Friday, July 29, 2011

Hellbound Glory Album Cover Sneak Peak - 3

We are gearing up for a big release this fall with the new Hellbound Glory album, Damaged Goods. Some time later next week we will drop another tidbit of info on it. Photos by Chris Charles of Creative Silence. Enjoy the weekend...

Gettin High And Hittin' New Lows by RustyKnuckles

Chancey77 Custom Leather Work

Thanks to Qball for showcasing some great leather products on his site and we were able to link up with Chris Chancey out of Helsinki, Finland for some leather work. We have a leather tank piece needed for when the dyna is repainted and some mods are done to it. His leather finesse will be damn cool when all is said and done and check out one of his latest projects. While there, check out his band Six Gun Republic.

Link to Chancey77 for his custom leather work.

Periodic Table of Metal

Can vikings, thrashers and nerds all coexist? We highly doubt this could happen outside of an online community due to the nerds not being hold up a sword that isn't plastic and yelling "lightning bolt" during their live action role playing, but who knows. When it comes to science and fact, heavy metal should never be denied its heir to the throne in the universe. Today we can celebrate this with a poster print showcasing many bands that make up the periodic table of metal. We know the fellas in Amon Amarth would be proud and are toasting their goblets to Odin and Alchemy as we speak. Long live riffage, howling vocals and the glorious metal to charge into battle with! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Southbound Turnaround - Upcoming Shows

Do yourself a favor and get out to see Southbound Turnaround this weekend. Scotty of Crank County Daredevils fame has a new and rowdy project he has been workin' on and damn if it doesn't sound great. If you enjoy some honky tonk mixed with DIY punk attitude, well that just gets the ball rollin'. We know that you will be hummin' along to "White Lines, White Liquor and Little White Pills" instantly. Check them out at the Twisted Spoke this Friday night and at Puckett's in Charlotte next Saturday. Word on the street is that they are hittin' the studio soon and we are definitely stoked to hear what they come up with.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Antiseen - Sweet Blood Call - Razorcake Review

Check out another great review of Antiseen's "Sweet Blood Call" 7" record with special guest, Joe Buck Yourself. This has been a great record for us and it has gotten some great reviews. We cannot wait for the next project coming up with Antiseen!
"After the piles and piles of 7”s ANTiSEEN released over the years, do you really need one more in your collection? Yes, you do. Revitalized by a new bass player and drummer, Charlotte mainstays ANTiSEEN are better than ever with this new record. Yet another accomplishment in their unique repertoire. This fancily packaged 7” comes with a download card for the digital geek in the house and boasts two tracks, “Sweet Blood Call” and ANTiSEEN’s version of the classic “Black Eyed Susie.” The latter of the two tracks features Joe Buck, who adds to the stellar mix of ANTiSEEN’s rendition of the familiar old time song. Already a staple in their live sets, the recorded version of “Black Eyed Susie” does not disappoint. No one’s getting a black eye after gifting this record.

–Art Ettinger (Rusty Knuckles,"

RUSTYMETRIC Is Launching Monday - 8.1.11

Surely you have seen magazines getting slimmer and slimmer and wondering what the hell happened. Nope, don't blame this one on Al Gore or any other environmentalist. The basic fact is that more can be done online for cheaper and be updated readily. For all intensive purposes print magazines will be dead in a few years and so will most music outlets besides streaming media. There will be even smaller quantities of both printed magazines and music, while online interactivity through e-books, websites and streaming media will grow exponentially. We still love our printed magazines but the medium just can't keep up with online news which outdates mags instantly. We know you will be stoked with RUSTYMETRIC as it's been a long time coming and content is bursting at the seams from worldwide contributors. Also, the new digital magazine is the perfect outlet to focus on new music. So to answer a few folks questions, each issue will come with FREE Mp3s and from a variety of sounds. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sneak Peek At Photoshoot for Hellbound Glory's New Album "Damaged Goods"

With such a smokin' model as Ginny Gunn on board to help out with the cover, Hellbound Glory's new album is going to have a different feel to it than the previous two. Not only is the songwriting showcasing their growth as a band but also the subject matter hits like a sledgehammer to glass. This album is going to make a lot of "Best of 2011" lists and we are damn proud to be putting it out. Stay tuned for more updates as we will be having a few contests around this album and the final packaging is going to be something special.

