Tuesday, August 31, 2010

11 Foot 8" of Clearance = Great TV

If you decide to drive through downtown Durham, NC not only should you watch out for random bullets, but also low trestle bridges. I am over in Durham several times a week and I just found out about a bridge that enacts its vengeance on quite a few folks that haven't a clue as to how tall their vehicles are. Gotta do an on scene report about this amazingly low bridge.

Mechanical Hand From the late 1800's

Steampunks should be getting a hard on right now after images of this rare medical device surfaced recently. The artificial arm and hand is crafted from steel and brass and articulates in a variety of movements. Seeing this attention to detail is quite refreshing and makes me stoked to get working on my land speed racing Buell Street fighter. More on that project coming up soon, but check out the detail on this armature, especially the fingers.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Falcon Motorcycles - Promo Video

Ian Barry and his compadres over at Falcon Motorcycles truly build works of art. After seeing this short promo clip of one of their newest bikes it will definitely make you want to own one. Too bad Harley doesn't understand this anymore...

Falcon Motorcycles

Green Lady Killers - Phoenix's Finest

It's a good day in the Rusty Knuckles camp. There are quite a few bands that we are working with currently and a few others that we have been hinting at joining us in the near future. Well, the fellas better make room for the pistol toting ladies of the Green Lady Killers, as they are on board to melt faces. Here is the current bio on GLK as I think they are going to be on your favorites list rather quickly. Read their bio below...

"Conjuring visions of fast cars, black leather, sweat and sin, all-female rock trio The Green Lady Killers (GLK) unleash electric charged garage rock that embraces 1970s American pre-punk style and delivers a loud, fast and sexy ride. Evoking the maniacal elements of The Cramps, inventiveness of The Pixies and the bad girl attitude of The Runaways, GLK’s sound is one part sultry, one part menacing and all parts rock ‘n’ roll.

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, The Green Lady Killers consist of Lady Van Buren (vocals/guitar), Cherrybomb (drums) and Annie Venom (bass/vocals). The Green Lady Killers first began turning heads in summer 2005, when they were featured on the Van’s Warped Tour Shiragirl Stage, the first stage in Warped Tour history dedicated to women in rock. Their smash hit “Psycho Ellen” was selected for the Shiragirl Stage Crew Compilation (2005 Play-a-Grrrl Productionz), distributed nationwide.

Known for their versatile sound, booty shakin’ beats and striking image, the captivating threesome have recently shared the stage with Nekromantix (Hellcat Records), new wave pop rock pioneers, Missing Persons, legendary garage rocker, Sky Saxon of The Seeds (Global Universe), The Detroit Cobras (Bloodshot Records) and many others.

“A healthy dose of hard, fast American rock 'n' roll…reminiscent of the ’70s and ’80s punk bands like the Runaways, the Cramps and the Pixies…these are songs to thrash to until you sweat, to blast from car stereos at midnight, to turn up to stratospheric decibel levels.”
– Megan Reid, Flagstaff Live

"If you can imagine a world where Joan Jett and Lita Ford kept The Runaways alive through the 80s and 90s, then you will understand why I've been caught saying "...with rock as this good as GLK, the world doesn't need The Donnas" over the last year. Songs like "My 45", "Linger On", and "Dance Floor" are primed to be rock radio hits. Close your eyes and listen to the high energy cut "Time Bomb" and you'll wonder how long it will take for a music supervisor to license this for the next blockbuster movie or MTV-reality series soundtrack… Loaded with psychobilly riffs, punk rage, and pop-metal sensibilities, GLK take their songs to places most so-called "bad girl" bands wouldn't dare."
- Vil Vodka, anti-snob.com

“The lineup of Lady Van Buren, Annie Venom and Cherrybomb is the most dangerous, revved-up power trio of rock 'n' roll girls ever to grace the Arizona scene and perhaps the entire country.”
– Mitchell L. Hillman, Java Magazine

“A minor-key masterpiece like "Whips and Chains….[has] a memorable melody you could play on a theremin and still have the same number of chills up the spine.”
– Serene Dominic, Phoenix New Times

“This Phoenix trio play steamrolling garage-punk on their first full-length album, spiking the recipe with moderate helpings of girl-group vocals and roaring metal…more Joan Jett than The Donnas, the Green Lady Killers aren't afraid to show their soft side, either. "Linger On" features restrained pop melodies, but is no less exhilarating than the grimy garage rock of "Dance Floor" or the balls-to-the-wall AC/DC riffage of "Power" and "Ride."
- Gene Armstrong, Tucson Weekly

“The punchy, power-chord “Psycho Ellen” (which would make such bands as The Stooges and the New York Dolls proud) and the melodic, hook-heavy “Whips and Chains” should gain the band serious airplay...”
– Chris Hansen Orf, Get Out

Green Lady Killers on Myspace

Green Lady Killers on Facebook

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hellbound Glory - New Shirt Illustration

Here is a quick sneak peak at a new shirt design for Hellbound Glory. Catch those fellas on tour right now.

