Monday, January 10, 2011

Jay Berndt - Basement Sessions

We have been working on a new idea with Jay Berndt and this is from his second "Basement Sessions" jam based in his recording studio aptly called, Moto Destructo. The premise is simple, Jay rounds up a group of players and they all head down to his recording studio to hammer out some new tunes.

Currently the songs are pre-selected and the folks come in knowing a rough idea of the tunes. Further down the road, look for live jam sessions, numerous heavy hitting well known players and the songs will be available for streaming and on itunes. The goal is too keep things fresh and constantly working on new material instead of just waiting to punch out an album on an annual or semi annual basis.

This past weekend's Basement Session consisted of Brian formerly of Kilgore on acoustic guitar, Bill on mandolin and acoustic guitar and of course Jay Berndt. The footage you are seeing is just the rough cut from a Flip hand held camera. With the help of video guru Grace, there is also hi-def video and the recording goes right into Jay's main board, so the sound quality and video will be top notch. We will be releasing select tracks to start with and then as things progress so will the jam sessions and players that are enlisted, stay tuned.

Jay Berndt on Facebook