Photo shoot for Hellbound Glory's album Damaged Goods

New Track from "Damaged Goods" - Bastard Child

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ronnie Hymes Covering Copperhead Road by Steve Earle

We are finally getting some more video cooked up and will be getting to as moving pictures projects as we can handle. The plan is to fire up the youtube page once a week with new videos, so stay tuned. More footage from Ronnie Hymes is on deck so we are looking forward to adding some more treatments to a full video for him from his last album along with a plethora of videos we have been taking over the last year at shows.

Radok Fest - ANTiSEEN, Tremont Music Hall - 7.23.11

Although we were unable to make the show this past Saturday night we have heard it was a great turnout. Give it up to all the bands and fans that showed up to give their support for someone who was murdered for no reason. Let justice be swift and allow vengeance to ride shotgun. Criminals and their asinine defense attorneys understand the law better than those that abide by it. In cases such as this, hopefully a severe conviction will be the only outcome. If not, we as taxpayers paying for prisons, should be game to learn more about water boarding and other refined techniques of submission. Seasoned criminals will never reform unless they are hunted by true wolves, RIP Radok...

RUSTYMETRIC Goes Live On August 1st

We have been working non stop for weeks and planning for months on an idea that spans all of our endeavors. To be honest it all stems from boredom. Yep, we hate being bored and more or less this evolves out of reading the same old rehashed crap in most motorcycle and hot rod magazines. Sure the photos are cool, but I want stories with depth and good writing that dig into each character. Don't just give the potential readers some implied ideas about this or that with nothing but spelling errors and bad grammar or shitty content.

As the world moves forward things cost more and you get less. Well, it's time for that to change as we are now in the digital age. If you don't think you can keep up, you are certainly reading this aren't you? This means you understand how to operate a computer, pull up a website and peruse away. Now we are going to ask a bit more of you. That being, we are going to ask you to download for $0.99 a digital magazine in pdf format, which will also be in e-publications such as ipads, kindles, smartphones, etc etc within a few months. Take it go with ya while traveling, download it from the and will also soon be on itunes for streaming download.

Yes the way of the future is here when it comes to motorized and music content. We are pushing to higher ground with some features no where else available and once you see it in action, forget about traditional magazines as they are drying up as we speak. Why pay $5 to $7 bucks an issue when you can get it for less than a dollar. Less overhead means better content as we can pay photographers, writers and creative individuals to get more involved. Last but not least, we are also going to be including MP3s with every issue.

So yes, we are a bit crazy to offer something this time consuming and unique. Guess what? This is from us being bored with the current magazine selection and wanting to up the ante to give folks a taste of what is really going on. Tune in, read on and rock the hell out. RUSTYMETRIC is about to start turning some serious heads.

The Ranks Swell Within The Dead At 27 Club

The infamous Club 27 has added another member to its legendary myth and maybe it continue to expand, time will tell. Strange occurrences such as these tend to make me think on the Bermuda Triangle, The Red Triangle, Atlantis and many more topics that we cannot quite find the easy answers to. Personally I am of the mindset that these myths perpetuate themselves as many are chasing their proverbial "15 minutes of fame" or think if they were dead, then they will become more famous. Or it could be much more simple, tragedy happened and life caught up with them in one way or another. One could speculate on and on and this will be the talk for weeks to come unfortunately. Yet, we have far more going on in the world that deserves attention instead of hearing about how one person had such a talent and wasted it. Remember these folks for their contributions to music but don't dwell on the "what if". That is a huge disservice to all the up and coming artists who have long careers ahead of them.

In light of another member joining the dead at twenty seven club, have a listen to some of the members of this elite list. It is a tragedy that they all are gone way too soon to see how their careers could have unfolded. At the same time look at it and realize you have to seize the day and make it happen before its all said and done. Get off your lazy asses and go make some shit happen to be remembered.

