Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Crossroads, Can You Handle It?

Well have I found quite the gem, Do you like Robert Johnson, Woody Guthrie, Voodoo and all that is the South? If you find yourself to have any sort of lets say, spiritual inner turmoil, this may not be for you. If not, lets go on a journey...

Sugar Hill - Zombie Hit Men

Working on a new project for a band in Switzerland and looking for imagery to help flesh out a new illustration and packaging design. I had to dig up some of my favorite things to research which is voodoo, black magic and the occult as its so abstract. Looking for certain talismans or imagery that might be a good reference point for the bands name. Along the way I found a killer Blaxploitation film I had never heard film, check out the trailer...

Walz Hardcore - Germany

Recently picked up a German chop mag while on tour over in Deutschland and kept seeing some of the Walz Hardcore bikes. I remember him briefly from when he was on Discovery Channel's Biker Build Off series and what caught my eye was the clean lines of his builds. His style of frames are not my choice of riding style but I dig on how he pays attention to every nuance. Take for example how you fill up the gas on this bike. Its a racing trick for filling high volume gas and adds another touch to the clean lines. Also, check out those welds on the pipes, damn, now that is some dedication in producing an exact idea.

Walz Hardcore - German Bike Builder

Friday, February 26, 2010

Miniature Guns

When I first found the site of Wayne Driskill's miniature gunsmithing I was thinking the guns were cool but the wow factor didn't hit me immediately. Then I dug through the pages noticing the quarter staring directly at me and all of a sudden it came into perspective the actual size of these mini firearms. Seeing the breadth of his handiwork is truly amazing. Now, I just want to see these works of art firing off a few rounds.

Wayne Driskill - Miniature Firearms

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cancer Bats - Sabotage

They could have easily ruined this cover, but damn if they didn't pull it off and made it look fun as hell. Damn I dig this band, all hail the Cancer Bats!

Bacon Torch

I don't care how you slice it, this looks wicked fun. Who woulda thunk it could work. Damn, MacGyver and MythBusters may have just been out classed!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Craftsman Labs - Video Series

Don't know about yal but I was wondering when Craftsman would eventually start to create some new type of marketing program for their brand. Personally I dig Craftsman hand tools, they have worked well for me since I was a kid and fit into my budget. As far as their power tools go, never tried them. I tend to go with DeWalt, Makita or recently a Hitachi angle grinder that has proven to be absolutely a beast. I dream of one day owning a Metabo grinder as they are pure finesse. I know that the guys who wrench day in day out go for Mac, Snapon or a few others but I have yet to really use those tools so I am still in the Craftsman club. I guess you could say a new project is on the horizon and the hunt for new tools is on to complete the build, which should be a year in the making. My Buell Cyclone is going to be turned into a lower and meaner cafe racer styled bike that is directly influenced by ye ol' steampunks. Can't wait to dive in completely.

Craftsman Lab - Videos

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hellbound Glory On Saving Country Music

We are psyched for the fellas in Hellbound Glory to get a great review over at saving country music dot com. They work their asses off by playing more shows than most bands ever do, while touring in an old Toyota camper truck. If you like your country music with an outlaw vibe and a hearty topping of grit and grace, then check'em out. You won't be dissapointed.

Hellbound Glory - New Album Review

Hellbound Glory - Myspace

Steampunk Art - Part 2

I am a huge fan of the metal work in the steampunk ideology. Add one part H.G. Wells, 1 part Victorian era and 1 part Industrial Revolution and voila, you have the makings of a steampunk. To me its not so much about going back in time, but I what I really dig on is the craftsmanship of the pieces. Each piece feels unique and imperfections are accepted as its about the end product in totality. Add in the brass, copper, stained wood and silver metals and its truly a style all its own. All images were found online via a google search for "steampunk".

Southern Sleaze - Crank County Daredevils

Check out the latest illustration that is heading to press for the Crank County Daredevils. While on tour we were sorting through a lot of ideas on new artwork for merch. We are going are to really amp up the dirty look and vibe of the band merch and go full on Southern Sleaze. Nothing like sketching out a design in pencil then inking it all in with a sharpie. Computers are a great tool but as of late I really find myself going backwards and doing all artwork by hand. Not only does it create a distinct look but it makes me not feel so damn lazy and let a program dictate what I see in my head. Gotta dig Scotty P flippin ya the bird.

