Monday, January 31, 2011

Green Lady Killers - Last Phoenix Show

While they may be leaving the valley of the sun to take up new residency in LA, the ladies will leave lasting memories for the last local Phoenix show. Next up for them is to conquer this year's SXSW! More details soon on the Rusty Knuckles Music showcase and all the bands playing.

Green Lady Killers on Facebook

New ANTiSEEN 7" Featuring Joe Buck

If ya haven't heard it announced on our Facebook page or ANTiSEEN's pages, we have a new 7" coming out with the boys from brutalsville, with special guest Joe Buck. It seems as though ANTiSEEN just keeps getting better with age and we will have these up for pre-sale shortly.

Breaking Down Sucks

Do you ever think about the worst place you can breakdown? I know its passed through your mind and surely it has for me as well but to be honest it happened in one of the worst possible locations and at the worst times. This is why I am a adamant about keeping my bikes in tip top mechanical shape and also about chatting with folks along the road, as you never know who might be of some help.

Long story short is that I was on a solo 3000 mile run to go up to the Hundred Years Rally outside of Spokane, Washington while I was living in San Francisco. The whole trip was going great, seeing new sights and the Dyna was purring along through the hot and dusty eastern swaths of the high Sierras, Cascades and through the Palouse of Idaho. I kept thinking that on my way back to the coast I just had to go to the top of Mt. St. Helens and see my first active volcano and damn if that place isn't remote.

As luck would have it, the day was perfectly clear and I walked up to a neighboring peak and was able to watch the volcano spitting out smoke and in be in awe of something that over 20 years earlier turned the top of the snowy peak into an ashen pock mark. I happened to chat with a few fellow riders and then we were all on our way. On my way back down the mountain, I heard a few sputters and then my motor completely died, poof. Luckily I was on a downhill so I coasted into a rest area. With sunset coming very soon and no cell phone service I was royally screwed. Without even noticing, the same guys I had talked to earlier happened to be going in my same direction and pulled over to help. They raced back up the mountain and were able to find a park ranger who was able to call in a tow truck from Vancouver, Washington which was roughly 90 miles away.

As we were all chatting with the park ranger, he then proceeds to tell us how lucky I was to get some help. Not only were we directly in the path of the lava flow, if it were to blow again that day, but bears were thick in this area and he was about to head out for the day. Yep, all by my lonesome with no food, no water, no shelter and deep in bear and volcano country, awesome.

When I got to the local Harley dealership, they found the issue but were absolutely clueless as to how the stator could be fried black but all electrical was fine and still fine 4 years later. I am still convinced it was the volcanic activity that day and potentially the electrical storms around the volcano but who knows. Needless to say I owe a huge thank you to my fellow riders, the park ranger and to Harley Davidson of Vancouver, Washington. Yall got my ass back on the road and only lost one full day of the trip. THANK YOU once again, pay it forward.

Highway 730 in Oregon

Viewing Mt. St. Helens from the East

Looking into crater as it was active

Dusty and hot day of riding in Idaho

Homemade Tools

Tax season is here and chances are that most of us are going to owe money in some kind of way. Those lucky enough to get some back, think on this, the powers that be are giving you money back after they used it to grow interest for their own coffers. But whatever the story may be, if you are in a pinch and need to outfit the shop without deep pockets, check out some of these great homemade tools. They ain't purdy but in a pinch damn if you need to waste your hard earned money on one use tools from Harbor Freight, do it yourself.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Broadside Basement Sessions with Jay Berndt have arrived!!

Here at Rusty Knuckles, we're very pleased to introduce the first clip from the Broadside Basement Sessions!! Now the "Broadside Basement Sessions" is a video series of collaborations with fellow musicians and friends on original music and other favorite songs. The songs are briefly rehearsed and then recorded in hi-definition video and multi-track audio at Jay's Moto Destructo Studios.

For this session Jay was joined by his former Brimstone Assembly bandmate, Jim Almo on drums... Mike Laurello on keyboards.. (Both of whom you can hear on Sad Bastard Songs)..... former Bass player for the Amazing Royal Crowns, Jack Hanlon on upright... And singer/songwriter Chris Fullerton on acoustic guitar and vocals.

