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Check Out A Track From J.B. Beverley's New Album On No Depression

It is always a good day when a track from an upcoming album we are releasing is being streamed on No Depression. Go have a listen to a preview track called "Bit of Pickin'" on J.B. Beverley's new album coming out next month, Stripped To The Root.

"Bit Of Pickin' feature track on No Depression by J.B. Beverley, Buck Thrailkill and more

Sturgill Simpson On Playing The Grand Ole Opry, From Saving Country Music

I feel as if I was part of rare treat being able to see Sturgill Simpson a few years back in his older project Sunday Valley. Had never heard of the band but a few folks said to stick around and check them out. This was down in Texas during SXSW of 2011 and happened at a showcase put on by Keith of Hillgrass Bluebilly and Trigger of Saving Country Music. As soon as hit those first notes on the guitar and let loose a signature sound I was hooked. 

Now Sturgill has gone solo and stripped back on the guitar shredding and focused more on the craft of songwriting and is truly upping the ante. I sure as hell hope that he doesn't leave his amazing style of guitar picking in the dust as it is a breath of fresh air and a shot in the arm that brings country rock into a new light.

Check out the article on Saving Country Music

Sturgill Simpson, one of underground country music's best kept secrets
"But Sturgill’s Opry debut may have an even greater personal significance. To explain, here is Sturgill Simpson on his Opry debut, in his own words.
- – - – - – - – - -
I credit my 82 yr. old Grandfather Dood Fraley more than anyone on Earth for, among many other things, my musical education. He’s the greatest man I’ve ever known…Period. 

He used to sit me on the couch next to him when I was a child and make me watch Hee-Haw and TNN and tell me which performers were good and which ones were a joke or just holding the guitar as a prop. He spent his entire childhood growing up in Eastern Kentucky so poor it can’t be put into words. They had one radio in the coal camp that every one would gather around every Saturday night and listen to The Grand Ole Opry. He always talked about how The Opry was like magic coming out of that box. I know what it feels like hearing Bill Monroe for the first time on a cd player but it’s tough to imagine what it must have been like hearing that voice blast out of a radio in the 40′s as a nine year old boy. Anyway, he’s been really sick lately so when I got the news he was the first person I called…his words summed it up better than I ever could. 
He told me, “That’s it bud..that’s the biggest honor in Country music..that’s what you’ve been working so hard for all these years whether you knew it or not. If you never sing or record another note, you ain’t gotta prove nothing else to nobody after that. Don’t worry about what they’re doing now, just go do it your way and I’ll be right there with ya."

I made my album for him and no one else and it got me “here”…It aint much but “here” is a place I can go to sleep at night feeling pretty ok with. There is really nothing I can say that captures how proud I feel knowing he lived to see this and that he’ll be standing backstage watching his grandson step into that circle just like every single damn one of the heroes he raised me on has before me. There’s not a whole hell of a lot in this world I take seriously, least of all myself. But this I do,..The Opry is a living testament to the heritage of American Country Music and that’s about as serious as anything can be.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

You can listen to Sturgill Simpson’s Opry debut on WSM Online between 7 PM and 9:15 PM Central Friday (8-23).

Purchase Sturgill’s latest album High Top Mountain.
UPDATE (8/23): Sturgill played “Water I A Well” and “Life Ain’t Fair & The World Is Mean” on the Opry. For those that missed it, it will be archived in about a week or so here: 
Here’s a few pictures:

Picture from backstage:

Sturgill Simpson Tour Dates:

Sept. 1 – Rosemary Beach – Rosemary Beach, FL
Sept. 4 – The Altamont – Asheville, NC
Sept. 5 – Scenic City Roots – Chattanooga, TN
Sept. 6 – The New Vintage – Louisville
Sept. 7 – Barley’s Tap Room – Knoxville, TN
Sept. 8 – Eddie’s Attic – Atlanta
Sept. 9 – Georgia Theatre, Rooftop Series – Athens, GA
Sept. 11 – The Evening Muse – Charlotte
Sept. 12 – The Pour House Music Hall – Raleigh, NC
Sept. 19 – Americana Music Festival – Nashville
Sept. 21 – The Groove – Nashville
Sept. 26 – Red Dirt Dance Hall – Tulsa, OK
Sept. 27 – Wormy Dog Saloon – Oklahoma City
Sept. 28 – The Foundry – Dallas
Oct. 1 – The Western – Scottsdale, AZ
Oct. 3 – The Griffin – San Diego
Oct. 3 – The Hotel Cafe – Los Angeles
Oct. 5 – Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival – San Francisco
Oct. 30 – Music City Roots – Nashville

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Husky Burnette Is Now A Featured Itunes Blues Artist

Husky Burnette featured as main artist on Itunes Blues page

To say that we are stoked to be seeing Husky Burnette front and center on Itunes Blues page is an absolute understatement. This is a hard fought battle for recognition and exposure for a guy that makes his living as a musician.

I knew the album was great once I heard some rough tracks back in February, but now others are starting to hear just how solid this album is. Huge thanks to Buck Thrailkill and J.B. Beverley at Rebel Roots Studio for capturing the sounds. Cannot thank Itunes folks enough for choosing to feature this album and for all the hard work and dedication that Husky Burnette puts into his live shows, crafting his tunes and most of all for being a humble individual. 

Crank it up folks and get your day started right! 

Order your copy of the album

Download the album from Itunes

Now that we have your attention to Husky's new track, Beat & Lowdown, do yourself a favor and dive into another song below called "That Liquor". 

The Blues are a religion and Brian "Husky" Burnette sho' 'nuff preaches it. You can feel the testimony as he blends Delta Blues, Rock n Roll and Electric Blues. His music is gritty, soulful, southern, low-down and dirty. Husky, who hails from Chattanooga, TN, followed in the family footsteps of rockabilly kings Johnny Burnette and Dorsey Burnette, writing, recording and touring with several national artists over the years. Two of which that stand out are lead guitar position for legendary singer/songwriter Roger Alan Wade and the supporting act on tour for Hank Williams III. He has shared the stage with many others such as Leon Russell, T-Model Ford, Kenny Brown, Guy Clark, Emmylou Harris, Shooter Jennings, Scott H. Biram, Col J.D. Wilkes (The Legendary Shack Shakers/The Dirt Daubers) and J.J. Grey and Mofro. 

Husky recently signed with Rusty Knuckles Music to release his next LP, “Tales From East End Blvd.” in August 2013. The new album was recorded and produced by J.B. Beverley and Buck Thrailkill at Rebel Roots Studio and features Shooter Jennings, Billy Don Burns and J.B. Beverley, among others.

Order your copy now on cd and digital

Have a sample of That Liquor

Husky Burnette - Tales From East End Blvd. - Album Cover
Husky Burnette for Mayor of Chattanooga, TN
Scene 2 at Aardvark Screenprint, which prints, all the Rusty Knuckles merch. Huge thanks to Greg Clayton!
Scene 4 at one of downtown Raleigh's great parks.
Scene 3 on top of a parking deck in downtown Raleigh. Kitty Barks working for a unique shot
Scene 7 - Raleigh Beach damn
Scene 7 - Raleigh Beach Dam

The Blues According To Lightnin' Hopkins

Texas Blues legend, Lightnin' Hopkins
"The great Texas bluesman Lightnin’ Hopkins is captured brilliantly in this deeply moving film. Blank reveals Lightnin’s inspiration, and features a generous helping of classic blues. Includes performances at an outdoor barbeque and a black rodeo; and a visit to his boyhood town of Centerville, Texas. This powerful portrait is among Blank’s special masterworks. 31 minutes.Video also contains: The Sun’s Gonna Shine (1969)"

A Sportster Crafted Into A City And Trail Prowler

Damn it can be quite refreshing to see a bike that was never intended to go in a certain direction, be completely reconfigured and revamped into another form of road beast. This here Sportster, that I was shown around the side of the building by my buddy Wes goes above and beyond in the cool department. Instead of just adding a hard tail to an older Sportster a much more unique plan was conceived and carried out. Great looking bike and well put together build.

