Thursday, January 20, 2011

Muddy Roots Music Festival - September 3rd and 4th

Mark your calendars folks, there is a killer new music fest coming to music city usa and bringin' real country music back to Nashville. The folks over at Muddy Roots Music have put together one hell of a lineup and going to be having their shindig in Cookeville, TN on September 3rd and 4th. Of course we will be there as a sponsor and supporting Hellbound Glory and most likely have a few of our bikes with us along with some of our other builder comrades.

Notable acts already signed on are Wayne Hancock, Possessed By Paul James, Hellbound Glory, Goddamn Gallows, Left Lane Cruiser, Calamity Cubes, O’Death, Cutthroat Shamrock, McDougall, Soda, Ten Foot Pole Cats, Porter Hall Tennessee, Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band, Rachel Brooke, The Perreze Farm, JB Beverley & The Wayward Drifters, Owen Mays, Scissormen, Rev Deadeye, Mark Porkchop Holder, Slackeye Slim, Highlonesome, Last False Hope, Cletus Got Shot, Hillbilly Casino, Hellbillies, Smokestack & the Foothill Fury, James Hunnicutt and more.

Muddy Roots Music Festival