Friday, April 29, 2011

Posters For Upcoming ANTiSEEN & Zeke Tour

Gonna be some great posters for this tour. If anyone has any extras or if we could buy some from the venues we would dig it.

ANTiSEEN Fan Dedication

Band tattoo's aren't anything new, but to see them done with such bravado, well that is what we like to see. Check out some recent photos posted on ANTiSEEN's Facebook page. 

Get updates from ANTiSEEN on Facebook

Radio Like You Want - Hosted by Blag Dahlia & Mike Routhier

It's amazing to witness what simple changes have come about since everything about the internet has become so easy. The power of music is now completely in the hands in the hands of those that want to make it and not being dictated to by huge corporate entities involving commercial radio, major labels and executives without a clue whats happening on the ground level. With the advent of podcasts and indie stations online anyone can have a voice and broadcast, but it takes another level of content to wrangle up all the listeners. Check out what Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves and Mike Routhier of Neat Neat Noise have cookin' over at Radio Like You Want. Tune in on Thursdays 7pm to 10 est to hear them live on

Link to Radio Like You Want

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Few Bikes At Viva Las Vegas

Was really hoping to see a better showing of bikes out at Viva Las Vegas but not the case. Known primarily as a hot rod style event, there was every make and model of car and truck imaginable and damn were there some nice rides. Knowing that is a once a year deal I hope to see more bikes out at the show as we are planning on having a music showcase during the event highlighting our west coast bands. More details on that later in the year but definitely look for Green Lady Killers, Reno Divorce and a few other bands to be on the bill.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hellbound Glory Invades The Bay Area

If you are in the Bay Area get out to see Hellbound Glory this weekend...

Ace Of Spades - Acoustic Version By Lemmy

I don't care how many folks cover this song, to hear it done by the man himself is always amazing. This version has such a haunting quality and sparseness that I can really see this being in a movie soundtrack at some point. Damn this is great, how about a double shot of this Motorhead classic.

The original version set to the chase scene in Steve McQueen's famous film, Bullitt. 

Chico's Train - 1949 Lincoln, Amazing Country Song and Drummer

Chico is one amazing drummer and having a killer country song written about your personal ride is quite the way to honor your other lady. If you haven't heard this smokin' track, well here is the man, the car and the song...

The Door Panels of Viva Las Vegas

If you didn't make out to Las Vegas for this past weekend's monstrous car show, well damn, gotta say there were some amazing rides there. As you can expect, there were a lot of traditional hot rods, the omnipresent rat rod and most of all there were some seriously beautiful rides that showed up. One aspect that caught my attention were the amount of door panels with shop names on them. Check out a few of them and the rest of the ones we photo'd can be seen over on our flickr page.

Rusty Knuckles on Flickr - Viva Las Vegas Door panels

Friday, April 22, 2011

Miss Dime City Cycles

If you are not attending the killer show being put on by Dime City Cycles in Tampa, FL on May 14th, you might want to check your brain.

Link to article over on Dime City Cycles blog

Alright our devout ton-up chasers and grizzly bearded v-twin wielding brethren, listen up! We’ve got some awesome news! (Ladies as well…we gotta make guys think it’s important for them to get their attention too!)

It’s no secret that the 1st Annual Miss Dime City, USA Pin Up Pageant is shaping up to be quite the to-do affair here in the Tampa Bay area. $1000 cash is being provided by St. Pete Powersports to the winners along with a spread by Retro Lovely Magazine for the crowned queen of The City. So far we’ve filled 12 of the 16 available slots with some of the most classically beautiful women you will have ever laid your eyes on. One of which, is actually flying down all the way from Oregon to participate in the pageant! That said…like everything at Dime City, we’re going over the top with this one and would like to introduce all of you to Pin Up America, a local Tampa Bay syndicate dedicated to making Ybor City the Pin Up capital of the world!
We recently had the chance to sit in on a live weekly airing of The Pinup America Show hosted by the lovely Miss Judy Pop aka: Kitten and her vivaciously vixenish co-host, Contessa, where they cover anything from local hot-rod and motorcycle shows to Tampa Bay pin up happenings. Chock full of humor and full to brim with the weekly donated bottle of Sailor Jerry Rum, they delivery a punchy performance that you simply have to watch. They’re just too much fun and it’s easy, just visit the website link above weekly on Wednesdays at 8PM EST and you can watch them live right from you computer, iPad or iPhone. How cool is that?