Sportster re-envisioned to hit the trails
Dual Sport Sportster and bad ass!

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Whole Foods Is Now Selling Vinyl Records?

Does it come as a shock to you that a grocery store chain would start to sell a selection of vinyl records? In all honesty, it is not surprising at all. As the small record stores die a painful death and more music is streamed online, fans are still listening to just as much music, but just digesting it another way. 

Starbucks has been hip to this trend for many a year and had varying experiments with music in their stores. Vinyl is great for Whole Foods, as it carves out an experience being such a methodical process and in a way relates to preparing a meal. Does this sound like a first world problem, why yes indeed. The other comparison it feels akin to is choosing a wine based upon a meal. 

Do I think they will carry any bands on Rusty Knuckles Music? Well, that will be decided in the future, but if they would enjoy stocking some of their shelves with our vinyl, I sure as hell won't say no. 

Pass me a Coors Light and the paté hombre, time to put on some Antiseen vinyl.

Link to the article on the LA Weekly

Whole foods is now selling vinyl records?
""Pile on that kale salad," sings Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes from the Whole Foods parking lot. The ad-libbed riff on his song "It's A Little Bit of Everything" draws a mannered whoop from the weekend afternoon crowd, who have come to politely welcome Whole Foods into the music curation business.

Indeed, over the weekend the grocery store chain debuted vinyl-heavy music dispensaries in five of its 340 stores, including this one in West Hollywood. The event is swarmed. Valets scurry to park cars while those in attendance slurp oysters and crunch gluten-free pita chips. Two Mercedes get into a honking match and the sound-guy shouts: "Shit just got real in the Whole Foods parking lot." Soon, many in attendance go inside and dutifully buy Arcade Fire records. Such is the state of the industry in 2013, where folks are increasingly less likely to buy music at an actual music store.

Whole Foods has good reason to get into the music game: Starbucks, of course, has been selling music for white people and those who love them for years. And concerning vinyl, 2012 saw a 19% upswing in wax sales, a trend that has been consistent for the last half decade. Urban Outfitters, a master of disseminating and commodifying alternative culture, has had success with vinyl as well. 

Still, Whole Foods knows that even if they corner a significant portion of the market, the revenue would be relatively paltry. (Their sales, after all, were $11.7 billion last year.)

So why bother? One suspects suspect the real motivation behind this move is to further cultivate a sophisticated bohemian image. They are in the "culture business" -- if Urban Outfitters is the Best Coast of retail music crossovers, Whole Foods wants to be the Mumford and Sons. The hipsters are going to mature into middle age and some of them are going to find high paying jobs. It's telling that the first five Whole Foods locations to sell music -- West Hollywood, Fairfax, Arroyo, Santa Barbara, and Venice -- all have one foot on either side of the hip/affluent line. Be cool; spend money. 

And let's not forget the baby boomers, who may not represent the future but definitely have the money now. Why else would Whole Foods be selling Eric Clapton? 

Beyond that, their selection is an, um, mixed bag. They've got about 150 different records available, including those from Daft Punk, CCR, Paramore, Bob Marley, Tegan and Sara, and handful of Pitchfork's best new music picks. Hip hop is notably underrepresented, as is any kind of metal. (Surprise!) Jason Isbell hiding out among the hordes of indie rock. 

Our assessment?
 As curators, at least in this fledgling stage, they're doing a better job than Starbucks, which really has the no-taste-with-disposable-income crowd on lock. But, obviously, they're not in the discussion as places like Vacation Vinyl, Origami Vinyl, or Permanent Records. 

