Friday, August 20, 2010

Jay Berndt - Sad Bastard Songs

Folks, the day is getting closer when the newest album from Jay Berndt is about to land on the doorsteps of the masses. Its been several years in the making and we are about to send the artwork to press and its simply amazing. A huge shout out to Scott Bramble of Mercury Tattoo for the bitchin' cover painting and the layout and eloquent design by Michael J. Chevalier of I know that Jay is excited and relieved to have this album finally done and he should be. The music speaks for itself and be prepared to hear about Jay a lot more in the music press. This is an album that will be with you through all the highs, the lows and those moments in which you just want to have that wily ol' crooked grin and speed away on two wheels. Thanks Jay, you are truly what Rusty Knuckles is all about. Check out the cover and back cover of the digipak. Thats right, its a digipak folks. To hell with crappy ass jewel cases. Rusty Knuckles music refuses to put out crap and jewel cases are the epitome of crap!

Sample a few new tracks from Jay Berndt on Myspace