Friday, October 26, 2012

Reno Divorce - Lover's Leap - World Premiere Video

The day has finally arrived after a long recording, mixing and overall coming together about the damn amazing new album Lover's Leap, by Reno Divorce. This album is a tour de force rock n' roll beast, which is ready to be played over and over and over. Basically yall will be doing what we have since earlier this year, once we received the first demo's, that is playing the shit out of this record. 

Lover's Leap is the first full length video and single to be released from the album. We already have another video shot and currently being edited for release in January. The time is now, for the fellas in Reno Divorce to conquer stages world wide. Help support one of the hardest working bands in the underbelly of rock n' roll and get out to see them live.

The brand new full length video for the title track Lover's Leap will be airing on Friday October 26th 2012 so stay tuned. In the interim, the brand new album is up for pre-sale in a cd digipak format along with a new lyric tshirt we just created to go with the album.

Purchase your copy of Lover's Leap by Reno Divorce on cd digipak

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New tshirt artwork for the song Lover's Leap by Reno Divorce
Reno Divorce's brand new album, Lover's Leap is available for pre-sale, get your copy now
The brand new Lover's Leap lyric art being protected by Jeff Clayton in voodoo format
The fellas of Reno Divorce hanging with Jim Lindberg, legendary frontman of Pennywise