Friday, October 31, 2014

Process Video - Drawing of the Go Devils - Appalachian Book Of The Dead, Album Cover

Process video - drawing of the Go Devils - Appalachian Book Of The Dead, new album

Detail process drawing video for the new album cover with the Go Devils for the upcoming album, Appalachian Book Of The Dead. Due out November 24th 2014 on Rusty Knuckles Music. Background instrumentation by Banjo Buck Thrailkill.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Rusty Knuckles - Hi Performance - Mens Tshirt in Gray With Two Color Print

Detail on our new two color "Hi Performance" shirt design

Recently, we have had a plethora of requests to create our "Guitar Engine" shirt as a two color version. Who are we to say no? We complied and worked up a version in an off white and bright orange on gray tshirts. Add in one Les Paul signature guitar and a Chevy engine and this equals true harmonic balance.

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Detail on the "Hi Performance" shirt design

Rusty Knuckles - Hi Performance - Mens Tshirt

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rest Easy Kathleen...

Janet, Husky Burnette and Kathy Fiedler... Rest easy Kathy

Since I began writing these blogs for Rusty Knuckles they have all been music related. It's the one topic I know the most about so it's what I write about. Though on a completely other level, this one is no different because music is how I came to know the people I'm writing about.

Clean 1948 FL Panhead Chopper For Sale

Clean 1948 Panhead Chopper with OEM Frame and matching paperwork

Bid on this bike now on Ebay

"Rebuilt motor with original Harley Davidson cases with receipts. Very nice ORIGINAL Harley Davidson WISHBONE FRAME with sidecar loops intact. New ANTI-GRAVITY BATTERY. NEW S.T.D. dual plug heads. NEW MALLORY AUTO-ADVANCE IGNITION SYSTEM. 23" high shouldered front rim laced to a HD star hub. 19" rear wheel laced to star hub as well. Mechanical drum brake. Foot clutch, all new clutch assembly. New drive belt, new chain. Biltwell bars, grips, throttle, foot pegs, tail light. New S&S Super E carburetor. Custom one-off gas tanks, handlebar risers and fender fabricated by FLYING MONKEY FABRICATION in Los Angeles, CA. Sissy bar fabricated by KIM BOYLE MOTO in San Diego, CA. All new hardware, new kickstand, new tires. C.C.E. Panhead valve covers." 

Super clean motor on this 1948 FL Panhead Chopper

Rootbeer / Maroon paint on the tank

Front right stance on the 1948 FL Panhead Chopper

Dog bone risers and short bars ready for long hours in the saddle

Front left stance on the 1948 FL Panhead Chopper

Good Vibrations Gave Punks In Northern Ireland A Home

The wall of vinyl at Good Vibrations record shop in Belftast, Ireland

Watch this movie and more on Vimeo

"During the 1970's, Northern Ireland was seen as a musical wasteland. Bands struggled to get recognition and found it difficult to be heard because of geography and politics. There were few outlets for people to go to hear new music and socialise in a worry free environment. Terri Hooley changed all that.

Monday, October 20, 2014

MotoBunny Joins Rusty Knuckles Music, Featuring Members of the Woolly Bandits and The Love Me Nots

MotoBunny joins Rusty Knuckles Music and will release their debut album in 2015
Rusty Knuckles Music has grown over the last five years to rally around quite a few distinct tones in the sonic delivery of what we call American Roots. Jangly garage rock is one of those areas which is truly defining as a distinct sound honed out of the mid 1960's and helped to define what we know as punk rock . Whether it be the fuzzed out catchiness of  The Sonics, the explosive lives shows with the MC5, the raw element in early White Stripes albums or one of our all time favorites, the DirtBombs out of Detroit, Garage Rock is truly part of the soundscape of American Roots. 

Without further ado, please welcome MotoBunny to Rusty Knuckles Music. Their debut single "MotoBunny" will launch on November 11th via Itunes along with their brand new video on youtube and vimeo. Read on below to find out more on the band and what exactly they are all about.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Documentary of NOLA: Life, Death, & Heavy Blues from the Bayou

Phil Anselmo of Pantera and Down as featured on the Noisy
New Orleans native Phil Anselmo exports his style to Dallas band Pantera, thereby changing the landscape for metal in the 90s. Meanwhile, a visit from the Melvins to the New Orleans area would change the landscape for metal as we know it, with Kirk Windstein of the band Shell Shock was discovering that slower was, for him, heavier.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Denim And Leather Brought Us All Together, Rusty Knuckles Custom Guitar Straps

Custom guitar strap made out of vintage black denim and leather with painted lettering and white stitching

"Denim and leather brought us together, it was you that set the spirit free... - Saxon". Stoked on another full custom guitar strap request for some metal brethren in the Bay Area.

