Thursday, April 1, 2010

Roger Goldammer

This bike has been floating around blogs and mags for about two years now and I never tire of seeing its classic lines and supreme engineering. To be honest it was my catalyst for wanting to build cafe style bikes. I first heard of Roger Goldammer back in the days of Discovery's Biker Build Off series. What struck a chord with me was his easy going personality and passion to design and build things differently. He had the vibe of just wanting to do his own thing with the bikes he built such as the land speed racing two stroke 250cc dubbed Experimental. His divergent path from the standard American V-Twin and fat tire was refreshing and a sign of what bikes were meant to do, perform. Thank you thunder gods for ridding us of those awful fat tire contraptions that can barely do turns and all the owners that think in their Affliction apparel they are outlaw bikers. Thank you Thank you!!

Roger Goldammer - Hey Roger, please update your site