Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Large Tattoo Skulls For Those Who Need To Make A Statement

The illustrated skull as a tattoo motif will never go out of style. Could it be due to the fact that we all have a skull or that it represents life, death and all of that encompasses us as humans? Our morbid fascination with death as a society is one of the only constants we throughout recorded history, besides taxes and compounding interest.

For those who use their skin as a canvas and allow for the macabre to come to life, this is dedicated to you. All of the tattoos below are well thought out and take up a large portion of each recipient's body. To achieve such a goal is to put great faith into your chosen tattoo artist and a belief in your mission of pain, to let a personal story unfold. Hades is proud and smiling outwardly from the depths.

Check out the skull appreciation society

Skull full back piece with third eye
Crystal skull of the cosmos full back piece
Asian style style dragon and skull
Bigfoot skull in scale size on back piece
Skull or two folks having a drink?
A skull is never just one skull, but made up of those for which it has conquered
Skull chest piece
Skull full chest piece

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stevie Tombstone Featured On Itunes New & Noteworthy

Stevie Tombstone's latest album signals a growth of his audience and the amount of folks outside of blues country folk fan base that are yearning to find out more about him. Itunes has deemed his album as being a great record and we couldn't agree more.

Check out all things Stevie Tombstone

Download this album now from Itunes

Stevie Tombstone featured in the New & Noteworthy section of Itunes Country

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mondo Posters - Halloween Edition of Famous Monsters

Haven't heard about Mondo yet? Well, do yourself a favor and check out one of the coolest custom poster companies out there. They have quite the interesting story and one in which any fan of movies and quality artwork will be stoked to hear about.

See more details on these posters

Check out the Mondo Archives to view their poster collection

Poster by Laurent Durieux. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 350. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. $50
Poster by Laurent Durieux. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 400. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. $50
Poster by Laurent Durieux. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 380. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. $50
Poster by Laurent Durieux. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 475. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. $50
Poster by Laurent Durieux. 21"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 375. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. $50

Antiseen Featured On Much Music As A Truly Frightening Band

To truly establish yourself and create a name that will live on, requires more of a commitment and adherence to what you believe in and live for. The other aspect of this equation is to do something that is truly exceptional.

Jeff Clayton and Joe Young have invested three decades in their punk rock credentials with their almighty band aptly named Antiseen. Known for the destructive live show, fuzzed out guitar riffage and one hell of a visual assault that is self inflicted, these fellas know how to stir up a frenzy. Seeing their names get a solid shout out across the northern border of Canada and on is a welcome sight.

If you really want to feel the full weight of their scary influence, just check out the newest release from them which is all about wrestling. Falls Count Anywhere is a testament to any fan of the squared circle. Get your copy now!

Check out

"Halloween is a scary time of year… for children. My son is freaked out by all that Halloween stuff but he is three. Most of us adults see this stuff for what it is: a seasonal cash grab. But if you are like me you realize that what is truly scary is not a celeb wearing vampire teeth or zombie make-up, it’s something different. What is really scary to me is someone truly unhinged from the reality. I love scary bands!

Bands that lose themselves in the performance so much that you don’t know if you will get out alive! Here are my top five scary bands:

GISM is/was not so much of a band has a musical cult. To this day people in Japan fear talking too much about this band out of fear that lead singer Sakevi might appear… now that is scary. And yes that is a legit flame thrower he is firing into the crowd.

The h100s made a 7″ in the mid ’90s called Dismantle and in my opinion it is one of the best American punk records of all time. Live the h100s were reputed as one of the most dangerous American bands of all time. This video doesn’t really reflect it but the stories of hammers hurled from stages, church alters smashed with bats, Nazis stabbed are stilled passed around from one kid to another like the stories around a campfire.

Antiseen are a band heavily influenced by wrestling and thus they know that somebody has to play the bad guy, which in wrestling parlance is called a “heel.” And like all good heels, it is hard to tell where the reality stops and the character begins. Antiseen have been the heel villains of underground music for going over 30 years. Check the blood! I stole the gimmick from these dudes but don’t tell them…

they scare me.

Haymaker is the one band on this list that I got to witness first hand… I would even go so far as to say I was friends with them, but don’t for a second think that I was no scared the whole time. I watched them destroy club all over Southern Ontario. Fire, glass, chairs, light-bulb tubes, all of it would fly through the air… I may have even gotten swept up once or twice in the excitement. I was even present for the show in the clip below… but it fails to convey how truly close to the edge the 10 minute show felt.