Friday, October 17, 2014

1964 Harley Davidson XLCH Sportster Café Racer Could Be Yours

1964 Harley Davidson XLCH Sportster Café Racer

In the market for a freshly built cafe racer based on a 1964 Harley Ironhead heart beat? Look no further as this one is for sale and currently on ebay. What makes this bike so damn nice are the clean lines and the slick attention to detail. Cafe Racers all seem to function in a very similar style, but it is nice to see an old Ironhead being placed in this machine and not just as the core to a run of the mill chopper. The entire bike has been tastefully built and surely runs as smooth.

Iggy Pop Thinks On The Future Of Digital Music

Iggy Pop, giving a speech at the John Peel Lecture
No matter which way you shake the piggy bank, if there is no clanking of coins, nothing will fall out. This can easily relate to many bands thinking they are owed a certain amount of money for their art, yet no coin is in the bank. Honestly folks, get over it. Fans just don't want to pay for music anymore when it can be streamed for free through youtube or a variety of sites. It is a sad case of technology quickly eliminating what was once common place in the past, but we must adapt or die off.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Custom Guitar Strap For Harliss Sweetwater

Custom Guitar Strap For Harliss Sweetwater

Antique honey finish and custom paint job on this guitar strap for Harliss Sweetwater, the bluesy and soulful shaman of southern California.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Foo Fighters Aim To Immerse Their Sound With 8 Distinct Geographic Regions

The Foo Fighters Aim To Immerse Their Sound With 8 Distinct Geographic Regions
Certain musicians transcend genre, era and artistic approach. Their appeal lies within a relentless pursuit of their craft and the diligence in which they search new ground to expand their musical footprint. Luckily for we music fans, a true pioneering spirit such as the one that resides within Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters is readily available for us to watch on the upcoming HBO show - Sonic Highways.

Rusty Knuckles Provides the Perfect Harmonic Balance To Your Life

Rusty Knuckles Provides the Perfect Harmonic Balance To Your Life

Looking for the exact Harmonic Balancer to make things run smooth? Look no further. We got ya covered. Updated shirt design about to hit the press. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Run What Ya Brung 2014

Shovelhead Chris rolling south, photo by Jimmy Lyon

Every fall a select group of us gather in the hills of western North Carolina and put down some miles and multiple cases of beer. It's a gathering of like minded folks that just want to ride and explore the hills while also catching up on conversations that were started a year earlier. 

Check out more photos from the run over on IBMOS

Damn stoked that all of us put down a lot of miles without a single breakdown this year and for those that put in close to and over 1000 miles on the run. Hats to off to Wes, Ryan and Tyke for logging in the hours and for Jimmy who rolled in from south Florida. True riders to say the least.

This was the fourth year of the run and next year, we already made plans to change it up significantly and move to my home turf of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia. The mountains are great but I have some new roads lined up along with some local folklore to indulge everyone in on that goes back centuries. Time to go camping in the cypress swamps and tread where many fear to go in the dark. Slaves to the Grave 2015.

Tales From East End Blvd: The Beauty In The Despair Of A Song - By Husky Burnette

Tales From East End Blvd: The Beauty In The Despair Of A Song - By Husky Burnette

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Pick up his latest album - Tales from East End Blvd

Are you the type of music lover that likes to hear what the song says or wonders what it's about? If you've ever paid attention and truly listened to song lyrics, chances are you've heard those tear jerkers and stories of hard times, pouring out like water from the person singing and telling them. 

I, myself, am a huge lyric guy. From a young age I always got into the lyrics and wondered what songs were about. And as I'm sitting here watching the documentary "Hank Williams - Honky Tonk Blues" I'm realizing how much me and ol' Hank have / had in common.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Duane Ballard's Custom Chopper - Kosmosaki

Duane Ballard's Kosmosaki

Watch more videos on Biltwell's Vimeo channel

"A Show case of Duane Ballard's KZ1000 Kosmosaki using biltwell Sanderson Foot pegs, Slimline Risers, Whiskey Throttle, Builders exhaust kit, and Thruster Grips"

Motus Motorcycles Are Now The Fastest Production Models

Motus Motorscycles all started from an idea and a sketch
 Find out more about Motus Motorcycle

"Motus comfortable American sportbikes are awaiting final EPA approvals before shipping to dealers around the US. Meanwhile, Motus took two stock MSTRs to Bonneville to see how they stack up against the fastest motorcycles in the world. Two land speed records later, they bolted the mirrors and license plates back on and rode them 1900 miles 30 hours."

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rory Kelly Featured In North New Jersey's The Aquarian

Rory Kelly Featured In North New Jersey's The Aquarian

Read more on the Aquarian's site

"A couple of weeks ago, I stopped in at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ to see my bros from The Dirty Stayouts perform their second set of the day, plus my bro, Steve “Zipperhead” Murafsky, was promoting the show, and he’s been trying to get me to come to one of his shows for quite some time, so I figured I’d surprise him. I’m glad that I did because the headlining act was truly amazing, and after watching them, I witnessed what rock ‘n’ roll was really missing: good music and lots of fun! The name of the band was Rory Kelly’s Triple Threat, and yes, they’re from North Carolina, but I saw them here in New Jersey and they rocked!