No one will confuse Whole Foods with a destination for music buffs, or even those with a more than a casual interest in music. This is music to be paired with wine, to play in the background while you discuss the pros and cons of gentrification. It's white bread, although perhaps artisanal white bread.

The effort isn't a complete wash, though. They say they're committed to stocking shelves and live lineups with local talent. David Lynch is scheduled to appear at the parking lot in West Hollywood on Saturday. (Hey, he's local, right?) And they devote a surprising amount of real estate to the record shop; it has its own separate building, which is kinda cool.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the project is their partnership with LSTN Headphones. The L.A.-based company works to help restore hearing to those who have lost it, and sales from the headphones go toward the project. This week founders Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff are traveling to Peru with the Starkey Foundation, where they hope to restore hearing to 10,000 people. 

Our idealist Wendell Berry-toting college dorm room specter wants to scream that big companies should keep their hands off our precious records. But perhaps that's not the best way to look at it. Slinging vinyl these days? That's a noble pursuit in and of itself."

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Are You Bored With Band Interviews?

To hell with boring interviews, bands need to up the ante and channel classic 80's wrestling trash talk sessions. If the wrestlers can't give enough ideas for good interviews, have a listen to some classic Paul Bearer verbage from Sheer Terror.

Hellbound Glory and Husky Burnette Performing At Official Muddy Roots Pre-Party

Heading to Muddy Roots early to secure the best camping spots possible? As festival veterans, we can honestly tell ya to get there early and find a shady spot as there is quite a bit of wide open pasture. After a long night of sipping party juice you will want to sleep in and prepare for the next round. 

Here is the even better aspect, show up early on Thursday August 29th and be treated to the sounds of Hellbound Glory and Husky Burnette performing in our lounge at Muddy Roots. Yep, you heard right. The fellas will be going on around 9pm so get those beers on ice and your camp site squared away before the masses arrive.

Find all the info you need about Muddy Roots

Muddy Roots 2013 with the listing for the Rusty Knuckles pre-party with Hellbound Glory and Husky Burnette
Hellbound Glory and Husky Burnette warm up Muddy Roots 2013 with a pre-party

Flat Tires and History Repeated Split 7" Record

Flat Tires and History Repeated will be in great spirits as their 7" split vinyl record is finally coming in after a long delay. Need to find out more about the release, check out the order page as this record will be limited to 100 copies each of the 5 varying colors. The cover will be silkscreened and come with a digital download card. We will be shipping the first week of September.

Order your copies now

Flat Tires and History Repeated split 7" vinyl record
Flat Tires - Side A on the split 7" record with History Repeated
History Repeated - Side B on the split 7" record with Flat Tires
Color options for the splity 7" vinyl record with Flat Tires and History Repeated

Death To False Country Sings Billy Don Burns Praises

Billy Don Burns photo by Lance Dawes © Rusty Knuckles Music 2013
Billy Don Burns has been in the country music trenches for 40+ years now and there are no signs of a slow down. His career has hit peaks and valleys over it's long trajectory, but one element that burns bright, is the breadth of Billy Don's storytelling.  

All sorts of folks can put a pen to paper and gather ideas for a song. But how many can make you feel as if you are part of the narrative? Seeing ol' BD getting a steady stream of recognition is a testament to his work ethic and never say die attitude. He has done something above and beyond which puts him in a league all his own. Billy Don has been honest with himself and his past, by being the fabric of the stories he weaves seamlessly into each song.
Honesty trumps being an outlaw any day of the week, for he is the writer and he is the song...

Check out the post on Death To False Country Radio

"Country music's wheel of fortune has a way of reversing its course when one least expects it. Sometimes the turn of the wheel manifests into stardom, but more often it comes to rest in obscurity as new and younger artists prevail (at least for the time being). It's one hell of a ride, if your bones (and spirit) aren't crushed under the weight. Billy Don Burn's has never traveled a smooth path, or a straight trajectory, but after 40 years in the business, he's still standing.

