Sunday, January 23, 2011

Custom Victory Motorcycles

Custom bikes come in all makes and models but I rarely ever see much attention paid to Victory Motorcycles on the customizing side of life. I know that there are starting to be some areas in which after market parts are available but not sure on how much is available for custom builds. This shouldn't be a holdup by any means. Personally I have never ridden one or don't know anyone that has one but after seeing them up close and talking with our local dealer on them they seem to be solid machines. Hell for that matter everything created by Polaris tends to be well built. Interested to see where Victory will be heading in the future considering their partnerships with the Ness family and that they are an Amercian motorcycle manufacturer, even more reason to rally behind them.

The bike below is the CORE concept bike designed by Victory lead Designer Michael Song. Within the videos, check out more ideas on customizing Victory bikes done by Roland Sands, Michael Song and Greg Brew.

Victory Motorcycles