The Stooges are a band that kids should be taught in school. They are that important to music, they saved rock and roll. The Stooges were so unlike, just about all of their contemporaries that shine like a beacon in the era. Much of the live power lay in the Manson-like charisma of the nihilistic singer Iggy Pop. This is not a rock star like Mick Jagger. Iggy was a rock star from desperation and rage. This video, while not violent, still shows how scarily awesome this band was."

Antiseen featured on as being one of the truly scary bands in punk rock

Engraving Old Coins For Our Belt Loops

As of late, we have been putting a plethora of time and energy into new custom products to be offered through our various online store outlets such as etsy, ebay and our main web store right here on this site. One of the focus areas has been our leather goods and elements we can add to the hardware. We are currently working on custom engraved old coins to add to the vibe of the pieces, have a look.

Check out our Etsy store for custom crafted goods

Our first foray into engraving old coins to be used for a new style of snap on our our belt loops.
We currently have two options for colors on our belt loops. Will be adding Brass D Rings and our new engraved Indian Head nickel coins to our product line.
Each coin is individually engraved, repainted and then sanded down to get a unique final result per coin.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Another Great Reason To Enjoy Texas, The First 85 MPH Highway

The Dixie Chicks may sing about wide open spaces, but Texas is the reason we should be thinking on higher speed limits through vast open areas. A new highway corridor opened up between Austin and San Antonio. On that new section of pavement 85 mph is the speed limit, but there is just one catch. The new highway is a toll road and privately owned and operated for the next fifty years. To hit cruising speed on America's closest attempt at the Autobahn, pay the $6.17 toll and put the hammer down.

Go to original link on Neatorama

Texans can now roll 85 mph and get away with it

Mike Snody And His Amazing Cutlery

Finding a guy such as Mike Snody on youtube, is akin to finding your new favorite reality show that you didn't know you were looking for. As soon as we found his channel, we ended up watching for the next three hours and damn if this dude isn't a craftsman. What we find the most compelling about his work is how detailed and well he explains knife making, while also creating blades that are of uncompromising quality. If you have any interest in custom knives, enjoy. A Mike Snody Boss knife will be out on our hip before too long.

Watch Snody Knives Reality TV on youtube

Snody Knives - Boss Series
Snody Knives - Crisis Card
Snody Knives - Boss series with paracord handles
Snody Knives - Snake Charmer custom knife
Snody Knives - Acid etched folding knife

Reno Divorce New Video Featured On Dying Scene

We are stoked to say the least about the new Reno Divorce video, Lover's Leap and the huge response it has gotten so far. From all the shares via Facebook, the massive click through rate, here on the blog and for the amount of positive responses we have been getting emailed, this is why we dig our job! Just wait until the full album will be in your hands and rockin' to eleven on your stereo.

Link over and check out all things Reno Divorce

Buy the album, Lover's Leap

Reno Divorce's new video, Lover's Leap - Featured on

Lingerie, Cinematography and True Salvation With A Brazilian Model

Did we have you from the first word in the title, Lingerie? Well then, you are indeed human. After all the talk on bands, music and general info about all things gritty and motorized, we knew a well deserved visual break would treat ya just right. So go ahead, feast your eyes on this gorgeous Brazilian bombshell. We think Marc Collins is an upstanding individual for his contributions to his humanity.

Carol Lingerie from Marc Collins on Vimeo.

Billboard Charts And The Way Ratings Are Evolving

A plethora of folks, from the outliers, to the fans and to the music critics are voicing strong opinions about Billboard's decision to shake up the rating system, for which it holds the keys to the kingdom. As far as we are concerned, we totally get that things need to morph and change over time. But what we are trying to understand is this; with such a dramatic shift taking place, why not add even more genre categories due to the broadening spectrum of music being created to reflect all the ways music is being streamed and heard.

This is clearly not a perfect system and will hopefully get better over time. As a label that champions the underbelly of grit character within Rock and Country, we hope to see these potential genre categories open up a bit more and have more parameters such as adding Roots, EDM, Metal, Punk, Jam, etc. etc. Ticket sales, streaming music, video plays and social media could all help to add to the way data flows into these charts to be more characteristic of the genres as a whole.

Then again for our personal enjoyment of music, we could give a rat's ass about all of these ratings systems. Categorization leads to homogenization and that just doesn't sit well with us. Music, art, design, craftsmanship and truly being an individual, are about striking new ground and following your own path. Let Civ be your guide on this topic and listen to these lyrics of their song, Choices Made.

Link to original article on 

Or check more thoughts on this from

"Three weeks ago, the editors at Billboard, who for decades have defined what makes an American hit, shook up the song charts for various genres.

