Monday, January 17, 2011

Road To Recovery - Helping Wounded Combat Veterans

The Devil's Brigade Chapter of The Road Devils Car Club has teamed up with Task Force Dagger, Rusty Knuckles, Gangster Billy and many more local busineses from the East Coast to bring you on the "Road to Recovery" to help Combat Wounded Veterans and their families get back on there feet after a loved one has suffered severe wounds in battle. The Devils Brigade will be driving to "Viva Las Vegas 14" and raising money along the way while filming a documentary about soldiers and how they use hot rodding as therapy after returning from combat. You will see what "COMRADERIE" really means in a Car Club of combat hardened veterans. You will also see behind the scenes footage of the builds and life at Tim Bradham's shop right here in Fatalville, North Carolina, or as we call it NOCAR. The song on the clip is "Arson" by Demon City Wreckers. RIP Jason Mashburn...

- Geoff Dardia is part of the Devils Brigade, an all military branch of the Road Devils Car Club