Friday, April 2, 2010

Land Speed Racing - Roger Goldammer

A few buddies of mine are huge into land speed racing with their shop out of Ramona, CA. Every year I find myself on a plane heading out to meet up with them to go to El Mirage, CA and run the dry lake bed. The racing bug is slowly creeping up with me and I am working on a build to race here locally at Maxton, NC and eventually over to Bonneville and El Mirage so I can race the holy trinity of speed.

Had an earlier post of Roger Goldammer's cafe build, now check out his land speed racing build that was on an episode of Biker Build off on Discovery Channel. What I dig the most on this bike was his decision to go with a 250cc liquid cooled 2 stroke super kart engine with tandem cylinders and 2 crankshafts geared together. Its such a departure from convention and to see him get it up to 128mph was damn impressive. The gods of Speed were shining on him for sure.

Check out more info here for all that is land speed racing:

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