Friday, August 13, 2010

Watain - Lawless Darkness - Blood Poster

What is pure conviction? To me it is the rationale in which you are willing to bleed and or die for your beliefs. If you aren't familiar with Black Metal, its an entire subgenre of metal that oozes with an inner fire of the unholy. Its these strong anti organized religious beliefs which have made it infamous and also quite compelling. In the second wave of Black Metal a band such as Watain have been able to climb their way to the top of the field of corpse painted hordes by pure conviction. Seeing their live show is equal parts metal masterpiece as it is an ethereal experience, due to the lengths they go to bring you into their world when playing live. The smells, the candles burning, the stage setup and the smoke all add to the feeling as if you are in some cave deep in Sweden and about to witness a ritual of unholiest kind. If you want pure undiluted unholy metal you have found your new favorite band.

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