Friday, December 31, 2010

Flat Tires - Poster Insert

Stopped by the printers today just before they closed and was able to pick up some of the extra poster inserts for the latest cd about to drop for the Flat Tires. With liner notes by some of the fellas in ANTiSEEN and some amazing new songs, you can bet this cd is going to kick ass.

Pre-order the cd from the Flat Tires store

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hellbound Glory In Top 50 Country Songs of 2010

Leave it to the fellas in Hellbound Glory to buck convention and Nashville, while firmly establishing themselves as the next big country band for 2011. Their trademark Scumbag Country sound is pure Americana and hits the perfect chord of rural grit and stand alone story telling. "Be My Crutch" is going to be heard on quite a few radio stations next year nation wide and we are putting together concepts for a new video for the featured song.

Hellbound Glory - Be My Crutch by RustyKnuckles

The below text is directly from the

"As the year winds down, the staff here at The 9513 has been taking a look back at everything that country music had to offer throughout the previous 12 months. It was a daunting task, to say the least, but we’re happy to bring you our best country songs of 2010.

Inclusion on the list is restricted to original recordings released in the past year and significant covers are typically removed so we can focus on new music. That being said, there was something compelling enough about the top song this year–a Vern Gosdin cover–that it completely dominated every other song in our rankings. Funnily enough, the artist in second place covered a Vern Gosdin classic himself, but he earns his highest placement for recording an unreleased Keith Whitley tune that would have made a fitting zenith itself.

Below, you’ll find artists classified as Mainstream, Bluegrass, Traditional, Americana–or numerous other permutations under the country tent–but mostly, we hope you find good music and discover a few gems in the process. Sound off and let us know some of your favorite songs released in 2010.

50. “The Snow White Rows Of Arlington” – Sammy Kershaw
49. “Back to December” – Taylor Swift
48. “Lover, Lover” – Jerrod Niemann
47. “Pride (In The Name of Love)” – Dierks Bentley (with the Punch Brothers and featuring Del McCoury)
46. “Draggin’ the River” – Blake Shelton (with Miranda Lambert)
45. “Circles in the Yard” – Colin Gilmore
44. “Draw Me a Map” – Dierks Bentley
43. “This Must Be the Bottom” – Randy Kohrs
42. “If I Die Young” – The Band Perry
41. “The Famous Lefty Flynn’s” – The Grascals
40. “You and Tequila” – Kenny Chesney (with Grace Potter)
39. “Will I Always Be This Way” – Randy Houser
38. “The Grandpa That I Know” – Shawn Camp
37. “Waiting on the Pain” – Rodney Hayden
36. “Are You Stringing Me Along” – Brennen Leigh
35. “Be My Crutch” – Hellbound Glory
34. “Square with the World” – Mike Stinson
33. “El Camino” – Elizabeth Cook
32. “What Do You Want” – Jerrod Niemann
31. “Bad Angel” – Dierks Bentley (featuring Miranda Lambert and Jamey Johnson)
30. “That’s Why I Write Songs” – Jamey Johnson
29. “The Lowest Valley” – Junior Sisk & Rambler’s Choice
28. “The Weary Kind” – Ryan Bingham
27. “Porter Wagoner’s Grave” – Marty Stuart
26. “Mama’s Funeral” – Elizabeth Cook
25. “Lead Me Home” – Randy Houser
24. “Cornbread and Butterbeans” – Carolina Chocolate Drops
23. “Where Rainbows Never Die” – The SteelDrivers
22. “The Box” – Brennen Leigh
21. “Hard Working Man” – Marty Stuart
20. “‘Til Death” – Joe Diffie
19. “Hey Brown Bottle” – Dale Watson
18. “Route 5 Box 109” – Joe Diffie
17. “Hello, I’m an Old Country Song” – Dale Watson
16. “Taillights Blue” – Alan Jackson
15. “No Regrets” – Gary Allan
14. “Addicted” – Randy Houser
13. “Colder Weather” – Zac Brown Band
12. “Notes to the Coroner” – Chely Wright
11. “Little White Church” – Little Big Town
10. “Can’t Cash My Checks” – Jamey Johnson
9. “In The Garden By The Fountain” – Rhonda Vincent (with Dolly Parton)
8. “Ain’t No Grave” – Johnny Cash
7. “From a Table Away” – Sunny Sweeney
6. “Even The Skies Are Blue” – Jamey Johnson
5. “As She’s Walking Away” – Zac Brown Band (with Alan Jackson)
4. “Hangman” – Marty Stuart
3. “Heroin Addict Sister” – Elizabeth Cook
2. “Lonely at the Top” – Jamey Johnson
1. “Till the End” – Alan Jackson (with Lee Ann Womack)"