Brian Jones, founder of Rolling Stones

Jimi Hendrix

Janis Joplin

Jim Morrison - The Doors

Kurt Cobain - Nirvana

Amy Winehouse

Friday, July 22, 2011

Flat Tires California Invasion Tour - Sept. 8-10

The rowdy juke joint rock n' rollers otherwise known as the Flat Tires are invading the great state of California. Do yourself a favor left coasters, grab a 2 x 4 of PBR, shake it profusely, grab some swigs and then proceed to throw it all over the crowd. Of course everyone is going to be doing the same, so just wait til ya get to go through the right of passage into real punk rock the way its done down south. The tunes will be all kinds of fried and dirtied up with cold beer, lots of attitude and southern swagger.

Flat Tires - Freeborn by RustyKnuckles

Hellbound Glory's New Song Bastard Child and Cover Model Ginny Gunn

Why not have a listen to a brand new track from Hellbound Glory that is going to be on their new album coming out this fall. The album is going to be called Damaged Goods and we are featuring a gorgeous model on the cover in quite a story telling and film noir kind of vibe. Stay tuned as its going to tie directly in with the title and further the story along.

Here is the cover model - Ginny Gunn

Warner Music Group Sold To Access Industries

Back in the day getting signed to a major label meant something. This was long before digital music was ever conceived and we all had a twinkle in our eye about making it big in music. Maybe the sale of Warner Bros. was to escape an impending doom or was it to hedge their bets, we may never know. In all reality, who cares. The major labels are fighting a losing battle and the tide has shifted to favor the smaller and more nimble independent labels who work directly with their artists instead of dictating terms to them. This sale will have an interesting ripple effect and kind of excited to see where it goes and how the pieces will be picked up and re-fit for their current roster which includes Avenged Sevenfold, Built To Spill, Cher, Deftones, Don Henley, Disturbed, Dire Straits, Devo, Eric Clapton, Green Day and many more.

Link to Article on

Warner Music Group’s sale to Access Industries has been completed for $8.25 per share in cash, or $3.3 billion. The record label’s board approved the deal two weeks ago. 

WMG will be part of Airplanes Music, a division of Access Industries, the diversified business group owned by Russian-American industrialist Len Blavatnik, whose $3.3 billion offer in May represented a 34.4 percent premium over the record label’s average half-year price of $6.14.

The company will remain named and located as is, but Access will take WMG off the stock market. The brief statement about the deal’s closing did not say whether CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. will stay aboard. As it stands right now, Bronfman is still the head of the company, but again, that could change.

With WMG done, the focus will shift to what will happen with EMI Group, which began exploring a sale in June. Citigroup and Access Industries are both vying for EMI. For Access Industries, the addition of another record label, considering the weak state of the record business, may seem crazy, particularly the premium he paid for WMG. But Blavatnik seems to feel he would be able to find some value after some heavy cost-cutting while continuing to market a roster that so far includes big names like Bruno Mars, R.E.M., Cee Lo Green and Lupe Fiasco. 

In terms of what Blavatnik is getting with WMG, in May, the company reported that Q1 losses grew amid anemic revenue gains. Meanwhile, digital now makes up more than 30 percent of the labels revenues—a combination of the decline of physical CD sales and, to be fair, an reasonably aggressive focus on building up its online and mobile distribution.

WMG is scheduled to have its last quarterly earnings report on Aug. 1, as it is being delisted from the NYSE now that it is operating within a private company. But that Q2 report might or might not happen, though WMG still has bondholders it has to report to, but it’s not clear if that will be done through the standard quarterly report. 

Cafe Racer TV Season 2 - 60 Second Promo

Cafe Racer TV is back and ready for a second season starting August 3rd. Looking forward to seeing the new episodes and especially bikes from Dime City Cycles, Lossa Engineering and Brian Fuller's cafe bike from Fuller Hot Rods of Atlanta.

Car Hood Ornaments Via Dark Roasted Blend

The folks over at Dark Roasted Blend continually serve up amazing content. Once we saw a few of the images they had posted vintage car hood ornaments, it just had to be reposted. So sad that cars will never again have the over the top style they once had unless they are custom. The craftsmanship alone would run their price sky high and folks would probably still complain. Instead of our mass produced fiberglass junkers made to be discarded after a few years, keep that old iron alive and ride'em.

Car mascots (or hood ornaments) used to be installed on the exposed radiator caps of cars and even when radiator caps disappeared, hood ornaments were still used. These objects were often intricate works of art and today are highly prized by collectors. In the thirties and forties, many of the ornaments depicted flying ladies.

