Monday, May 31, 2010

Dime City Cycles - Discovery Channel - Cafe Racer Custom Build

I would like to send a huge shoutout to the fellas over at Dime City Cycles in Tampa, FL for their support of all that is Rusty Knuckles and for their inclusion in the new show airing in October on Discovery Channel. They will be featured builders for a Cafe Racer bike and will of course be sportin' Rusty Knuckles in various scenes. Its the dedication of folks like this to their craft which is damn inspiring. So if you are looking for cafe or bobber style parts or a new cafe custom, these are the dudes to call.

Dime City Cycles dot com

MuteMath - Light Drums

Now that yal have seen what Travis Barker can do, check out the rhythm from New Orlean's own, MuteMath. This dude has a whole different trip going on. I can watch this over and over and over...

Travis Barker - Tracking Drums

You may know Travis Barker from all his work with Blink 182 which put him on the world map, then with stints in the Transplants and various other projects. What sets him apart from a lot of drummers is his diehard work ethic to all genre's of music. Take a look at some of his drum tracking for various hip hop artists. Travis Barker simply kills it. Whatcha waitin' for step up!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flat Tires - Snug Harbor - Sunday May 30th

If any of yal are in the Charlotte area this weekend, be sure to check out the Flat Tires over at Snug Harbor. They go on right before the Dexter Romweber Duo of the Flat Jets. Going to be a great show and ya got Monday off so no complaints about the PBR hangover.

Flat Tires on Myspace

Flat Tires on Facebook

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Be It The Means - Southern Rock

I found out about these guys via Crank County Daredevils playing with them down at the Twisted Spoke in South Carolina. Needless to say that since my buddy Gary burned a copy of their cd for me and sent it over it has been in heavy rotation. Was also stoked I was able to get them on the show with Hellyeah over in Jacksonville, NC a few weeks back. Give Be It The Means a listen, they have a purity in their story telling and mixed with that wicked slide guitar, its gonna turn some heads. Check'em Out as this is truly southern rock as it should be played.

Be It The Means on Myspace

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chop Cult Feature Article - Revenge Run

Check out the article on about the Revenge Run we put on. Thanks again to the numerous sponsors, the bands that played and most of all to the fine folks that made the run. With the camaraderie and DIY spirit of everyone involved this is surely going to be a run that is around for some time to come.

Chop Cult Article on Revenge Run

Road Rash Bash - Charlotte, NC

For all you cagers here is an event for ya put on by the Road Burners Car Club outta Charlotte. Its going on Saturday June 5th, with cruise in starting at 3 and bands at 6. Featuring....John Howie Jr. and the Rosewood Bluff, The Bo... Stevens, The Tremors, The Whiskey Trail Outlaws & Transylvania Transport Company. Puckett's Farm Equipment 2740 W. Sugar Creek Rd. Charlotte, NC.

Visit RoadburnersCC dot com

New Shirt Design for the Flat Tires

Check out the latest and greatest shirt design for southern sleazed infused country punks the Flat Tires outta Hickory, North Carolina.

Flat Tires - Myspace

Cobra Designs - Pinstriper Extraordinaire

I had the pleasure of being able to sit and chat with Cobra Designs for a bit at this past weekends Big Mountain Run. No matter what event you go to that involves choppers or hot rods there will inevitably be someone there who is adding some decorative pinstripes to fine pieces of sheet metal. Cobra stood apart from most I have seen by simply being so damn good at what he does. There was a precision within his lines along with how easily he laid down the paint. Was amazing to watch a craftsman at work making it all look so simple.

Check out more of
Cobra Designs for a time to get your paint done

Monday, May 24, 2010

Choppers & Bedliners = FUN

Just another biker event proudly displayed here by the Haints that should become an Olympic Sport. Oh wait, my bad, fuck the Olympics, they might require safety equipment...

Another Sad Day In Metal

Another sad day in the world of metal, the bassist Paul Gray from Slipknot was found dead. Damn, I guess if you believe in the power of three that was the conclusion. First Peter Steele of Type O Negative, then Ronnie James Dio and now Paul Gray of Slipknot. He was a good friend of a my buddy Nick back in San Francisco and used to come in our club all the time to hang out as he could do it anonymously back in the day when know one really knew who was behind the masks in Slipknot. Give Slipknot a listen as Paul was one of the founding members of this carnival of chaos that took the metal world by storm and turned it on its head. Thanks for killer bass lines, you will be missed.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cycle Source - Big Mountain Run - Reliance, Tennessee