Read the original article on the

Buy The Best Country Album of 2010 - Hellbound Glory

She Rides EP - Now Available

Merry Xmas to us as we just got the latest EP in from She Rides. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out. The 2011 invasion is about to begin and these guys are leading the charge.

Buy the new She Rides EP

Check out She Rides on Facebook

Green Lady Killers - Hollywood Alley

For all the Phoenix folks, check out this bitchin' flyer for an upcoming Green Lady Killers show. Even better than the flyer is to show up and rock the hell out.

Guage Clusters - USS Clamagore Submarine

Sometimes beauty comes in many forms and that is dependent on the viewer and in what frame of mind it occurs. Personally I find beauty in many facets of engineering, whether it be from a killer weld that was done to human perfection or in this case the gauges and instrument clusters of the USS Clamagore Submarine that was active for thirty years during the cold war.

Knowing that these instrument clusters were responsible for sustaining all the sailors lives deep beneath the seas and how dependent they were on them, gives a whole new take on the meaning of functionality.

If you have the chance, have a look at the USS Clamagore down in Charleson, SC at Patriots Point


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Buzzoven - Back To The Sludge

Seeing that Buzzoven is back on the prowl again is a great day. I have to say this because in essence its my chance to see the band that I slept on back in the day, whether it be the basement parties, opening for Gwar or the random times I have seen their shows, it just never hit me at the right time.

As the years passed and I needed more and more from my strict diet of hardcore and thrash, other bands and genres started to emerge on my noise o'meter, that just hit home. These cats are one of them, with their sludgy riffs, snarling vocals and sludgy barrage of sound. Its that immediacy of the moment or the time in which you feel the songs are being written as they go, due to how wide open the sound is. Amazing what we missed out on once we slow down just a bit and glad to see that those dudes are simply still alive from their past exploits.

All I can say is thanks for playing that basement party back in the day with 13 and the Peetanks. What an eye opening night for an impressionable skate rat just figuring out what is this thing called Rock.

Even Better if ya want to see them with our boys in Antiseen, check out the show in Spartanburg, SC on February 4, 2011 at Ground Zero.

Joe King Speed Shop - Custom Helmets

Got word from the fellas over at Dime City Cycles about a new line of helmets that they are carrying. Joe King seems to be doing some quality paint work and the helmets are directly in line with the Biltwell styled 3/4 helmets, except for a few more bucks ya get your own paint scheme and graphics custom tailored to your liking. Check it out...

Joe King Helmets direct from Dime City Cycles

Joe King Blog

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Infamous Green Lady

How often does it happen that art imitates life and we are then left to understand exactly where the intersection began. Our departure point on this matter goes back to an early to mid twentieth century painter by the name of Vladimir Tretchikoff. Ever heard of him? I hadn't either until recently and damn, this is my field of business. Maybe his imagery has caught your eye though, as he was considered the king of pop art kitsch during his heyday. Hell for that matter, his gallery shows outsold Picasso in attendance.

What really concerns this discussion is the intersection, of said notion and a person in particular, who from a young age had a fear of a Green Lady that emanated from deep in the bowels of her closet. The infamous Green Lady was said to have had glowing eyes and waited for her victims to fall asleep to do her bidding and accompanied by two other nefarious evil doers.