This first clip, "Five Empty Chambers" is a brand new song by Jay and was taken from the first session that was recorded on 12/12/10. We'll be releasing the full episode in the upcoming weeks. 
This project already has a lot of folks talking and we're looking forward to seeing what else Jay has rolled up his sleeve. 


Listen to Jay Berndt on Facebook

Thursday, January 27, 2011

ANTiSEEN & Joe Buck in Johson City, TN

ANTiSEEN just got a great write up promoting their show tomorrow night in Johnson City, TN, check it out:

Link to original story


Add flavors of wrestling, country music, aggression, blood and a deep dose of the South.
Now presenting, Antiseen.

The legendary punk rock veterans will headline a three-band bill at The Hideaway in Johnson City on Jan. 28. Acts supporting Antiseen include Joe Buck and a band whose name cannot be mentioned in a daily newspaper. Surprised? Needn’t be. It’s only punk rock bash and roll, and that’s how Antiseen founder Jeff Clayton likes it.

“It’s just stripped down rock ‘n’ roll, nice and loud,” Clayton said by phone last week from his home in Rock Hill, S.C. “It’s punk rock but it’s not Green Day. It’s Southern but it’s not Lynyrd Skynyrd.”
Formed in 1983 in Charlotte, N.C., Antiseen has long been described as destructo rock.

“That was dropped on us in out first year,” said the amiable Clayton. “We played our first show in October 1983 in Boone, N.C. The other band on that night was White Cross out of Richmond, Va. At the end of the show our guitars got smashed, drums, bass and so on.”

A member of White Cross remarked that Antiseen was destructo rock.

“The name stuck,” Clayton.

Antiseen embraced the term. For example, Clayton loves professional wrestling. “I’m way more influenced by (former wrestler) Greg Valentine than (Guns ‘N Roses leader) Axl Rose. But,” Clayton said with a laugh, “you won’t see a bunch of us wearing spandex.” Couple that with Antiseen’s Southern punk rock and Clayton’s sense of showmanship and his scarred forehead. Though not during all shows, Clayton has built a reputation for slicing open his forehead. Do that for 27 years and imagine how it looks.

“It’s pretty rough,” Clayton said. “I’ve actually had people ask if I was in a car wreck and in a way I’ve been in one for 27 years. It’s definitely a road map.”

How’s this for a road map. Antiseen has performed in all but a handful of the 50 states, more countries than Clayton can quickly name, with such heroes as the Ramones and he’s met country legend George Jones.

Scan Antiseen’s catalog. Alongside such riveting bomb-droppers as “Stormtrooper” and “No Apologies” come covers of country music from Ernest Tubb’s “Thanks A Lot” to Jones’ “I’ve Aged 20 Years in 5.” Why country covers from an aggressive punk rock band?

“Well, man, in songs we cover we never ever cover anything to be sarcastic,” Clayton said. “We cover things because we genuinely love the singers and the songs.”

For example, there was the time that Clayton, scar-headed punk rocker, met Jones, kindly country legend. “I said, ‘George, I’d like to give this to you because we covered a song you did,’” Clayton said. Jones leaned back and grinned. “He might have thrown it out the window when he got home,” Clayton said, “but by God I gave him a copy.”

Add all of the above. In an era when the mainstream flows with such force that it swallows unwitting millions, Jeff Clayton and his band chose another road and it has made all the difference. Hence the band’s name, Antiseen, a play on the word scene.

“I think we’re the footmen in the trenches,” Clayton said. “We’re a cult band. Our audience doesn’t just like us. They love us. That’s for me.” 

Tom Netherland is a freelance writer. He may be reached at

Who: Antiseen and Joe Buck
When: Jan. 28, 10 p.m.
Where: The Hideaway, 235 E. Main St., Johnson City
Admission: $10
Info: (423) 926-3896

Rusty Knuckles Music on Youtube

We all have the guilty pleasure of spending way too much time on Youtube watching randomness, so do yourself a favor and dig into our Rusty Knuckles Music Channel. There will be a lot of content added to our channel and it will forever be evolving as we are working on quite a few new videos this year along with a plethora of mini movies. With SXSW coming up, plan on getting interviews, commentary and footage from our showcase along with all the events we attend.