The magazine started counting digital sales and online streams along with radio airplay in its tallies for most major formats. It also created two new charts using the same criteria, breaking out rap songs in one and R&B songs in a second.

The results have given stars with a pop-oriented sound and broad crossover appeal an advantage over other artists, upsetting and puzzling some music fans. Take Psy, the pudgy South Korean pop star with the infectious dance moves whose video “Gangnam Style” went viral on the Internet. Since the new rules took effect, “Gangnam Style” has been the No. 1 song on the new Rap Songs chart for the last three weeks, even though Psy does not rap on the track and most American hip-hop radio stations have yet to embrace him as a bona fide rapper.

Still going goo goo for Gangnam Style? - Photo by Getty Images
On the Hot Country Songs chart, Taylor Swift’s pop single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” has held the No. 1 position for three weeks, even as many country stations have rejected it, and Rihanna’s pop hit “Diamonds“ has remained atop the Hot R&B-Hip Hop Songs chart, causing dismay among R&B purists.

Bill Werde, Billboard’s editorial director, said the shake-up was necessary to reflect changes in the way people consume music these days. There was a time when radio programmers — and the record labels who lobbied them — largely defined the charts, using surveys of their listeners and their gut instincts to select hits. Now the Internet gives fans a greater say, as people buy music from online stores, stream it through services like Spotify or listen to it on video sites like YouTube and Vevo.

“Three weeks ago, the main genre charts only reflected FM radio play,” Mr. Werde said. “Every fan out there in the world knows and everyone in the music business knows that is not the business we are in anymore, that a stream on Rhapsody or Spotify, or a download at iTunes or Amazon — all these different things — are a meaningful part of the fan experience. And to have genre charts that don’t reflect that? I can’t believe anyone would be arguing for that.”

Still, some people did. The changes caused a backlash on Twitter and other online forums from some purists among hip-hop, country and R&B fans. A headline on one commentator’s blog was “Billboard Chart Changes — R.I.P. R&B Music.” The Web site Saving Country Music lamented that “these new rules could cause the largest wholesale power shift to superstars that music has ever seen.”

Psy’s climb up the rap chart was also criticized. “Trust me when I tell you hip-hop does not consider Psy rap,” said Ebro Darden, the program director at Hot 97 (WQHT, 97.1 FM) the leading hip-hop station in New York. “Billboard has pull, but they cannot make people who live hip-hop believe Psy is rap.”

Most of the criticism, however, has come from fan groups with narrow interests. Carrie Underwood fans were furious that her song “Blown Away” was blocked from No. 1 by Ms. Swift’s pop tune, even though Ms. Underwood’s track is being played far more on country radio stations.

Some R&B and hip-hop fans were dismayed that Rihanna’s song jumped abruptly to No. 1 from No. 66, and that it has remained at the top of the chart ever since. Fans of R&B singer Brandy were particularly incensed, because her song “Put It Down,” featuring Chris Brown, which had been in the Top 10, dropped like a stone after the rule change, even though it remains a favorite on urban radio stations.

An online petition was started to persuade Billboard to undo the changes and has gathered 625 signatures, a small number for an Internet-based campaign.

Mr. Werde characterizes the detractors as a “vocal minority” and has stood firm in the face of the criticism, arguing in columns and online discussions that the definition of a hit has changed and Billboard must keep up with the times.

Although we don't know her music, when we hear about Rihanna, we pay attention for some good reasons
Similar changes were made a few months ago to the Hot 100 song chart, the main chart that measures popularity across genres, and they have been widely accepted by the industry. Some critics have said there is a subtle price to pay for the new rules. For starters, it becomes harder for artists of a traditional bent, or whose work lacks crossover appeal, to attain a No. 1 hit in their genre.

Billboard made one other change to its methodology that rewards crossover hits. Previously, the magazine only counted airplay on country stations for the country chart, and spins on R&B stations for the R&B chart, and so on. Now it is counting all the plays a song receives on 1,200 stations across genres.

Kyle Coroneos, who writes a blog for the Saving Country Music site, said Billboard’s decision to count the airplay a country song gets on other formats is important. This means that traditional country artists, whose songs are played only on country stations, will be pushed down deeper into the charts, while pop-oriented stars, like Ms. Swift or Lady Antebellum, crowd the Top 10. Labels in turn are likely to encourage artists to make country records with a pop flavor, he said.

“It erodes the autonomy of the country charts in general,” he said. “I have a theory all the genres of music are coagulating into one big monogenre and this emphasizes that.”

Kyle Bylin, an analyst for Live Nation Labs, a blog about technology and music, said that the new rules also mean artists who enjoy a high volume of online sales or streams can remain at the top of the charts for longer periods, even after radio programmers have taken their songs out of heavy rotation.