Fast forward a few years and childhood friends grow up to start a band and seek out a name for their musical endeavors. What helps to push their potential band name along is the fact that a print is hung on the wall of one of their apartments and a fire breaks out and it is one of the only pieces to remain unscathed. This print is one of the infamous pieces by Tretchikoff and is linked to the memories of a nefarious closet hiding menace.

What better way to fight off the unknown than by channeling a fire that is inborn. With a name at hand and a sense of purpose derived from unseen forces, the Green Lady Killers were born. Thank you Tretchikoff for illustrating the demons to which later became the fuel to fire a band which is poised to set a trail ablaze for 2011.

More on Vladimir Tretchikoff

Green Lady Killers dot com

The print that survived the fire...

The Green Lady and her two accomplices painted by Vladimir Tretchikoff

The Real Freddy Krugger

Would the real Freddy Krugger please stand up? Yes, thank you, he is a bike builder not a hollywood nightmare fictional character in which Johnny Depp gets his first major role or becomes a never ending franchise.

The real Fred Krugger is without a doubt one of the most innovative engineering bike builders working today. Besides winning the 2010 AMD World Championship of Bike Building he has been on the podium in years past and featured in many other magazines and noted showcases.

What really sets him apart is his simple attention to detail. By attending any bike show and anywhere you may travel you see a lot of custom bikes that are simply assembled. Maybe they made custom handlebars, maybe they added unique welded fender never before seen done in aluminum foil or maybe they just matched a style from the past. Whatever it may be, the wheat is always separated from the chaff and here lies a person such as Fred Krugger.

His attention to detail and downright conviction when it comes to the equilibrium of function and form is unequivocal. Its guys like this that make me rethink every wrench I turn or every weld I try to imagine I doing right. Thanks Fred for making it all look so easy and stylish, we need more folks like you in all walks of life.

Below is just one of his many builds...

Dig into more on Fred Krugger Custom Motorcycles

or maybe check out his blog...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

She Rides - Medusa Tshirt Design

Been cookin' on this illustration for She Rides for about a month now and finally finished it up today. Will be adding in a new logo title at the top and will probably be doing a two color design finish for the final shirt. Merry Xmas Fellas, now rock the hell out to one of the best upcoming releases for 2011!

She Rides on Facebook

Flush Riveting

The video below is about as nerdy as things come, but this is a good thing. As I am about to start the sheet metal work for the Buell land speed racing bike I want to use aluminum for the fairing. Without a TIG welder, there is no way to construct it unless I opt for button head or solid rivets similar to what is used on airplanes. Its a solid manufacturing process and one in which it will create a definitive style. The plan so far is for an asymetrical fairing to wrap around the engine and meet up with the gas and oil tanks. Solid rivets will hold the fairing together solid while I push for the 150 - 160 mph goal.

Friday, December 24, 2010

She Rides Featured in Classic Rock Magazine

Classic Rock Magazine made a smart choice as of late and got even cooler. They decided to feature the rowdy fellas of She Rides in their latest comp coming pre-packaged with their new issue. What we like even more is that they also provided a link online to download the songs for FREE. Yes, you heard right, for FREE. Check it out

Link to download comp with She Rides

Classic Rock Magazine

Thursday, December 23, 2010

V-Twin Manufacturing - Call To Boycott

We got word of this boycott of a manufacturer that simply steals part ideas and revamps them to sell on their own. Piracy of a product is plain and simple, its THEFT. Do yourself a favor and the reputable parts manufacturers and builders that put time, money and effort into creating quality parts and bikes, buy directly from them. The best solution is to avoid buying from thieves. Below is the original article and we got wind of it through Trent Rekker over at BikerMetric, so check out the story below.

V-Twin Boycott on Chopperweb

Trent Rekker's Biker Metric

"It was brought to our attention that several of our members, all highly respected and well-known individuals, both on this site and in the industry as a whole, have been seriously mistreated by V-TWIN MANUFACTURING (also known as Taiwan Ted). They have gotten away with it for too long, and it's time we stood up as the community that we are, and take action!