Along with our channel, while on the page check out the "Band Channels" to view pages by ANTiSEEN, She Rides and Flat Tires along with our newest collaborator Mike Ashcraft over at Thumbin Sleazoid Cinema

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hellbound Glory - Old Highs & New Lows, Available in Europe

Yep, the day has finally come for Hellbound Glory to invade those outlaw country lovin' Europeans ear drums. If yall haven't purchased it already its available through stores that carry releases distributed by the great folks over at H'art and Sonic Rendezvous, via our US allies in Nail Distribution and CockRoach Media. Today is a great day for outlaw country, have a listen to our song of the day and pass it on...
Hellbound Glory on Facebook

Green Lady Killers - Last Phoenix Show

The Green Lady Killer's last local Phoenix show is this Saturday 1.29 at Chopper Johns with Wirefeeder and ZiROH! Go and check out some heavy, distorted rock n roll in the valley of the sun before they move over to the coast and take over Hollywood.

Green Lady Killers on Facebook

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ANTiSEEN & Unknown Hinson - Photo of the Week

To say an image is worth a thousand words is entirely true with this great photo by long time ANTiSEEN friend and photographer Radok. May his work forever live on and his imagery be remembered.

The Folk Singer - A Tale of Men, Music & America

Found this link and really stoked to download this indie film to check out. If you are into real country with a true diy vibe this is something that we can all get into. Besides this flick, dig into a few other works by Slow Boat Films as they have a knack for storytelling.

Learn more about Slowboat Films

Link to Download The Folk Singer

Broadside Basement Sessions - Jay Berndt

The final touches are being put together on the long awaited Jay Berndt - Broadside Basement Sessions. What we have cookin' is this, Jay rounds up a collaborative group of musicians and they plan out a few songs to jam on while hi-def digital cameras are rollin' capturing all the action. We are working to drop about 1 - 2 songs a month and or jam sessions. This project already has a lot of folks quite interested in showing up and being part of future sessions and we are quite amazed about the roster. It will definitely be a who's who type of scenario as the amount of talent is quite staggering. We will be releasing the first basement session this friday.

Listen to Jay Berndt on Facebook

Monday, January 24, 2011

RIP Jack Lalanne

RIP Jack, you helped America understand the value of fitness, a sound mind and proved the amazing capabilities of the human body. Thank you for being an inspiration.

Flat Tires = Pabst Blue Ribbon

Thanks to Jefe and the Road Devils for the video footage. Also, the Flat Tires are offering some huge incentives to join them on Facebook. Git on there and sign up.

Flat Tires on Facebook

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Custom Victory Motorcycles

Custom bikes come in all makes and models but I rarely ever see much attention paid to Victory Motorcycles on the customizing side of life. I know that there are starting to be some areas in which after market parts are available but not sure on how much is available for custom builds. This shouldn't be a holdup by any means. Personally I have never ridden one or don't know anyone that has one but after seeing them up close and talking with our local dealer on them they seem to be solid machines. Hell for that matter everything created by Polaris tends to be well built. Interested to see where Victory will be heading in the future considering their partnerships with the Ness family and that they are an Amercian motorcycle manufacturer, even more reason to rally behind them.

The bike below is the CORE concept bike designed by Victory lead Designer Michael Song. Within the videos, check out more ideas on customizing Victory bikes done by Roland Sands, Michael Song and Greg Brew.

Victory Motorcycles

Friday, January 21, 2011

HellRide Music - Joe Buck, Flat Tires Split 7" Review

We never got word that this review came out for the Joe Buck Yourself and Flat Tires Split 7", so read on folks as its a damn good assessment of the record. Also stoked on the review of record as a whole. We pride ourselves on great packaging and that stems from good design and quality illustrations. No janky or half assed shit will ever be produced or released by Rusty Knuckles.

