Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Seeing The Future

Life can be truly amazing, especially when you find folks with that rare vision of seeking out new ways to forever be laughed at. I have seen a lot of bad tattoos but this one takes it to a whole new level. Damn I love Google image searches...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Electric Bikes

No matter how you shake it, the electric bike invasion is coming. Does this mean an end to our beloved internal combustion engine? Does it mean we bikers will ride in silence and be forced to listen to "archaic" engine sounds via our iPods and have to remember a time when eruptions of spark, gas and air fueled our speed addictions, hopefully not? With new technologies comes new innovations and a change of mindset. Truly interested to see where they go with the electric bikes. Have seen a few prototypes and a racing version with a lot of fairing to hide all those copper conductors, but none the less I find it fascinating. The only constant in life is change, so a cumbustion free motorcycle world may exist in the future, but ya know what no matter the outcome I will still be heading into the wind.

Have a look at an up and coming electric bike manufacturer.

Brammo - Electric Motorcycles

How a 4 Stroke Engine Works

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Revenge Run - Ride in Bike Show

Alright folks, we checked over everything last night down at Billy Goats and everyone is going to be set for a damn good time. The hospitable folks of this fine establishment are on board and stoked to have us, huge thanks to Wes, Dave and Andie. Here is the official flyer to the after party. Pass it around, check out the bands and prepare to get your faces ripped off. We have some of the best music the south has to offer and all for the low price of 5 bones. Yeah, that's damn cheap, but thats how we roll. We pay it forward and are making this event about all of us involved. If ya can't do the run, come to the party and show yer bike off. Also in the parking lot, everyone is more than welcome to bring bikes, parts or whatever else to sell. Consider it one big swap meet with beer, bikes and broads, got your attention yet?

Check out the bands...

Crank County Daredevils

Flat Tires

Octane Saints

The Dielectrics

Cafe Racer Magazine

Lets just say I am quite stoked, word just came in that my Honda cb650 Cafe Racer is going to be featured in an upcoming issues of Cafe Racer Magazine. Big shout out and thank you to Marilyn Stemp over at Iron Works who made it all possible, its an honor!

Cafe Racer Magazine

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chop For Sale

Bay Area chop for sale, check in with with Chopper Dave over at Loud Fast Rules...

Chopper Dave - Blog

Bridgeport Milling Machine

Some folks dream of the fancy sports car or the amazing boat in which they can sail to ports unknown. Well guess what, I dream about building choppers and not just any type of chopper. I dream of bikes built by my own damn hands and with parts made by me on machinery through trial and tribulation. By creating the parts that become the skeleton and then assembling the structural pieces in unison with that thumping motor, for that is the true soul of a chopper. Its not about perfection, but about craftsmanship as each piece becomes a larger aspect of the whole. Thank you Bridgeport Milling Machines for making me lust the day you will be sitting in my shop. I am patiently awaiting either spare funds or a gift from the ether to allow me such a machine in which I can create parts to my hearts content. All images were found using the handy dandy google search, try it you might like it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jim Marshall - Photographer Extraordinaire

Sad news to hear about Jim Marshall, a San Francisco photographer of legend in the world of music and pop culture. At the club I used to work at, The Great American Music Hall, we had many photographers in and out of the club along with luminaries of all sorts. The club just brought out that vibe being that it was an old speak easy that had been around since 1906. I remember seeing Jim in passing not really knowing who he was but just another fixture of the local music scene. Thanks for leaving us with so many memorable images and one of the most iconic in all of music, travel safe. Jim Marshall Photography

Clutch - Pure Rock Fury

The great state of Maryland has been a major player in US History and lets slice it down even further, for the sake of musical dissection. Being that Maryland is equal parts North and South it has walked a fledgling line. Some know it as the Mason Dixon Line or the Old Line State, hell or even the Free State, but to me as a Maryland native it will always be this dichotomy that helped to define the greatness of Clutch. Whether you dig their roots in hardcore or where they have branched out now in their southern rock boogie, these fellas carry that gorgeous Maryland flag as a backdrop on most of their shows and wear those colors proud. Thanks Clutch for doing exactly what you do. Here is a double dose of the past and present to understand the battle for Maryland.



Skatopia - American Skate Fest 10

All I can say is damn, alright, twist my arm, ok ok, I can finally get to Skatopia, hahah. This year is gonna be a doozy of an event with bands such as Gwar, Fishbone, 7 Seconds, Youth Brigade, DOA, Agent Orange, CJ Ramone, Murphy's Law and my boys in the Flat Tires all playing this festival of organized anarchy. Its gonna be a buck wild mayhem of a good time, so how I can say no? June 25 and 26th are gonna be days to remember!


American Skate Fest

Dime City Cycles

Well for those not in the the know about these swampland Florida builders and wrenchers, they finally got their long anticipated store live. Its been a long road and judging from the amount of products they have available its been a labor of true love. Good luck to Jason and the fellas of Dime City, see you punks on the Revenge Run!!!

Dime City Cycles

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Walt Siegl - Custom Builder

Over the years Walt Siegl's name kept popping up in all the usual chop mags and his bikes were always a notch above everything else. What would catch my attention are the clean lines and overwhelming amount of details, putting his builds into the craftsmanship level rather than just a custom builder. Another facet of his work is the choice in builds and styles. Take a look through his work and you can feel the spirit of rider who enjoys true performance mixed with an eye for detail on the same level as a renaissance sculptor.

Walt Siegl - mainsite

Walt Siegl on Flickr

Friday, March 12, 2010

Steampunk Art of Ron Pippin

Recently I came across the mechanically interesting works by sculptor Ron Pippin. The pieces are a quirky sci fi hybrid mix of anatomy & physiology mixed with steampunk ideology. It throws you for a visual loop separating bio from mechanical, almost a less diabolical H.R. Giger, killer none the less. Normally I would place a link to someone's work but in this case, his site doesn't seem to exist...

Howe of Howe Technologies

Hopefully yal have had a chance to see the show Howe of Howe Tech on Discovery Channel. Its another program with mechanical creations and a regular dose of family drama thrown in to keep people entertained. Regardless of the brothers temper tantrums there is quality work being produced at their shop and seeing what they are creating with off road vehicles is damn amazing. It may feel like one huge commercial for the Army but damn would I love to take that mini Ripsaw out for a run.
Howe & Howe Technologies