Monday, December 6, 2010

Dresch Motorcycle - Tim Bradham's Chassis Works

Here is something that is quite interesting and a damn amazing project in the works. Tim is a custom builder, fabricator and hot rod enthusiast generally specializing in four wheeled construction. Being an individual that continually seeks out new challenges, a customer walked in one day, aptly named Dresch and asked if he could build a vintage Dresch inspired bike based on the lesser known French Motorcycle company that operated from 1923 to 1948. Dresch's motorcycles ranged from 98cc single-cylinder machines to 750cc four-cylinder models.

Tim's clients Dresch is powered by a single cylinder BMW donor bike for the engine and wheels. This bike is being built from scratch and will be unlike anything else out there. Hell, isn't that the gist of a custom build, instead of the general notion of assembly from a catalog. Congrats are in order to figuring out this visual puzzle with no original parts to scope out, no concrete numbers on frame specs and nothing but a donor bike and an idea.

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Dresch Motorcycles