Buy the Joe Buck and Flat Tires Split 7"

Link To HellRide Music for Review

"Common allies in the dirt-merchant rock n’ roll battalion, sleazy renegade country rocker Joe Buck (oft referred to as Joe Buck Yourself) teams up with the rowdy, Hickory punk miscreants Flat Tires, for this slick little piece of translucent blue vinyl. One live cut from each act, and all equivalent to the business end of a sawed-off shotgun.

The performances are spirited and spot-on, the recording quality is top-notch (especially Flat Tires), and the hand drawn artwork for the sleeve is of graphic novel intricacy minus the presence of color. All of these elements combine for a release that is far from the “warmed over leftovers” aspect of some 7” splits. Renegade Kentucky shit hammer Joe Buck is a name I’ve heard for years. He was in the Legendary Shack Shakers, a band I’ve heard of but have never heard. He has played with Hank III, and has attained a cult like status. You can hear it his followers throughout the live recording of “Planet Seeth,” as the crowd is more than willing to get involved with his drunken, rambling vocal spew. There’s an equal helping of punk’s pacing and general fuck you attitude, to go along with the twang-y Southern guitar licks, and you can feel the live energy coming through on the recording.

After all these years he has finally got my attention, and “Planet Seeth” is a keeper through and through that perfectly matches the live version of Flat Tires’ “Drink it Dry (from the All the Right Enemies release)”. Damn do I want to see these NC boys live, as this version of “Drink it Dry” is an amps to 11, balls to the wall display of raucous, barroom brawling Southern punk fury. GG, Black Flag, and Antiseen could all be cited as influences, but FT lays down the gospel with a style and delivery that is 100% their own deal. They nail it here, and continue to prove why I’m a proud banner waver of their particular brand of stinking drunk, down home punk.

This is a short and to the point release showcasing the live fury of each of these bruisers. You can smell the sweat, taste the beer, and have your ears ring all in the comfort of your very own domicile. No punches pulled, no chins left without a fist mark, and not an ounce of pretense to be found anywhere. Best served with a glass of 101 proof Wild Turkey, and two packs of Reds."

- Jay Snyder

Should Outlaw Country Be Renamed "XXX"?

Quite the interesting round table discussion is being discussed over on Saving Country Music and it relates to an underground movement that wants to create a new genre of music. The genre is based around Outlaw Country music and various styles that don't fit within the NashVegas model of pop country music and its lack of character and grit. As of now, considering that we work with quite a few bands that embody this genre, I think its a great idea and maybe we should all consider what we think to be a befitting name for the genre. The biggest and really only hang up is the name "XXX". Personally I feel that it will be immediately referenced by most as another aspect of porn or is porn. Or if you want to dig deeper since we also are fully embedded in the punk realm, it could also go towards the straight edge punk crowd. It's an interesting round table discussion so dig in and form an opinion.

Read more on the article below and listen to the discussion from Saving Country Music

"Alright look. I know that some of you have already grown tired of the back and forths talking about what to call music and how to manage it, and rather we all spend more time focusing on the actual music itself. I agree, and that will continue to be the main focus of Saving Country Music. But right now, I do not think there is a bigger issue facing the music we all love than this proposed XXX genre. I have already made my initial thoughts known, and had many critical things to say, some of which have been resolved with further dialogue and action, some that have not.

I personally have yet to sign the XXX petition, but the more I have been thinking about this, the more I think the important task I have is to inform all of YOU, the fans, so you can make your own decisions, without having them filtered through my opinions. It doesn’t mean that I won’t raise criticism or offer praise, but YOU should decide for yourself on this thing, irrespective of my beliefs, and irrespective of your beliefs of Shooter Jennings, Hank III, or any other artist. As I’ve been saying, judge this on the merit of the idea itself.