What’s more, the emphasis on streaming and sales of digital tracks makes it easier for an act with a blockbuster album to dominate a genre chart. One example is Mumford & Sons, the folk-rock group from Britain. Their album “Babel” has sold more than 900,000 copies since it was released a month ago, most of them digital, and it has also broken records for streaming on Spotify.

The first single from the album, “I Will Wait,” has remained in the Top 10 of the rock songs chart all month, mostly on the strength of airplay on alternative rock stations. But when the rule change came, seven more songs from “Babel,” buoyed by streaming on Spotify and digital sales, entered the Top 20 on the rock chart.

At the same time, Fun.’s “Some Nights,” which had been sliding down the chart but was still selling well online, surged back to the No. 1 slot and has stayed there.

Mr. Werde acknowledged that the new rules may make it harder for artists with little cross-genre appeal to get a No. 1 song, but the new rules also provide a “clearer reflection of what’s actually being consumed in the music space.” Modern charts need to take in more than radio to measure a song’s popularity, he said, and Billboard has plans to go further, folding data from YouTube and Vevo into its charts as well.

“A hit doesn’t just look like one thing anymore,” he wrote in a recent column answering critics."

Friday, October 26, 2012

Reno Divorce - Lover's Leap - World Premiere Video

The day has finally arrived after a long recording, mixing and overall coming together about the damn amazing new album Lover's Leap, by Reno Divorce. This album is a tour de force rock n' roll beast, which is ready to be played over and over and over. Basically yall will be doing what we have since earlier this year, once we received the first demo's, that is playing the shit out of this record. 

Lover's Leap is the first full length video and single to be released from the album. We already have another video shot and currently being edited for release in January. The time is now, for the fellas in Reno Divorce to conquer stages world wide. Help support one of the hardest working bands in the underbelly of rock n' roll and get out to see them live.

The brand new full length video for the title track Lover's Leap will be airing on Friday October 26th 2012 so stay tuned. In the interim, the brand new album is up for pre-sale in a cd digipak format along with a new lyric tshirt we just created to go with the album.

Purchase your copy of Lover's Leap by Reno Divorce on cd digipak

Keep up to date with the fellas on their current tour via Facebook

New tshirt artwork for the song Lover's Leap by Reno Divorce
Reno Divorce's brand new album, Lover's Leap is available for pre-sale, get your copy now
The brand new Lover's Leap lyric art being protected by Jeff Clayton in voodoo format
The fellas of Reno Divorce hanging with Jim Lindberg, legendary frontman of Pennywise

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Billy Don Burns Has Fans Far And Wide And Including Martina McBride

Much of life is all about who ya know or being at the right place and right time. I have come to the conclusion that opportunity is where talent and hard work collide. Billy Don Burns has been lighting fires far and wide with his gritty form of songwriting about hard living characters and the tribulations that life sets before us. We find great joy in knowing that even main stream artists across country music, tip their hat to ol' BD. Have a look at some of the quotes on Billy Don from Martina McBride's site.

Purchase your copy of Billy Don Burns latest album

Billy Don Burns, latest album, Nights When I'm Sober... Portrait Of A Honky Tonk Singer
Link to thread on Martina McBride's site

"Billy Don Burns is the ultimate Road Warrior of country music, and very under-appreciated for his talent. He's lived the life, paid all imaginable dues, and writes with more heart than any singer out there. If you haven't listened to his wealth of music, you haven't heard country music."

"Billy Don Burns is the most honest person writing and singing today. His songs transform you into another world. Each song creates a special picture in your mind. His voice pulls you into an intimate place in your heart. Real is the word. This generation connects to BDB like no other artist out there right now. He would make a great touring partner for Martina McBride. She has the clear voice. He has the real voice. A great match!!!!"

"Billy Don Burns is the best songwriter/singer in country music of this decade. He writes, yes, but when he sings to you with that sexy voice, you fall into the story being told in the song. You feel every emotion he releases. He has LIVED each song. He doesnt make up something, he writes what he has lived. If you ever meet him and let him sing to you, you will understand. Listen to Lonesome 77203, Fall on my sword, running drugs out of mexico. Aaron Rogers and me, the most romantic is Loving Arms. Take a is worth it."

Billy Don Burns being talked about on Martina McBride's site

Sexy Women And Motorcycles Of Pinterest

Need another reason to start checking out Pinterest? Look at the photos below and dive into our photo collections.Whether it be photos of gorgeous women, motorcycles, the bands or a variety of projects, you can find it all over at Rusty Knuckles on Pinterest.