The Problem

V-TWIN MANUFACTURING is well-known for its wide selection of restoration, replacement and aftermarket parts for Harley Davidsons. They don't have a web-presence but have a wide dealer network. The issue that has sparked this boycott is that it turns out that V-TWIN MANUFACTURING is having unique and exclusive parts outsourced to Asia for cheap reproduction. These are all parts that were developed by American individuals through hard work and many hours or labor. V-TWIN MANUFACTURING buys one of the items, and sends it to Asia for cheap reproduction. Possible quality issues aside, this means that the original creators of the parts are being seriously undercut, and are losing business because of it. Rather than buying directly from the rightful owner of the part, at a wholesale price, they are being outsourced to maximize revenue, as these items don't even sell for much less than the originals. In a time like this, when thousands of Americans are losing their income due to their jobs being exported to booming economies in Asia, how can any business get away with this and not face any consequences?

Aren't there legal options?

Sure, but everyone knows that those are very expensive and time consuming. During the time this will take, the products will not generate enough revenue for it to be worthwhile. V-TWIN MANUFACTURING knows this and it's the main reason they have gotten away with it (in most cases). The only way to put an end to these activities is to let them know ( that you feel outraged, and that you will not be doing any business in the future. That's why we're calling for a boycott, on behalf of all the people that have been and will be scammed by V-TWIN MANUFACTURING!

Need examples?

Just in case you haven't read about it HERE, the most recent ripoff was off the brand new, totally unique Hard-Ass Seat from CrimeSceneChoppers. This one-of-a-kind seat is a collaboration between Joe of SCS and Mark van der Kwaak of DBBP.COM:

This seat is available in the '06 V-TWIN catalog (page 825), and is an exact replica which was NOT made by CrimeSceneChoppers, so it offers a much bigger markup for V-TWIN, as opposed to buying wholesale from CSC themselves. And as the seats are offered at a much lower price to the end-users, CSC loses a large part of their sales of THEIR unique product. Any quality issues with the replica seats will reflect badly on CSC, as there is no way to tell the difference. Just by looking at the pictures above, it is apparent that the replica seat is nowhere near the original quality..

Click here for a PDF of a full scan of the catalog page.

These are two recent examples, but the exact same thing has happened to items developed exclusively by Fabricator Kevin, Martin Bros Bikes, Performance Machine (who succesfully sued), and most recently Carlini, who also succesfully sued. This has been going on for a while, and is affecting many small (and large) shops that have worked hard to get where they are, only to be crushed by a large corp like V-TWIN MANUFACTURING.

What can I do?

Spread the word, let Ted (or Ed as he's actually called) know how you feel by emailing your complaints to, link to this page or the thread on other sites, and let as many people as possible know what kind of business V-TWIN MANUFACTURING is. Place the boycott logo on your own site if you have one, to show support and spread the word. Don't order copyrighted products from them anymore, and do whatever else you feel you can contribute to the cause. We just can't let this continue to happen to our friends.

Another example are Solutions Machining's Brass Nutz. Those were introduced publically towards the end of 2004, and showed up in the 2005 V-TWIN catalog, as an exact replica.

To link the logo, copy/paste this code on your own site:

&lt a href="" target="_blank"&gt&lt img src="" width="172" height="172" border="0"&gt&lt/a&gt

Let us know if you support our efforts, and we'll add you to our list

Note: In no way are we implying that any blame lies with the manufacturers in Asia. This is not an issue about manufacturing being outsourced to cheaper regions. This about theft of intellectual property for the sole purpose of making profit. It's unethical, immoral and has no place in this industry."

Speedfest Photos - ANTiSEEN

The Boys from Brutalsville have a bunch of images up on their Facebook page from Speedfest. Check out some of these select shots and thanks to Moniek Wildenberg for capturing the fellas in their element.

Moniek Wildenberg Photography

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Flat Tires - Poster Insert For New Album

Needless to say, we are stoked on the new Flat Tires record and the new packaging is going to be bad ass. Inside the cd digipak will be a pull out poster with the infamous Flat Tires snake logo and liner notes from the fellas in ANTiSEEN. Pre-orders are available now and the cd's will be shipping in the first week of Jan. 2011.