In that spirit, on Wednesday I conveined a Saving Country Music Roundtable comprised of me The Triggerman, Jashie P of Outlaw Radio Chicago, and Reverend Nix of Stink Finger Radio/The Mojo Medicine Show, and we discussed in detail the pros and cons. I think a lot of good information about this came out, and I encourage everyone to listen when they have time. As well as check out the robust comments section of the previous article where Shooter Jennings and Adam Sheets, the originators of this idea, refute some of my criticisms and go into further detail about the idea.

Listen or download Roundtable #4 – The XXX Genre

And speaking of Shooter, he just conducted an 1 1/2 hour interview with Outlaw Radio about all of this, that we will be airing on SCM LIVE on Monday at 7:30 Central and the chat room will be open. For those that cannot make it live, we will archive the interview and transcribe the big points, and that will be posted later that evening .

A lot of people are wondering what Hank III has to say about all this. We have reached out to him, and as soon as we have a statement/interview/whatever, I will bring it to you, positive or negative. I am committed to BOTH SIDES being able to speak their mind about how they feel about XXX in the spirit that healthy, respectful discourse is good regardless of where this idea ends up, or who ultimately ends up being involved.

And speaking of what the artists themselves feel on this matter, here is a list of the ones who have publicly backed XXX so far:

  • Shooter Jennings (obviously)
  • Scott H Biram
  • Jason Isbell (formerly of Drive By Truckers)
  • Rhett Miller (Old 97′s)
  • John Carter Cash
  • Mojo Nixon
  • Lukas Nelson (Willie’s son – Promise of the Real)
  • Dash Rip Rock
  • The North Mississippi All Stars
  • Whitey Morgan & The 78′s
  • Jocephus & The George Jonestown Massacre
  • Tommy Townsend (former member of Waylon’s Band & Waymore Outlaw)
  • Kevin Sekhani, Jerry Castle, and Johanna Divine

Also Shooter and blogger Adam Sheets sent me statements to accompany the Roundtable, since they were not there to comment.

Adam Sheets: “Most people who listened to “outlaw country” in the ’70s were decent law-abiding citizens, who didn’t like the polished sounds of Nashville at that time and certainly weren’t outlaw. Likewise, XXX, whether you associate it with moonshine or porn, is the harder-edged alternative to Nashville and the top 40 and the name represents that.”

Shooter: “xxx is not referring to any other style of music. It is an answer to AAA (Adult Album Alternative) and the moonshine reference is not an association with alcohol as much as a tip of the hat to deep rooted antique southern culture. For now its catchy and it represents something completely new”"

Green Lady Killers - "My .45" Premiere Video

Everyone has been waiting patiently so here is your reward.

Green Lady Killers

Thumbin' Sleazoid Cinema

TBC Works - Dresch Build Update

Custom forks and front end got ya scratching your head a bit, well here are some flicks of what Tim Bradham has cookin' on his Dresch build. Nothing quite like seeing an absolutely essential part to a motorcycle being custom fabricated from just an internet photo and an idea. Hot damn is this bike going to be killer.

Word on the street is that we will be donating a cb650 motor for a new build with TBC Works, will keep ya posted once the idea gets fully hatched.

Tim Bradham's Chassis Works

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jesse Leach Referencing Jay Berndt, Gotta Love it

There are times when you reflect on the past and think on the defining moments in which an event became a game changer. We were forwarded this article written by Jesse Leach, who used to sing for a "decent" sized band called Killswitch Engage. You ever heard of them? Yep, thought so, and who now fronts his killer new project, Times of Grace, also with Adam from Killswitch Engage. Jesse recounts one of those moments in time and guess who he happens to reflect on? None other than our hombre Jay Berndt. Ol' Jay used to sing in a well known metal band called Kilgore and made a lasting impression on Jesse, funny how some things work out. Read an excerpt from the article below or just click the link and read it in entirety.

Excerpt below is from the full article posted on Gun Shy Assassin

"There are no guarantees that this will last, as with anything in this life, it is fleeting. So all of that being said, I am going to just pay some respects to a place, a scene, a people who were my teachers and peers. Without the influence and struggles of the Providence, Rhode Island, area “music scene,” I would not be who I am today.

