Monday, October 13, 2014

Run What Ya Brung 2014

Shovelhead Chris rolling south, photo by Jimmy Lyon

Every fall a select group of us gather in the hills of western North Carolina and put down some miles and multiple cases of beer. It's a gathering of like minded folks that just want to ride and explore the hills while also catching up on conversations that were started a year earlier. 

Check out more photos from the run over on IBMOS

Damn stoked that all of us put down a lot of miles without a single breakdown this year and for those that put in close to and over 1000 miles on the run. Hats to off to Wes, Ryan and Tyke for logging in the hours and for Jimmy who rolled in from south Florida. True riders to say the least.

This was the fourth year of the run and next year, we already made plans to change it up significantly and move to my home turf of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia. The mountains are great but I have some new roads lined up along with some local folklore to indulge everyone in on that goes back centuries. Time to go camping in the cypress swamps and tread where many fear to go in the dark. Slaves to the Grave 2015.

Some of the fellas rallying at a gas stop, photo by Jimmy Lyon

Weird dude huffing gas, photo by Jimmy Lyon
Shakey Mike and his ever evolving panhead, photo by Jimmy Lyon
Rolling in from Bowling Green, KY to Asheville, NC was equivalent to riding in a swimming pool

Bike runs and tattoo shops go hand in hand

While checking for local wifi, we found a new and interesting network to check out

Rory Kelly smoked the stage at Jack Of The Wood in Asheville, NC
Bobby What is the oldest member of our riding club and been on every run with us for the last five years. Always stoked to hang with him and put some miles down.