Also in the forties, manufactures used planes as designs for ornaments, with jet planes becoming more common in the fifties. By the sixties, hood ornaments began to appear less and less on mainstream cars and eventually came to symbolize only luxury vehicles. We still see company logos on all models of cars today of course, but here’s a look at just a small selection of hood ornaments from days gone by.

(this incredible variety of hood ornaments (top row) can be seen on Chris Balm vintage motoring site)

Fabulous 1920 Sabino Glass Aerofoil Car Hood Ornament:

(images credit: Tony Wraight, via)

This face example also dates from the late 1920’s (the one on the right appears to have been inspired by the Vikings):

(images via MuscleCars, Thomas McEldowney)

Here is a car mascot (hood ornament) made in the form of a swallow, manufactured in the 1920's by "Susse Freres" (France):

(images credit: Chris Balm)

"Bonzo Dogs" were made into car hood ornaments back in the 1920s (Bonzo was a dog from popular George Studdy's cartoon series, mascots made by AE Lejeune):

(images via)

Here’s an elegant lady in gold, resembling a Greek or Roman goddess:

(image credit: Keith Lovelady; on the right is the Flying Man ornament)

While this one looks like it could almost have originated in ancient Egypt:

(image credit: Alan)

And here’s one depicting an angel:

(images credit: Keith Lovelady)

The Pierce Arrow featured this fabulous archer design in the first three decades of the twentieth century (left image). Citroen's mascot in on the right:

(originals unknown)

Rarely seen Plymouth' ship hood ornament (left). On the right is the 1920 Corning Glass Daughter:

(left image credit: Paul Malon, right image via)

This greyhound was no doubt meant to symbolize the speed and grace of the vehicle it adorned:

(top image: Brett Morrison; bottom left - 1937 Lincoln K Brunn, art by Jill Reger; right - 1928 Delage, via)

Here’s an interesting one from a Chevrolet model (right). The hood ornament on the left is from a 1967 Marlin manufactured by American Motors (AMC):

(images via 1, 2)

This jet design dates from the mid fifties:

(image via)

Here’s another rocket hood ornament from a 1936 Terraplane:

(image via)

This is the exquisite ornament from the 1931 Packard Eight:

(image via)

The golden winged woman is from a Cadillac Sixty Special Fleetwood:

(image credit: Kevin Hulsey)

Another Cadillac beauty, slightly tinged by rust:

(image credit: Paul Malon)

Flying ladies were a favorite with Packard:

(image via)

The Delahaye flying Venus design dates from 1947:

(image credit: Steve Correy, via)

This rather odd hood ornament is from a vintage Bentley (right); The official Bentley hood ornament is shown on the 1960 model (left image):

(right image credit: Sandro Menzel, left: Furlined)

This hood ornament is from a 1954 Chevrolet police car (right image). On the right is the hood ornament from the DeSoto Diplomat:

(images via 1, 2)

The Soviet auto industry also produced hood ornaments. Here’s the GAZ Volga deer emblem (left image). On the right is the aftermarket parody - a Lenin mascot on a Bentley:

(left image credit: W. Grabar)

Here is a mascot similar to the Russian Volga one, from the 1930 Chrysler Imperial Eight:

(image credit: Sandy Leidholdt)

This one is from the Packard 902 Coupe Eight from 1932 (left). On the right is another Plymouth' Winged Lady:

(images via)

This is the famous Rolls-Royce' "Spirit of Ectasy" (see the video of how it retracts):

(images via)

The theme of ladies continues with 1920s Chevrolet (left) and a Buick (right):

(left image credit: Walter Coles)

The famous Dusenberg Glass Lady can be seen here (slightly nsfw).

We have to include these incredible car hood identification posters, created by TaillightKing (we'll show only a few of them, see a bunch more here):

(images credit: TaillightKing)

We mentioned that some car hood ornaments are highly desirable collector items, commanding very high prices. This particular beautiful piece of car hood art was priced at $35,000.00 U.S dollars while on display at Blackhawk Classic Car Museum in California (more info):

(image credit: Keith Lovelady)

And finally, perhaps the most over-the-top ornament is this pinned lady from the legendary designer Luigi Colani, featured on his Horch Mega Roadster:

(image credit: Tom Vack, via)