So what’s the big news at it pertains to Miss Dime City, USA?
Well, we’re fortunate enough to have Judy and Contessa on site at the Dime City Cycles for the Grand Opening with a booth full of gorgeous ladies and Pin Up SWAG for your review. In addition, they will be hosting the Miss Dime City, USA Pin Up Pageant helping us crown the first official Miss Dime City, USA! How fantastic is that? With their help this event is sure to go off without a hitch and go down in Pin Up infamy as one of the best events to be had.
And ladies, you can be rest assured that there’s some great stuff to be announced that will be provided in partnership with Pin Up America as it pertains to Dime City’s new Queen and the face of Cafe Racer! Stay tuned for more details and in the mean time, get plugged into Pin Up America on Facebook by here.
But wait, there’s more…

In the spirit of promoting Pin Up goodness we’d also like to announce the involvement of On The Trashy Side, you’re local one-stop shop for anything and everything as it pertains to womens Pin Up style clothing and accessories in the Miss Dime City, USA Pin Up Pageant.

Hand making every item for that authentic retro look and feel, Shannon and the team at On The Trashy Side have everything you need whether it be pencil skirts, blouses or tops they’ve got you covered with just the right amount crass and class. And to sweeten the Miss Dime City, USA kiddy they’ve been kind enough to offer up $100, $75 and $50 gift bags to the winners of the pageant. How great is that? Be sure to stop by and checkout their booth at the Dime City Cycles Grand Opening to see all their gorgeous hand-made creations in person. There truly is nothing else like them around!
Here’s some great examples of the type of styles we’re looking for Miss Dime City, USA to represent. All presented by On The Trashy Side and available in their 2011 collection. Remember, the rules are very strict! This is a high-class event and anyone showing up in lingerie will be turned away! We’re not kidding! And remember, there will be three classes, Evening Attire (skirts, blouses, pencil skirts), Themed Pin Up (Rosie the riveter, hot-rod girl, etc) and The Girl Next Door.

Flat Tires and Murder Junkies - Charlotte Invasion

If you are anywhere near the legendary Milestone club in Charlotte, NC get out to this show. Not only is it one of the longest running punk clubs in the good ol' USA but its going to be one hell of a rowdy good time.

Green Lady Killers Feature - Rank and Revue

Amazing review and write up on the Green Lady Killers. Link to article on Rank and Revue.

Meet The GREEN LADY KILLERS... Tretchikoff and Loaded Guns
by Tammy Moore

Ask any man and he'll tell you that there's not many things as attractive as a confident woman. So when not one but three beauties that have it in spades took the stage at Dirty Dog for the fourth slot on the Rusty Knuckles showcase the Saturday of SXSW '11, testosterone levels started skyrocketing and the enchantment that the GREEN LADY KILLERS invoke was in full effect. The ladies brought their cool blend of attitude-fueled rock and electric sexuality for a show that teased of potentially grand things to come. There weren't many men in the house that weren't paying attention. Not many women for that matter either. This is a good time to tip the proverbial hat to Ralph Miller, founder and superhero behind Rusty Knuckles, a label poised to bring some much needed new flair to music with it's roster of what can only be characterized as both ultra extreme successors and innovative predecessors of all things Southern and sleazy. Miller wisely scooped up GLK in 2010 and, while still finding themselves, this chick band can absolutely hold their own with the rowdy gang of fringe flying artists that are defining his new label. Drummer Cherrybomb, who rocks a look that could serve as national poster child for the femme fetale set, gave me the skinny on the self-professed strictly good time rock n roll band.

