Friday, March 26, 2010

Bridgeport Milling Machine

Some folks dream of the fancy sports car or the amazing boat in which they can sail to ports unknown. Well guess what, I dream about building choppers and not just any type of chopper. I dream of bikes built by my own damn hands and with parts made by me on machinery through trial and tribulation. By creating the parts that become the skeleton and then assembling the structural pieces in unison with that thumping motor, for that is the true soul of a chopper. Its not about perfection, but about craftsmanship as each piece becomes a larger aspect of the whole. Thank you Bridgeport Milling Machines for making me lust the day you will be sitting in my shop. I am patiently awaiting either spare funds or a gift from the ether to allow me such a machine in which I can create parts to my hearts content. All images were found using the handy dandy google search, try it you might like it.