Buy the shirt on Shop Crank County Daredevils dot com

Crank County Daredevils - Myspace

Crank County Daredevils - Facebook

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Custom Fighters

Quite stoked, just found this site called and it just rocks. Lots of great links, resources and builds to showcase all there is love about streetfighters. The beauty of these bikes is function over form. A lot of people will just call them naked bikes because of the fairings and extra ecoutrements removed for the sake of style and attitude. I ask you to dig deeper. A lot of people look at choppers or production customs to be the true "custom" builds but thats just too damn easy. Streetfighters are in a league all their own as they can whoop your ass in the turns, the straightaways and then wheelie away, yeah they are bitchin.

Here is one example of a killer bike I found on along with the spec sheet.
2002 TL 1000R Motor
Custom Built Trellis Frame (23-Rake, 93-Trail)
Triumph 1050 Single Sided Swingarm
955 Rear Rim Widened and Heightened from 17 x 6″ to 18 x 8.5″
ZX14 Front Forks with GSXR 1000 Valving and Springs
ZX636 Front Wheel
ZX14 Front Rotors
R6 Rear Shock with 900RR Spring
R6 Radiator
Aluminum Fuel Cell
Custom Body Work – Wet Layout Carbon Fiber
Custom Seat and covering
One Off Top Triple Clamp (ZX14 bottom/stem)
Triumph Headlight with Harley Davidson Trim
Ducati 996 Velocity Stacks and PC3 with Custom Mapping
Custom Exhaust and with Matching Tail Light
Billet Aluminum Grips, Bar ends, Gas Cap, Brake / Clutch Reservoirs, etc
Paint and Fiber work all layed by Roman at FOH Cycle Fab

Custom Fighters

Best Action Hero Ever

So you may think that Daniel Craig is badass as the newest incarnation of James Bond, well I beg to differ. There is an action star in Bollywood Films that puts him to shame, All I can say is damn!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lowside Syndicate - Baltimore

Hailing out from the Charm City or Bodymore if you watched the Wire comes Lowside Syndicate. These cats got in touch with us through twitter and damn if we all weren't exactly on the same page. They have a new biker zine and it focuses on exactly that, bikers. Their work is a solid reflection on this underground culture that we all know and love. Whether it be the grease under their fingernails or the elegant printed pieces they produce, these dudes have soul. Lookin' forward to all the new issues.

Lowside Syndicate

Revenge Run, Eastern North Carolina

Well folks, here is the first formal announcement, the Revenge Run is set for April 23-24th, here in Eastern North Carolina. There are a few details we will be adding to various blogs, chop cult and numerous other sites about the actual run meet up points and general info. More info will be posted in a day or so. We will be offering the artwork posted on tshirts to all riders signed up for the run through our store, Stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Anyone recognize this idea, a hubless wheel?

I think these young and brilliant mechanical engineering nerds have been looking to bikers for inspiration. Hopefully in their dissertation or talks regarding their project they happened to mention that one day years ago they watched a show called "Biker Build-Off" and saw Billy Lane of Choppers Inc. construct this idea and with a motor. Take that nerds, give credit where credit is due. A biker brother out did ya years in advance. Bikers 1, Nerds 0, next round...

Spokeless Bicycle Wheel - Link

Strap On Tank Tracks - Only In Russia

For the folks stuck in Snowmageddon in the mid Atlantic, I found your cure.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Confederate Motor Company

I have been checking out Confederate Motors for a few years now and every time I see their bikes a new level of detail is to be found. What truly appeals to me is their straight up vision to make a bike that looks nothing like anything else, with every aspect being hinged upon function and design. Their bikes are mad max styled streetfighters with a level of engineering that is jaw dropping. These bikes have a unique audience and damn would I proud to own one, maybe I should go buy those lottery tickets today, ya never know...

Specs on the P120 Fighter

About the P120 Fighter from on Vimeo.