Voted Best Power Trio of the Year in November 2010 at the LA Music Awards, GREEN LADY KILLERS came together when childhood friends and neighbors, Lady Van Buren and Cherrybomb, both took an interest in music. Their relationship predates early childhood when a mysterious green lady spent nights hiding inside Cherrybomb's closet and terrorizing the poor child. Think Tretchikoff's 'Miss Wong.' The two little girls survived those years together and unbreakable bonds were formed. When the rock bug bit, Van Buren, a broad range vocalist and guitarist, also turned out to have a knack for songwriting and serves as the primary writer to date though it is a collaborative process. Meanwhile, Cherry blossomed into a steady beatkeeper with a propensity for the screams rock n roll, at times, calls for. The chemistry that springs from the bff dynamic has served the band well and made the craft of creating songs a treasured experience for these women that place huge value on their relationship. With the addition of bassist and honey throated back up vocalist Annie Venom, the power of three was officially unleashed in 2005 when GLK was tapped for the Van's Warped Tour Shiragirl Stage, the tour's first stage dedicated to women in rock. GLK's single, "Psycho Ellen" was released on the "Shiragirl Stage Crew Compilation" with world wide distribution.

In the years since the band has steadily toured the West Coast venturing as far as the Midwest hitting all states north and south in between. Heavily influenced by The Cramps, Eagles of Death Metal and even Jack White, the amplitude of their material has allowed them the opportunity to share the stage with artists as diverse as Dexter Romweber and new wave pioneers Missing Persons to psychobilly kings, The Nekromantix. This year, along with several Rusty Knuckles label mates, plans are in the works for a European tour and possibly Japan.

In addition to joining forces with Miller last year and taking home the power trio award, GLK has released a 12 song full length CD, 'Just Fine', and, with the help of Thumbin' Sleazoid Cinema's Mike Ashcraft, were able to create a video for the record's opening track, "My 45". As far as the band is concerned, it's a remarkably definitive piece of film and the decidedly cool Cherrybomb couldn't mask her enthusiasm, when recounting the experience. "Mike is an uber talented director and filmmaker and he helped us to get across to our fans, visually, who we are as a band and as artists. The song itself is based on a true story and the video is truly a representation of what our band is about. We couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out and we have had a phenomenal response from our fans."

Finally, it turns out that that in addition to all other good things in motion, the band has even come to terms with Miss Wong. Her portrait hangs in a place of honor in the home of Van Buren. Her creepy presence in their life and the need to face her down might have been a catalyst for shaping these young women into street tough sirens . The picture gracing the back cover of GREEN LADY KILLERS' 'Just Fine' shows Cherrybomb, Lady Van Buren and Annie Venom with guns pointed and tattoos and leather gleaming. They look incredibly comfortable in character as ass kicking alphas. And why wouldn't they? They're young, loaded with talent, growing everyday as artists with, from the looks of things, nowhere to go but up.

Hellbound Glory Featured on Rank And Revue

If this write up isn't smokin' we don't know what is...

Hellbound Glory - Conjuring Spirits and Suicide
by Tammy Moore

By the time Saturday rolls around during SXSW, people are starting to run on fumes. They've had three days of 24/7 partying, crowd fighting and ear piercing amps blasting in their heads. They're starting to drag and, though no one says it outloud, they can't wait for Sunday to roll into the stratosphere and bring an end to the addictive chaos that is the world's second largest music conference. Such was the case when the Dirty Dog opened it's doors at noon that Saturday to two fist fulls of diehards for the first annual Rusty Knuckles showcase. After stumbing across the new label last year, home to the Crank County Daredevils and Antiseen, I knew some great things were going to come out of it. It boasts a crazy diverse roster of music with three common denominators - dirty, Southern, sleazy. Right up my alley, I decided to plant myself there for the duration and, in the process, stepped into the presence of, well...greatness. 

Every performance was outstanding in it's own right. Dirty Dog's management said they were told numerous times by those in attendance that it was the best showcase they had seen all week. But I couldn't help but feel for the artists as the Saturday curse was in full effect. The crowds were steady enough throughout the day though none of these great acts (Rory Kelly, She Rides, Vagabond Swing, Green Lady Killers and Reno Divorce) got to shine in front of the crowds they deserved. But around 4:30 that afternoon something I'm gonna call 'supernatural' happened. That's when a scumbag country band called Hellbound Glory from Nevada confidently strolled onto the stage and started conjuring, what can only be explained as, the spirits of outlaws past. 