I was 15 years old; I just got my first pair of “combat” boots, was just getting into Fugazi, Minor threat, Operation Ivy and various other popular punk/hardcore bands. I was so excited and eager for this music I knew little about. I would soon learn the ethos of DIY and the terms “scene,” “scenester,” “poseur,” and “show,” among many other things. It all started with a show at the rather locally famous “Club Baby Head.” The bill included various local bands but my memory fails me to name them — but the band that was most memorable to me was Smudge (who later became Kilgore Smudge and then Kilgore).

They were a great mix of the new sound I was really liking but a sound I was already aware of; bands like Faith No More, Alice in Chains, etc. The lead singer had a beard, long hair and a flat cap on. His voice was huge and his stage presence and humorous banter in between songs was all-consuming to me. I was in my first “pit” and got kicked in the head as well as lost my breath from being sucker punched by a flying fist. I could barely sleep that night — I was hooked. Little did I know this was for life.

Back then, Providence had various venues to see local and national acts: The Living Room, The Met Cafe, As220, Lupos and The Strand, among others. My new drug was “shows” or concerts, as I would call them before knowing the “lingo.” I made it my business to get out to as many shows as I could, meeting all kinds of interesting and eccentric people. I bought fanzines (underground magazines written and produced by fans), 7 inches (45 vinyl record singles). There was a hang out that everyone would go to before and after shows called “Thayer Street.” Thayer Street was the mecca of underground and counter culture back then. On any given day there were punks, psychobilly/rockabilly punks, skins, rude boys and ska kids, hardcore kids, ravers, crusty punks, peace punks, goths, alterna-teens and old school rockers. I would hang out there whenever I could and after shows, my friends and I would be there until the cops told us to go home.

"There were great independent record stores that helped feed my new addiction as well; In Your Ear Records, Toms Tracks, Contrast Records and more that escape me. It was an incredible place filled with so many opportunities and people willing to share their experience and love of music. Providence, back then, was a place where for the first time in my awkward teenage years, I felt I had a place and a “scene” to call my own.

As much as I could sit here and reminisce about the glory days of my youth and for the sake of keeping this a column and not a short book, I will just bullet point bands and people that I owe a thank you and a nod of respect to for helping raise and inspire me:

Jay Berndt – Lead singer of Kilgore and currently an amazing rock country blues singer songwriter as well as an engineer/producer: here is some archive footage of the band that started it all for me and Jay present day."

Check out Jay Berndt and Kilgore back in the day....

Muddy Roots Music Festival - September 3rd and 4th

Mark your calendars folks, there is a killer new music fest coming to music city usa and bringin' real country music back to Nashville. The folks over at Muddy Roots Music have put together one hell of a lineup and going to be having their shindig in Cookeville, TN on September 3rd and 4th. Of course we will be there as a sponsor and supporting Hellbound Glory and most likely have a few of our bikes with us along with some of our other builder comrades.

Notable acts already signed on are Wayne Hancock, Possessed By Paul James, Hellbound Glory, Goddamn Gallows, Left Lane Cruiser, Calamity Cubes, O’Death, Cutthroat Shamrock, McDougall, Soda, Ten Foot Pole Cats, Porter Hall Tennessee, Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band, Rachel Brooke, The Perreze Farm, JB Beverley & The Wayward Drifters, Owen Mays, Scissormen, Rev Deadeye, Mark Porkchop Holder, Slackeye Slim, Highlonesome, Last False Hope, Cletus Got Shot, Hillbilly Casino, Hellbillies, Smokestack & the Foothill Fury, James Hunnicutt and more.

Muddy Roots Music Festival

Road Bound Booking

Got the word a few days ago about the fellas in Hellbound Glory being picked up by a great bookin' agent and we are stoked. This means more tours, more parts of the country and across the pond to Europe are all in their headlights. Thanks to Tracy over at Road Bound Booking for making it happen, thank you!

Along with Hellbound Glory, they also book Wayne "The Train" Hancock, Lucky Tubb & Modern Day Troubadours, J.B. Beverley, Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies and The Cheatin' Hearts

Road Bound Booking

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ANTiSEEN - Upcoming Shows

Need we say any more?

