Friday, April 30, 2010

Big Mountain Run - May 19th - 23rd

Don't know what yal's plans are but I had a bitchin' time at last year's Big Mountain Run. Care to Join us? We are pushing out on early friday morning May 21st and shooting over to Tennessee to party down and rock out.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sick Of It All - New York Hardcore Legends

Been listening a bit online to the new Sick Of It All and it reminds me of how great of a band they are. Always consistent with their stance and outlook. Give'em a spin. A two spot of the past and present...

Custom Helmets

I don't know about yal, but I am yearning to go back in time and get some kind of fearsome helmet cookin. I dig the vintage helmets with the metal flake and I also dig full face on those shit ass weather days in which you are riding but the suck factor is huge. Enough with the pinstriping and crazy airbrush effects, lets up the ante and make helmets gnarly again. Take a moment, if you will and think what if you just happened to have a medieval style helmet. I think the cool factor would go up exponentially and if that thing had the right padding in it, holy shit, may as well start strapping a sword as well. Game on!

Steampunks At It Again

I just really dig the Steampunk vibe. Maybe the comic book lovin' part me of just wants to see the alternate reality of the Steampunk mindset come to fruition, who knows. What I do like about the work is the artisan quality and use of materials. All the pieces tend to have an aged and worn feel which has soul. In the biker world, we see chrome, some more chrome and then an inundation of polished chrome. Visually its boring to me and wears me out on what is perceived as cool. Next build of mine is gonna be the steampunk vibe through and through.

Found all these images online via "steampunk" searches...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Run 4 Your Life - Ohio

Workin' on a posse to blaze over to Ohio the first week of August for the run. Sturgis is just too far and too much time away this year. Potentially also going to stroll through Louisville as well. Hit me up whomever might be interested.

Run For Your Life - Blogspot dot com

Some Of The Great Folks On The Revenge Run

Life isn't about what you know, its about who ya know. The Revenge Run is a testament of that notion to the utmost. Cannot wait to hang with so many of the folks again soon. Simply in awe of the riding skill and camaraderie with the entire crew. Thanks for helping to make the run so damn cool.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Revenge Run - A Glimpse

More photos will be posted in the next few days as we cull through all the great imagery. Once again thanks to everyone who made the run truly an epic time!!!

All photos by Lance Dawes

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flat Tires - North Carolina Rabble Rousers

Stoked to be adding the Flat Tires to the Rusty Knuckles family. These are some hell raising mofo's and I am stoked that they wanted to work with us going forward for new releases and merch. Look for a split 7inch by June with Joe Buck along with a new full length this fall. Or even better, check'em out on saturday at our Revenge Run after party with Crank County Daredevils, Octane Saints and Dielectrics. Hopefully Clint the lead singer won't kick your ass then steal your woman, hahah!

Flat Tires - Myspace

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Floor Boards

I have been thinking about making a new set of floorboards for a while now and have just been a bit lazy about it. This past saturday I thought if not now then when will I do it, so I bought two pieces of steel from Lowe's and here is what I came up with. Floorboards feel great on long rides as my calf muscles don't cramp up and they give just enough foot support to really settle in. The steel cost me under 15 bucks and I had already made the previous mounts for my old floorboards so not too rough on the wallet either.

Action Girls - B Movie Mayhem

So I am guessing you have 5 minutes to spare at some point, well check this out. I commented on a photo on flickr then the person sends a link back to a site called Action Girls dot com. Its one of those sites full of kitsch Russ Meyers inspired vixens with a healthy dose of Tarantino to boot. The photos are over the top as they should be. These images should be inspirations for bikers everywhere.

Action Girls

Televangelist Inspired Metal?

Hmmm...What if the bodies were to really hit the floor? Could a metal hit have inspired a televangelist or was it vice versa? I just really want to know if swinging a jacket at people really knocks them out? Gotta get me a dose of that power surge!

The Reverend Benny Hinn doing his thing

Drowning Pool having it their way

Revenge Run - After Party Set Times

Everyone has been asking so here are the official set times for the show. If you miss out on this, I feel sorry for your grease soaked punker soul...