One of the countless songwriters to descend on Nashville in the early 1970s, Burns was one of the chosen few to have his songs picked up, penning tunes for Mel Tillis and Connie Smith, allowing him to quit his day job of performing as Hank Williams at Opryland. A few recordings surfaced, but stardom remained elusive (despite having fellow Arkie Bill Clinton dedicate March 27th as "Billy Don Burns Day" in Arkansas during his governorship in 1983).

After touring through much of the 80's, he began an album project with then inmate Johnny Paycheck, which never materialized. The 90's witnessed his unlikely resurgence, with a collaboration with legendary songwriter Hank Cochran, Desperate Men, in 1995.  His career slowly began to gather momentum again as he released A Train Called Lonesome in 2002,  Heroes, Friends, & Other Troubled Souls (featuring contributions from Willie Nelson and Tanya Tucker) and Sammy Kershaw recorded his "Honky Tonk Boots" in 2006. 

Once again, however, the wheel stopped turning and little was heard from him until upstart record label Rusty Knuckles had the good sense to issue Nights When I'm Sober: Portrait of a Honky Tonk Singer in 2012, introducing him to a new generation of underground Country enthusiasts. Portrait of a Honky Tonk Singer may be his best and most cohesive work to date, and has succeeded in getting this Outlaw legend back on the road. Only time will tell when the wheel will stop spinning again, or if it will keep rolling and create a revolution in its wake. Sometimes its best to be thankful for the here and now, and thanks are definitely in order to the divine guidance that has appointed Billy Don Burns the present's top troubadour."

Billy Don Burns, photo by Lance Dawes © Rusty Knuckles Music 2013
Death To False Country, with a feature write up on Billy Don Burns

Monday, August 19, 2013

Billy Don Burns Feature Write Up On No Depression

Billy Don Burns latest album, "Nights When I'm Sober..."
Check out the write up on No Depression 

Do yourself a favor and download his albums on Itunes

"I met Billy Don Burns tonight for the first time and got to see him preform with  banjo picker Buck Thrailkill. The word was he had broke his collar bone and in a sling. His partner Aaron Rodgers had a gig in Nashville and couldn't make it back to his home state of South Carolina. Upon entering I noticed Billy Don was smoking a cigarette close to the door and introduced myself to a guy who's lyrics I respected the hell out of. I asked him how he was feeling and was he able to play the guitar and with any hesitation he shook his head after a drag from his smoke and proclaimed "Hell yeah man ". It didn't take too much longer in the conversation we had in front of the venue while it drizzled rain I knew we the same limited edition assembly line. Some one brought a menu to Burns and he didn't even look at and says "Ahh just get me a Cheeseburger!" to the legendary songwriter learning they didn't have that on the menu. "Just get me whatever your having" and he handed the menu away giving me the thought he isn't a picky eater. We talked about 15 minutes of small talk before he had to get on stage. Southern Culture seem to be a ungiue place to play and the food looked top-notch and smelled like Dixie. The stage was beautiful set up with two chairs with a guitar on one side and a banjo on the other.

"If It all ended tomorrow and I am dead and gone I will have no regrets for I got to do what I love and meet and work with my heroes" proclaim Billy Don.

I felt he was telling the truth for I felt the energy drain off him like rain flows down a storm drain. He told me stories of how well Mexico would pay him to play, or how good of a boy Aaron Rodgers was and his dad owned a John Deer dealership, and about that time he sold his best guitar. The set was short but honest songwriting to I saw a select few actually got it. I was proud to know that I got it what was going on right in front of my eyes and I may never see the likes of it every again and soaked it up  as much as I could. One of my favorite Billy Don Burns song is Is he the Writer . The narrative is about a guy who sits down to write soon sits down to write a song and the song ends up becoming him in spirit. Its pure genius and I began to wonder why he doesn't he have the respected he has earned. 

