new bands and clients that we continue to grow with.