Hellbound Glory on Myspace

Hellbound Glory on Facebook

Flat Tires - Tremont Music Hall - Charlotte, NC

If yall are in the Charlotte area this weekend, get down to the Tremont and check out the Flat Tires show. PBR will definitely be flying through the air everywhere.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Swap Meet & Car Show

Was a great day on Saturday to just cruise around on the cafe bike and check out a local vintage motorcross and bike swap meet along with the car show happening downtown. Both events had quite a few patrons checking things out and there were definitely some gems at each show. Here are few photos of the rarities I found.

Check out more on Rusty Knuckles Flickr page

Joe Buck - Flat Tires, Split 7" Artwork

Been cranking on this artwork for a bit and still gotta tweak a few more pen lines to get it just right. The idea for the 7" was to create a mini poster that could be turned around 180 degrees just like a playing card, which folds around the 7". Adding in the hand written text today for all the album details and for the songs, but these will be available for pre-sale as soon as I finish up the artwork. Should be in stock and ready for sale in about two weeks. The album is limited edition and on blue vinyl, its gonna be killer.

Sample some Joe Buck and Flat Tires while your at it...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jay Berndt - Sad Bastard Songs

Folks, the day is getting closer when the newest album from Jay Berndt is about to land on the doorsteps of the masses. Its been several years in the making and we are about to send the artwork to press and its simply amazing. A huge shout out to Scott Bramble of Mercury Tattoo for the bitchin' cover painting and the layout and eloquent design by Michael J. Chevalier of mjcgraphics.com. I know that Jay is excited and relieved to have this album finally done and he should be. The music speaks for itself and be prepared to hear about Jay a lot more in the music press. This is an album that will be with you through all the highs, the lows and those moments in which you just want to have that wily ol' crooked grin and speed away on two wheels. Thanks Jay, you are truly what Rusty Knuckles is all about. Check out the cover and back cover of the digipak. Thats right, its a digipak folks. To hell with crappy ass jewel cases. Rusty Knuckles music refuses to put out crap and jewel cases are the epitome of crap!

Sample a few new tracks from Jay Berndt on Myspace

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thumbin' Sleazoid Cinema - Mike Ashcraft

I am proud to say that coming up we will be working with the ever so talented Mike Ashcraft outta Nashville, who operates a film house called Thumbin' Sleazoid Cinema. Along with shooting feature films, he also works in depth with photo shoots and music videos. Quite a few of the bands on the Rusty Knuckles Music roster are a perfect fit with his cinematic eye behind the camera and look for a video shoot this fall with Crank County Daredevils. Its going to be the absolute vision of what "Southern Sleaze" is all about. Have a look at a trailer for his latest film called Cyclone, a short film called Wolf Chick and imagery of southern vixens. Mike Ashcraft and Thumbin Sleazoid Cinema is a sexploitation and sleazoid guru in the making and we are stoked to be working with him!

Thumbin' Sleazoid Cinema

Wolf Chick from Mike Ashcraft on Vimeo.

"Cyclone" - Teaser Trailer from Mike Ashcraft on Vimeo.

Machete - By Robert Rodiguez

I am a big fan of of B movie cinema and directors such as Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. When it comes to over the top criminals and cops, Robert Rodriguez is truly setting the pace. The imagery and tone play right into what Mickey Spillane was best known for with his hard boiled crime drama novels, and famous detective Mike Hammer. Women were called Dames and most hoods on the streets were better known as Perps. These novels and films bode well due to how large the characters loom over everyday life. Forever plagued by injustice of a family gunned down and or the constant struggle that only street smarts will bring the Perps to justice. The heroes and villains are the perfect escape from a world in which, we are bound by lawsuits, pussy's who can't fire from the hip anymore and shit talkers. Nothing says bad ass more than a big knife and a revolver! Thank you Danny Trejo and Robert Rodriguez, this trailer made my day, now to go fire off some rounds...

Watch the trailer for Machete

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lowside Magazine Party - Photos By Q-Ball

Thanks to Q-Ball for these great shots up in Baltimore at the Lowside Magazine party. That was truly a great weekend and met some damn fine people from Charm City. Lookin' forward to next years show. Also, yall should take a look at more of Q-Ball's work. He has thirty plus years behind him while documenting the biker culture that we know and love. Here is to hopefully having thirty more. If you are interested in purchasing his book "Living The Life" included is a link to it.

Living The Life - Book. Click Here to Purchase

More of Q-ball's work on V Twin Biker dot com