Gorgeous ass in leather and on a sporty

Long legs wrapped around an old Harley equals heaven

Playboy Playmate, open desert and custom chop. Which to explore first?
"Eyes up here, quit staring at the motor"
Rocker chick ready to roll on her Triumph
Vintage Indian Motorcycle, sexy model and one amazing pose
Long legs draped over a Sporty

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brent Loveday Of Reno Divorce Talks About The New Album

Tye Battistella - guitar - Reno Divorce
Nick Golding - Bass - Reno Divorce
Ruben Patino - Guitars, Lead Vocals - Reno Divorce
Brent Loveday - Guitars, Lead Vocals - Reno Divorce

Monday, October 22, 2012

Protest Equals Prison Camp, Pussy Riot Is Going Start A Chain Gang

Thinking about drawing a line in the sand for your beliefs? In the case of the ladies of the Russian punk act, Pussy Riot, those actions went against a government that is completely aligned with the powerful Orthodox church and ultimately Vladimir Putin. The repercussions will be felt within Russia for years to come, but hopefully this will not kill off the will to have a voice of reason and challenge the powers of authority. Politics and Religion are a swinging pendulum that always need to be kept in check in order to maintain balance.

This track goes out to the ladies of Pussy Riot.

Free Pussy Riot - photo from Associated Press via Yahoo
Link to article on Yahoo News

"MOSCOW (Reuters) - Two female members of Russian punk group Pussy Riot convicted of protesting against President Vladimir Putin in a cathedral have been sent to prisons far from Moscow despite requesting to serve out their terms in the capital, a lawyer said on Monday.

Maria Alyokhina, 24, and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, were convicted of "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" in August and sentenced to two years in jail, a punishment that many in the West said was too harsh.

Their stunt - bursting into Moscow's main Russian Orthodox Cathedral to urge the Virgin Mary to rid Russia of Putin - infuriated the church and many Russians. But Kremlin critics said their trial was part of a crackdown on dissent orchestrated by Putin, who began a six-year presidential term in May. The two women lost their appeals on October 10.

The women's lawyers said they had tried to argue that they should be allowed to remain in jail in Moscow, saying it would have permitted them to be closer to their small children. They had also cited health and safety concerns at far-flung penal colonies.

Pussy Riot is heading to a Russian prison camp - photo from Associated Press
"They have been sent away," one of their lawyers, Mark Feigin, told Reuters, saying he did not know where the women had been dispatched. By law, relatives must be informed once a convict arrives at a prison, but the trip can take days.

One women's prison is about 100 km (60 miles) from Moscow, but most are much further away. Former collaborators in a street-art group said on Twitter that Tolokonnikova had been sent to Mordovia, about 500 km (300 miles) east of Moscow, and Alyokhina to the Perm region, near the Ural Mountains about 1,100 km (700 miles) east of the capital. That was not confirmed. The duo had been held in a Moscow detention center since their arrests in March. Western governments and musicians like Madonna had said their sentences were disproportionate, but Putin voiced support for the sentences, saying the state must protect the feelings of the faithful. The dominant Russian Orthodox Church has cast their protest as part of a concerted attack against the church and Russian traditions.

A third convicted member of Pussy Riot, Yekaterina Samutsevich, was released on appeal when a court suspended her sentence after her lawyer argued that she had been pulled away from the cathedral's altar before the protest song began.

(Reporting by Nastassia Astrasheuskaya; Editing by Steve Gutterman and Andrew Osborn)

Liberty Motorcycles And Sticking To Your Guns

Vimeo is a great site for skimming through videos and groups, for simply watching TV. The small biography styled documentaries are fare more interesting than what cable tv provides, because they aren't littered with crappy commercials and focus in on the subject in a far superior way. 

Recently I found a cool video on Liberty Motorcycles out of Philadelphia that works on most any type of bike as long as it is vintage. One of the cool aspects of the video is when Adam Cramer, talks on learning the trade of mechanics becoming a lost art. I can attest to this and witness the same notion weekly, while talking to individuals that are pushing for a career path, which maybe it isn't quite for them. Learning the ins and outs of anything mechanical is something most everyone should learn to understand. Knowledge is lost, if it isn't consistently being challenged and put into use. 

Go fix something mechanical, just for the sense of accomplishment.

Link to original post on Vimeo

Handmade Portraits: Liberty Vintage Motorcycles from Etsy on Vimeo.

Engine repair? Liberty is there to help
Need the cumbustion chamber cleaned up?
Carburetor rebuilds are par for course
Top end of the engine tear down?
Reassembled and ready to roll