I'm going to go ahead and make a prediction. Barring the world ending 2012 style next year Hellbound Glory's frontman and primary songwriter, Leroy Virgil, and his crew of rebels are going to build a cult following the likes of which will earn them a bona fide spot in country music history. It will have to go down that way as there is clearly zero reverence for the Nashville machine in this lot. There's plenty of up and comers that lay claim to the 'outlaw' moniker but Hellbound Glory actually redefines the face of real outlaw country. They put their own signature darker stamp on it and don't seem to give a flyin' f*#% who's offended by that, or any other, ugly truth.

Now they don't look like tragic figures. At first glance, they're modern enough, with shirttails flyin', flashing almost impish bad boy grins. But then the music starts and everything about them reeks of another era. The spell of the songs is cast and the entire band embodies the essence of another world. Black and white photos of days gone by, greasy ducktails and the hot curves of sexy 50's Chevys racing down unpaved roads are unseen but present in the sonic whirl emitting from the stage. It's a sound that seems long ago lost in the world of country music today. And the strange thing is that they're not necessarily talking about that period in time. But the feel of it is there and I suspect it's because kindred spirits found their own voices then and, frankly, it wouldn't have surprised me to look over and see Waylon, Hank or Johnny themselves standing stageside with thumbs up. 

They have the ability to spin it like that because they've lived the lives they're recounting in song. I know that not because I interviewed them but because that's the reality that came through in the performance and in the stories that wordsmith Virgil shares in the midst of a show that feels like a sacred vigil before the dawn of some much needed redemption. In his bio, he claims the lyrics are about him and his friends. If that's true then what could be said about Virgil and company are things like this: one more bender might entice the reaper to come knocking but that won't stop them from ordering another round with a best case scenario being wakin' up facedown in the gutter. They might like to reverse some of the damage they've done but they're too busy taking pills to numb the pain than to face it head on. A safe bet is that Oxycontin is the drug of choice but, lucky for us, they're too broke to overdose. A fifth of vodka and Hank Williams crankin' full blast is the only true salve for a ravaged heart. A face to face with heroin proved that she's 'a lady with legs that reach up to the sky and an ass like molasses, so sweet a man might follow her to his grave'. They believe in the power of hate shags and keeping company with lost souls is a defining factor of life. The new lows aspect of Hellbound Glory's 2010 release, "Old Highs & New Lows" couldn't be more apropos and you can't help but admire the ballsiness of laying it out the way they do. Can you say no fear? 

Virgil does more than paint a picture with his stanzas. He takes you into the experience. Halfway into the set I found myself standing in front of the stage with a steel guitar hissing haunting melodies and noticed that the room was filling. People were coming in off the street and a newly enthralled audience was hanging on these songs. The thing is that this music speaks to the soul of the practiced escape artists' self-made hell of alcohol and drug induced hazes...teetering on the edge with everything to lose, but unable to stop the free fall into the abyss again and again. As dark truths go, it's one of the saddest that Virgil could be the voice of a all fairness, the seedy underbelly of said generation but, let's face it, there's a whole lot of people these days that have arrived at the destinations he's giving directions to. These songs aren't feel good testamonials but people connect because the subject matter is nailed. The audience was listening and the cheers were getting louder with the end of each new song. Even a normally surly house bartender who was reeling from the onslaught of new bands he'd been forced to endure 16 hours daily for the three days prior was shaking his head in disbelief, raising shots of black tooth grins, to toast the indisputable talent eminating from the Dirty Dog stage. 

And, yeah, you can cite the obvious influences but what blows your mind is the undeniable force behind the delivery of these songs, live, or on the record. You can't help but be slightly baffled at how musicians this young can understand and translate this style of country and this kind of pain if they haven't lived it. Remember the Man in Black pretended to understand the prison plight and won a lot of fans that way but these cats... I'll put it like this. The room is filling up, the crowd is having a blast...some are two-steppin' and some are fist-pumpin'. And me? I'm actually holding back tears as the purr of that steel guitar sets the tone for Virgil's latest ballad. That wouldn't be that monumental except that I've only been moved to tears three times in the literally countless times I've been to concerts. Two of those times were in the presence of Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles. Pretty heady company for these brand new artists to land in the midst of my mind's musical landscape. 