He is quite charming and once you know him your never a stranger and thru out the night I keep hearing "Come over here with us brother" along with   "your a good boy and I am proud of you." Upon outside with another smoke break he begin to tell me tales of struggle, heartache, and following the lonesome highway. He told me of writing songs for his own sake and writing songs to help pay the rent. I realize that when this rebellious  dinosaur is gone that this era of pure songwriting  will be gone forever. No one can replace him not even the hipster guy who lives on the opposite side of the songs he sings and lives. I learned that once you get to where you think you wanna be its a lonely ass place that you keep trying to fill that void.

I have the up-most for Billy Don Burns as a human being and a songwriter. The place was packed out and a select few got it in which he was doing. I know for one I did for I felt it in the Carolina air.  Tonight I heard him laugh and carry on and it seem like how he was dealing with it all. The battle scars seem so deep yet the fight to keep on keeping on is a constant blessing and a curse. The highway is tough and tires don't always hold up but you keep going. He informed us he wasn't going to stay at local motel but he was going back home  400 miles to Arkansas as he grasp his bread and butter guitar and disappeared the rainy lonely night like a bandit.

He’s holed up one night as usual, alone 
he’d been drinkin’ and druggin’ and writing his wrongs 
there’s no more to lose, nothing to fear 
takes out his knife and cuts off his ear 
Poets like Dylan live in his brain
 is he a writer or is he insane
 he dresses in black and he goes it alone
 is the writer or is he a song

Billy Don Burns feature write up on No Depression

"Snake Charmer" New Merch Design For Hellbound Glory

When I started out on ideas for a new merch design with Hellbound Glory, they were interested in an updated eagle graphic. Drawing animals is always quite fun as there are a plethora of pictures to look through online for great reference material. Depicting a snake on the other hand is no easy task as the devil is in the details. The snakes I sketch need to look like no other ones, especially cheesy tattoo flash style imagery.

One morning while postulating on the eagle imagery I kept thinking about some youtube videos I was watching with various birds attacking animals from above. The size of an Eagle's talons are no match for a snake and can be snatched up before he even knows how to defend himself. 

I wanted a bit more of a story to this illustration though and to open up the idea to loom a bit larger. Upon a bit more research I found more information on the Aztec imagery regarding an Eagle and a Snake. According to legend, the Aztec's were wandering the desert looking for a sign of their god Huitzilopochtli. He told them to find a bird perched on top of a cactus eating a snake and this is where their home should be. They found their sign on lake Texcoco and created the Aztec capital of Tenochtitl, which is now Mexico city and the reason a similar symbol is on their flag.

Once I had found that extra bit of info, I knew I was onto something good and ready to start sketching my Snake Charmer illustration from a mockup I created in photoshop. Have a look below to check out the process video mixed with a bit of Hellbound Glory and Smokey And The Bandit.

New merch design for Hellbound Glory entitled "Snake Charmer"
"Snake Charmer" merch design illustration detail for Hellbound Glory
"Snake Charmer" merch design illustration detail for Hellbound Glory
"Snake Charmer" merch design illustration detail for Hellbound Glory
"Snake Charmer" illustration detail Hellbound Glory

1931 Harley-Davidson VL Could Be Yours

Vintage bikes are an element of beauty to some, collector pieces to another and most of all if you plan to ride them regularly, be quite good with a wrench. Flathead motors have always looked great and that small power plant feels tiny in comparison to the bigger motors of today, but don't let horsepower get in the way of pure aesthetic. The older bikes had clean lines and very little extra in the way of accoutrements to clutter up their design. Seeing this bike on ebay makes me realize how I crave to have at least one Flathead and one Knucklehead in my quiver of rides.