Just got back from a whirlwind of a 3 day run out to the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee to go to the Big Mountain Run, hosted by Cycle Source magazine. Truly wish I could have done the actual run again this year but time restraints didn't allow for it. So I did the next best thing, I wrenched on the bike to get things in order the night before and bolted out at 5am on friday morning to hit up some of the best roads in the country. As shitty as the rain was on friday, I still had a killer time tearing it up through the mountains. Only once did I truly hit the suck factor and that was at the very top of the Cherahola Skyway in which I hit heavy downpours and fog as thick as molasses. Luckily the gods of thunder were with me up there on Mt. Olympus and no truck or other bikes came plowing through me as I chugged through one of the most scenic roads in south in second gear, soaked through clothes and visibility at zero to nil. When I reached the Tennessee side of the Smokies the skies cleared up and it was one hell of a party to ride into. I can whole heartedly say if ya weren't there ya truly missed out. Here are a few photos and more on the Rusty Knuckles Flickr page.

Rusty Knuckles on Flickr.

Stripped Down Cycles Springer for $1200
Harley Knucklehead

Well worn on Indian tank
Black Sunshine Customs
Court House Customs engraved Sportster
Clean Panhead custom chopper
Cartoon rocket ship and metal flake on a custom tank, killer paint job
Knurled brass spacers, perfect finishing touch

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tom's 73 Ironhead

New friend of mine is working in my shop to get his Ironhead ready hopefully by the Smokeout on June 25 - 26th. Will have more photos of the roller next week but here is a first glance of the Frisco style'd tank which will hold around 2 gallons of gas. Gonna look bitchin' for sure.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Slayer Goes To Church

Yo Crude As Elvis fellas, stealin' yer link cause its too damn good!!!

Crude As Elvis Blogspot

Travel Photos from Italy, Greece & Croatia

Since I was not able to post any blog updates over the last few weeks, here are some select photos from my recent travels in Italy, Greece and Croatia. Damn was that a great trip. I am a huge history buff and this was exactly what I needed to satisfy my curiosity of a few places I had yet to see in my travels.

View more photos over on the Rusty Knuckles Flickr page

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Travel Purchases - Vintage Style Helmet & Doorbell

I am the kind of person that really digs traversing the random avenues and alleyways of places I have never been to. At times it has lead me into some sketchy areas but that is what builds character as you find more of it in those places. Here are two random examples of things I didn't think I needed but after seeing the price tags and thinking about how I haven't ever seen something this similar on my travels I had to have them. The first is a german styled military helmet covered in leather. Not a high grade of leather but it's decent and has a cool look which will perfectly match my cb650 cafe racer, oh yeah the goggles even came with it.

The other item is a solid brass door bell in which I looked high and low for, well for finding one at a decent price. So many places had them with seriously inflated prices, then I look into a window and a store had it for half the price of the other places. I didn't hesitate and ran right in to purchase it. What could be cooler than a brass lion as a door bell, or better yet as an accessory piece on my dyna.

RIP - Ronnie James Dio

Today is a sad day for metal, our beloved Ronnie James Dio has passed on. His contribution to the world of metal has been nothing short of legendary. I always dug Black Sabbath of the early days but there was just something pure and awe inspiring coming from those pipes in the Dio years. He lent an artistry to the slow and dirgey sound and created something far more compelling and as deep as the man on the silver mountain. Thank you Ronnie James Dio for giving us the horns that were originally intended to ward off the evil spirits, yet became a symbol that forever changed rock n' roll. For all of your contributions we thank you.

Been Travelin' - Back In The Saddle

Sorry folks, been traveling for the last few weeks and just getting back into my daily routine on this sunday morning. Will be uploading some tourist photos I took while on a cruise in the Mediterranean. Here is a "biker" photo to make your day though, the lady got quite pissed with me for shooting the photo as it was a store in Pula, Croatia selling all sorts of knockoff shit. With this kind of merch who the hell is even buying it?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wrench Works - Custom Motorcycles

Life is best lived on the road and good friends are a testament to that. Last summer on Cycle Source's Big Mountain Run I happened to get in a random conversation with a dude just pulling into the parking lot of the Wheels Through Time museum where we were camping. We ended up shootin' the shit and a year a later still chat all the time. That dude's name is Josh and damn if he doesn't build some killer bikes. He has absolute style and finesse in his approach letting the bikes do all the talking. Here are some photos I took the other day of his latest build which is going to be featured in a few national magazines coming up later this year. Pour over the details of this bike on the Big Mountain Run and also at the Smokeout, a bitchin' ride for sure.

More photos on Rusty Knuckles flickr