For More info, dig into ANTiSEEN on Facebook

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Fuel Tank - Fuel Online Magazine - Australia

The folks at Fuel are getting it right, if they can't get their print version of the mag in front of folks world wide, why not push it digitally online. With a potential world wide market and viewership at their disposal with the power of social media its the perfect outlet to showcase whats happening down under in their world of chops and rods. Maybe just maybe they will send along some issues stateside or we can find them at a show soon.

If you haven't checked them out already, stay tuned for their Girl Fridays and give them a view, clean and quality design along with being well put together.

The Fuel Tank - Online zine for Fuel Magazine Australia

She Rides - Tour Dates

“she rides is touring again here are the dates. come hangout if you know of a good place to play near any of the shows not already booked get let me know. this is the route so far. I have a ton of backup routes so it all depends on who gets back to me first. as of right now this is it."

- George, She Rides

03/11 Providence, RI @ the 201
03/13 philly, PA @house show!!
03/14 richmond, VA @ the triple
03/15 Atlanta, GA @ The Music Room
03/16 new orleans, LA/baton rouge, LA (house show!)
03/17 Houston, TX @ the mink with us and trucks, ghost town electric
03/18 austin, TX @ SXSW
03/19 austin, TX @ dirty dog (rusty knuckles showcase)
03/20 austin, TX/midland, TX @SWSW or ????
03/21 Las Cruces, NM with Green Lady Killers
03/22 Tucson, AZ with Green Lady Killers
03/23 Phoenix, AZ with Green Lady Killers
03/24 ?????????? where should be play between phoenix and san diego?
03/25 San Diego, CA hopefully with vultures united
03/26 Los Angeles, CA
03/27 San Francisco, CA/Oakland, CA
03/28 Fresno, CA/goleta, CA03/29 bakersfield, CA
03/30 Riverside, CA03/31 las vegas, NV
04/01 Flagstaff, AZ
04/02 albuquerque, NM @HOUSE SHOW!
04/03 amarilla, TX/Oklahoma City, OK/tulsa, OK
04/04 Tulsa, OK
04/05 Fayetteville, AR w/ soy city strangers?
04/06 Springfield,IL w/ soy city strangers?
04/07 Chicago, IL w/ soy city strangers?
04/08 Cleveland, OH (hopefully @now that's class)
04/09 Buffalo, NY04/10 Albany, NY
04/11 Brattleboro, VT04/12 Lowell, MA
04/13 Boston, MA04/14 worcester, MA
04/15 Providence, RI @ 201?

let us sleep on your floor the van sucks.
If you can hook up a show in or around any of these places get in touch!!!”

She Rides on Facebook

Rage Forever dot com

She Rides on Myspace

Ladies of AutoSport 2011

We are lucky enough to be allowed to post some of Dennis Goodwin's photos and thank him immensely for his contribution to humanity. Please continue the valiant efforts and we salute you.

Check out Dennis Goodwin on Flickr

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dime City Cycles - Custom Frames

Peep some new steel tubing designs coming out of the Dime City Cycles compound. Be on the lookout for news on a killer shindig happening in the Tampa area in May. Will give ya a hint on some of the ingredients involved, rock n' roll, custom motorcycles, Rusty Knuckles, Lowside Magazine and Dime City Cycles and a lot more on that soon.

Dime City Cycles

Green Lady Killers - Featured in Phoenix's New Times

By now most of you already know that the Green Lady Killers are about to sweep the nation with their new video for "My .45", but check out another one of their songs featured in a 2010 top list section. Jay Bennet of the Phoenix New Times sends them a solid accolade and damn if it isn't deserved. Read his posting below from the New Times site or click over to it and check the other bands as well.

"Power" by the Green Lady Killers: The stock of this local power trio is on the rise: a walloping new record, a West Coast tour, and a recent label deal. Their 2010 Just Fine record features a radio-ready sound and a breakout vocal performance by leader Lady Van Buren. And they're nice ladies, to boot. Rumor has it they're setting their sights on the coast, so check 'em out while Phoenix can still claim them.