1931 Harley-Davidson VL

1931 Harley-Davidson VL from the front

1931 Harley-Davidson VL from the right side

Perfect restoration bike

1931 Harley-Davidson VL over top view

Bid on this bike now

"Ok boys and girls, Here is your chance to own an a Antique Harley Davidson VL, that has been proven to be a great runner, as well as a show stopper. This machine would make a great contender for the 2014 Cannonball Run since it has been opened to 1936 and older bikes. Ride the cannon Ball with speed comfort this year. Its time to make way for another project, so I am offering my recently built 1931 Harley Davidson VL Bobber, in an eye-catching  paint scheme of Maroon and Cream  This VL  has a 1931 lower end, and a 1935 upper. This example was completed early in 2012. The bike has been ridden reliably as my daily rider, and has been on a few road runs, as well as to some cruise nights, and is fully operational in every aspect. It is geared for the highway and has no trouble cruising at 60MPH with power to spare. The frame and forks have not been cut up or modified. This could be restored to an AMCA points bike with the addition of a front fender and a few other pieces. The bike will be sold as-is where is, and no guarantee of any kind. I am not interested in any trades. Please look at the pictures and decide that you want an antique VL Harley-Davidson before placing your bids. I will do my best to answer all your questions in a timely manner, and can send additional pictures.

Please do no ask for my reserve. I will accept a $500.00 non-refundable deposit via paypal within 24 hours of the auction ending. The balance is to be Cash, Certified Check, or Wire Transfer, within 5 business days. I will release the title and rights to the motorcycle, when I am satisfied that the funds are in my bank and have cleared. I can make arrangements for , and  have the bike shipped to you, at your expense. Please, Serious buyers only!! No tire kickers, low-ballers or photo buffs, and last but not least, have all your finances in order before bidding. Thanks for looking and Good Luck!"

Brent Loveday Of Reno Divorce Featured In Victory Motorcycles Sturgis Video

Being in the right spot at the right time is one of the key elements to making things happen. It could be the right timing to meet a contact that you might need down the road. Or maybe it is just being able to be seen on video that will broadcast to a wider audience. Kudo's to Brent Loveday of Reno Divorce for being the consummate professional and always gigging as far and wide as he can. His week long stint at Sturgis got him noticed by the folks at Victory Motorcycles. Damn cool for sure, as Reno Divorce was also just featured in a new parts commercial with Dime City Cycles and Triumph Motorcycles.

Pick up their latest album Sunsets & Corvettes

Listen to more of Brent Loveday's solo work on ReverbNation

Check out all that is Reno Divorce

Screen capture of Brent Loveday as seen in the quick clip with Victory Motorcycles.

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Billy Don Burns Has Cult Status In Country, From

Billy Don Burns - photo by Lance Dawes
Purchase Billy Don Burns album "Nights When I'm Sober..."

View post on Go Up State

"Through a career that dates back to the early 1970s, singer-songwriter Billy Don Burns has earned the respect of some of country music's most legendary artists.

He's hung out with such internationally recognized superstars as Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Paycheck, and he's also had close association with such Nashville songwriting royalty as Harlan Howard and Hank Cochran.

But widespread commercial success has always eluded Burns, who has instead become somewhat of a cult music figure.

In other words, to be a fan of Burns takes a little digging.

“I don't have a lot of fans — maybe a couple of thousand — but they're the best fans on the planet,” said Burns, 64. “Man, they write me messages and say the best things. It's very humbling.” Those who are aware of Burns' artistry are likely to go on and on about how gut-wrenching and brutally honest his songs can be. Like such masters as Billy Joe Shaver and the late Townes Van Zandt, Burns can be classified as a “songwriters' songwriter.”

“People ask, 'How do you write?' Or sometimes somebody will say, 'That's a good hook,'” Burns said. “Well, if it's got a hook in it, it's just because it happened. I just sit down and write whatever comes out.

“… I've got (songwriting) buddies who have made millions, and I'm proud of them. They've written some great songs. But thinking about hooks and stuff like that is just not the way I approach it, for some reason.”

It's not like Burns hasn't had some degree of success. His 1997 album, “Desperate Men,” has the distinction of unseating Johnny Cash's “Unchained” for the No. 1 spot on what was then called the Gavin Americana chart.