Flat Tires on Facebook

Order your copy direct from the Flat Tires store

Dirty Pages - Green Lady Killers Interview

We do a cool newsletter that is sent out by email to our subscribers and then its pushed out to the blog for all to read. Sometimes we offer product announcements or giveaways so if yall want in on the ground floor, just sign up for the Dirty Pages to be delivered to your email on a monthly basis.

Sign up for the Dirty Pages

2011 - The Year Of The Cafe Racer - From Cyril Huze Blog

This is a repost from Cyril Huze's excellent blog on all that is custom motorcycle news. Is 2011 really the year of the Cafe Racer? Time will tell, but please don't let it become the next trend to see everyone in some type of British nostalgia garb or acting like a "mod" or "rocker". Please just let it be about the bikes and quality machines that are meant to perform and come in a wide array of styles. So many areas of counter culture get over used and then spit out similar to what has happened over the years with Von Dutch, Ed Hardy and many more. Some things need to remain sacred and not over publicized. Keep those old bikes running, understand why certain styles existed, but most of all just make them your own.

post below is from Cyril Huze Blog

It’s a long time that fashion evolves in multiple trends running in parallel, not as a unique way to dress for one season or two. Same for the custom motorcycle scene. After an overdose of new too long radical choppers being almost the only type of bike being built between 1999 and 2004, since then, board trackers, bobbers and dressers have re-emerged almost as the same time as the preferred styles to be built, rebuilt, customized and ridden. The reasons of such different bikes being simultaneity cool again are multiple: opportunism of some builders (looking to build and ride something different), socio-demographic (getting older), economic (tighter budget) nostalgia (the style of my youth), etc… or all of the above.

After all, the essence of custom bike building is to build and ride only what you like, not what is imposed as the new motorcycling fashion statement. After a discreet return during the last 2 years, Cafe Racers are now back in force and will almost certainly be the new big trend to join the others in 2011.

And I think that this new trend has a lot traction: increased interest in vintage motorcycles in general, post world war II nostalgia for baby boomers, symbol of counterculture, can be bought, built or re-built for a reasonable price, fast and good handling susceptible to attract youngsters whose goal may be a good road racer, not necessarily a sport bike riding at 140 mph.

The success of the late Triumph models and the return of the Norton brand in the US with their very appealing Commando models will be a big help to make Cafe Racer styling very popular again. In 2011, look for a new generation of motorcycle designers and builders to use this style as a fresh alternative to what has been built during these last years. (Top & bottom pictures: Cafe Racers by Santiago Chopper, top Kawasaki to be auctioned in Orlando Jan. 26-30, 2011 to benefit Curing Kids Association)

Check out Cyril Huze Blog

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Banksy's - Exit Through The Gift Shop

Whether you think graffiti is pure vandalism or art born from the streets, this movie should make you think and maybe think again as you take a journey through the purveryors of "street art". Just read the synopsis about the film and watch the clip, its damn interesting to say the least.

"This is the inside story of Street Art - a brutal and revealing account of what happens when fame, money and vandalism collide. Exit Through the Gift Shop follows an eccentric shop-keeper turned amateur film-maker as he attempts to capture many of the world’s most infamous vandals on camera, only to have a British stencil artist named Banksy turn the camcorder back on its owner with wildly unexpected results.

One of the most provocative films about art ever made, Exit Through the Gift Shop is a fascinating study of low-level criminality, comradeship and incompetence. By turns shocking, hilarious and absurd, this is an enthralling modern-day fairytale... with bolt cutters."

Get more info on Exit Through The Gift Shop

The Green Lady Killers - Live Photos

Leave it to the power of Flickr to continually find great subject matter. While randomly diggin' around with some photos and groups I stumbled upon some great shots of the Green Lady Killers. Give the link a chance and check out some of the work of Ste Gough a rock photographer from the Midlands UK.

View Ste Gough on Flickr