- Jay Bennet

Phoenix New Times - Featuring Green Lady Killers

Power by Green Lady Killers

Road To Recovery - Helping Wounded Combat Veterans

The Devil's Brigade Chapter of The Road Devils Car Club has teamed up with Task Force Dagger, Rusty Knuckles, Gangster Billy and many more local busineses from the East Coast to bring you on the "Road to Recovery" to help Combat Wounded Veterans and their families get back on there feet after a loved one has suffered severe wounds in battle. The Devils Brigade will be driving to "Viva Las Vegas 14" and raising money along the way while filming a documentary about soldiers and how they use hot rodding as therapy after returning from combat. You will see what "COMRADERIE" really means in a Car Club of combat hardened veterans. You will also see behind the scenes footage of the builds and life at Tim Bradham's shop right here in Fatalville, North Carolina, or as we call it NOCAR. The song on the clip is "Arson" by Demon City Wreckers. RIP Jason Mashburn...

- Geoff Dardia is part of the Devils Brigade, an all military branch of the Road Devils Car Club

Thumbin' Sleazoid Cinema - Podcasts

Let's just come out and say it, Mike Ashcraft of Thumbin' Sleazoid Cinema is an amazing director and pop culture provocateur. His video podcasts are true mashups and make it hard for you to stop watching due to how seamless the flow and content are. We are stoked to be able to showcase his work and to know that we will be doing quite a bit of work with him in the future. More details on that partnership to come. For mature audiences or those who don't mind seeing some tata's in their cubicles.

Thumbin' Sleazoid Cinema

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Green Lady Killers - Video Premiere 1.21.11

The video is finally done and has gone through all the edits to make this one hell of an epic showing. We cannot thank Mike Ashcraft and Thumbin' Sleazoid Cinema enough for their hardwork on the project. Without their entire team on board to setup locations, filming, story boards, editing and a litany of other production aspects the video would have never come to fruition. We are proud as a peacock on this video and in 2011 the Green Lady Killers are about to make their mark on the indie music scene.

Green Lady Killers on Facebook

Thumbin Sleazoid Cinema

Sneak Peek: The Green Lady Killers - "My .45" from Mike Ashcraft on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Imelda May - Irish Vixen Fusing Music Genres

Surely this has happened to everyone, you go onto youtube looking for a particular band and then find something completely different and spend the next hour watching the videos. Yep, sounds about like what just happened. Instead of finding black metal veterans "Mayhem" I found "Mayhem" by Imelda May who happens to have one hell of a voice that fuses classical musical genres in a new and reinvigorating way.

After going through some songs and really diggin' her voice, I thought how the hell have I not heard of someone that sounds this good. With the amount of artists online and the amount of content so easily at our fingertips, its refreshing to find someone that makes you take a step back and just think, damn.

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Understanding Major Music Labels

If you are interested in understanding how major record labels operate or curious about the business side of it all, Jay Cooper a Los Angeles based music lawyer helps to spell a few things out. The huge divide between small indie labels such as Rusty Knuckles Music and all the majors is based upon many elements, but most of it boils down to money and capital. Think of major labels as simply a bank. They lend out huge sums of money for recording costs, tour promotions, marketing, etc. and then want it all back by owning the music and most profit derived from live shows and merchandise, thus creating a form of indentured servitude. Their hourglass is running short on time and hopefully when companies such as Spotify officially start operating in the US another great music resource will open up allowing for more fans to find the music they enjoy and be a true challenger to Itunes.

Learn more on Spotify and its subscription models for downloading music

Friday, January 14, 2011

Flat Tires - Freeborn - Just Arrived

We have been waiting patiently for this album to finally get shipped to us and damn does it look good. Not only does the packaging rock, the sound quality is top notch and the music, well oh shit, this here cd contains a new southern punk anthem if there ever was one. If you haven't pre-ordered, get on it as this is the hot ticket for January and many many months to come. The fellas in Flat Tires have outdone themselves and holy shit are we proud to be working with them.

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Order the album from the Flat Tires Store