“Johnny had been No. 1 for 14 weeks, and I kept moving up the chart and, all of a sudden, I was No. 2 and he was No. 1,” Burns said. “I started calling jocks and telling them to quit playing my record. … It was like I was unworthy. It felt almost like blasphemy or something to knock him out (of the top spot).”

Perhaps having heard about Burns' effort in trying to keep him at No. 1, Cash sent Burns a hand-written letter of congratulations when “Desperate Men” overtook his “Unchained” for the top spot on the chart.

Burns described receiving a letter from his hero as “the biggest thing that ever happened to me.” “I cried like a baby. I just couldn't believe it,” Burns said. “For him to have taken five or 10 minutes of his life to sit down and write me a note like that, it was overwhelming.”

Burns said he donated the letter to the Stone County Museum in the Ozarks region of Arkansas, where he was born and raised.

When he was growing up, Burns got to know legendary folk musician Jimmy Driftwood, who's most famous for having penned such classics as “The Battle of New Orleans” and “Tennessee Stud.”

“Jimmy always encouraged me,” Burns said. “And once I got into it, music was all that I did. There was no turning back. And I don't have any regrets. I don't have a 401k or any retirement (savings), but I did manage to buy me a farm back in the early '90s after Willie Nelson did a song of mine.”
Nelson recorded the Burns-penned “(I Don't Have a Reason) To Go to California Anymore” on his 1990 album, “Born For Trouble.”

Burns' newest album, “Nights When I'm Sober,” was released last year. It was recorded in Nashville and produced by South Carolina native Aaron David Rodgers.

“Aaron tracked me down about three or four years ago and told me that he wanted to produce an album on me,” Burns said. “He's really a rocker, so I asked him, 'Why the heck would you want to produce my country (tail)?' And he said, 'Man, I can feel your songs.' … He's a phenomenal South Carolina boy who comes from good people.”"

Billy Don Burns featured on

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Money, Power, Sex and The Art Of Mark Wagner

How we understand art is a matter of perception. One person might look at these pictures below and immediately ask how much money did he spend to make each piece. A bigger question in my mind is when was the departure point to which Mark Wagner knew that he could cut up tangible US currency and turn it into something more powerful? Our brains are hard wired to operate on many levels and rationalize cognitive thought through the power of association. Check out this Wired article for more info about how the human brain functions.

These collage pictures are profound in the sense that it immediately grabs our attention due to the perceived value of money. When someone says that a Picasso is worth however many millions, we can sort of justify that rationale based upon him being referenced in most every history book written about modern art of the early to mid 20th century. 

Mark Wagner does something truly unique in these collage pieces. He only uses printed US currency and each collage is based around the central relationship of influence and power. Strip away the medium used and they are just truly interesting portraits and narrative collages. Factor in the perceived value of US currency and these pictures are epitome of true art.

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Abraham Lincoln created out of $1 dollar bills
Abraham Lincoln created out of $1 dollar bills - detail
Tyrannosaurus Rex and George Washington, college from $1 dollar bills
Tyrannosaurus Rex and George Washington, college from $1 dollar bills
George Washington collage from $1 dollar bill
Portraits of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney made from US currency
George Washington and his clones sailing through the sea of bills
George Washington and his clones sailing through the sea of bills - detail
Collage story telling with US currency as the medium
"Brooklyn-based artist Mark Wagner (previously) has been referred to as “the greatest living collage artist” and even “the Michael Jordan of glue”. The artist has a wide variety of artistic pursuits from writing and artist bookmaking to drawing and assemblage, though he is probably best known for his intricately cut and assembled currency collages using the one dollar bill. From his artist statement:
The one dollar bill is the most ubiquitous piece of paper in America. Collage asks the question: what might be done to make it something else? It is a ripe material: intaglio printed on sturdy linen stock, covered in decorative filigree, and steeped in symbolism and concept. Blade and glue transform it-reproducing the effects of tapestries, paints, engravings, mosaics, and computers—striving for something bizarre, beautiful, or unbelievable… the foreign in the familiar."