Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Popcorn Sutton - Moonshine Legend

With the upcoming Ride For Lightning motorcycle run, we are taking a page out of history by blazing down a few infamous North Carolina mountain roads used in the hauling of moonshine. Long are the tails of racing and running shine, but a few names tend to bubble up, when it comes to the tasty swig of fresh mountain dew. Popcorn Sutton is one of those characters that legends are made of. He defied the revenuers for many years and supposedly offed himself instead of heading to prison for 10 years for making homemade liquor. I like to think that his renegade spirit is still with us as we are blanketed by culturally devoid zombie after zombie. Popcorn's story has been told in a documentary and its one not to miss.

Popcorn Sutton - The Last One - Documentary