So after the show, in an attempt to convey how much I enjoyed it, and because I want to help these guys get the exposure they deserve, I offered to throw myself in front of my friend Kevin Fowler's tour bus if that's what it took to get his attention and maybe take Hellbound Glory out for a few Texas dates. I'm still considering it and, if it comes to that, we'll see if it works or if Kevin just thinks I've finally lost what's left of my mind and tells the driver to keep going and never mind that bump in the road. Keep your fingers crossed for me. But the real point is this - I can't tell you for sure if the experiences these songs convey actually happened to the Hellbound boys or just someone close to them and they've been extremely affected. Finding that out is an interview I'm going to enjoy one day. For now, know this...that the music itself informed everything I've said. That's how powerful it is. That's how magical that showcase was.

Zeke and Antiseen Team Up For Split Tour and Single

This is directly from

Zeke and ANTiSEEN are teaming up for nine shows in ten days on the Black and Blue Spring Tour. Celebrating a collective 45 years of punk rock mayhem between them (27 years for ANTiSEEN and 18 for Zeke), these two legendary bands are set to tour together for the first time this coming May. To commemorate the occasion, each band has recorded new songs for a special tour-only split single to be released on Digital Warfare Records.

Zeke has also begun working on tracks for their first new album in three years, to be recorded later this year and then released on Relapse Records.

ANTiSEEN released a new 7" EP, Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match (on Green Mist Records), in January and have three more EPs scheduled for this year. The next, "WORLDWiDe LiVE" (recorded in Eindhoven, Netherlands and Pittsfield, Mass), is being readied for early summer release with the third and fourth to follow in the fall and winter.

Joining these two titans will be Joe Buck Yourself (former guitarist for Th' Legendary Shack Shakers and villainous upright bassist for Hank III) and up-and-coming Michigan hellraisers the Goddamn Gallows.

Zeke / ANTiSEEN Tour Dates

* Thurs., 5/19 - Memphis, TN - The Hi-Tone
* Fri., 5/20 - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jack's
* Sat., 5/21 - Austin, TX - Red Seven
* Sun., 5/22 - Tulsa, OK - The Crystal Pistol
* Tues., 5/24 - Grand Junction, CO - Rocky Mountain Pub
* Wed., 5/25 - Denver, CO - Three Kings Pub
* Thurs., 5/26 - Kansas City, Missouri - Davey's Uptown Rambler's Club
* Fri., 5/27 - Chicago, IL - Brauer House
* Sat., 5/28 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom

Book of Job - Jay Berndt, Broadside Basement Sessions

Our pal Jay Berndt is back at it again. Here is brand new footage of the song "Book Of Job" recorded at the soon to be legendary Moto Destructo Studios.

Rumble In Raleigh Is Coming...

More details on everything soon, but here is a poster that just came in from Creature and The Skateboard Mag. Please disregard the spelling of "Raleigh" we are working the poster designer to get that fixed pronto...

Start following the updates about the Rumbles in Raleigh and Barona on The Rumble Fest

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dime City Cycles Grand Opening Show Sponsor

If ya have the time and want to share some beers with us and several hundred of our soon to be new friends, get down to Tampa, FL on May 14th for the Dime City Cycles grand opening party. Not only will we be hanging out but also giving away one of the prizes. Read more about it below...

Best Down & Dirty Cafe Racer - Sponsored by: Rusty Knuckles, Ralph Miller to Judge and Present
“Header wrap, rattle can paint and rat-rod styling hues are some of the keys for this category.  Guys who’re building bikes on a super tight budget with a “use what ya got mentality” are the  ones who’ll bring it home in the Down & Dirty Class. Styling hues from classic hot rod design and home fab are a major plus along with creativity and use of non-motorcycle parts to pull the theme together.  Think PBR catch cans, piston rod foot pegs and vintage pin-striping.

*Winnings- Biltwell Mega-flake helmet, Rusty Knuckles SWAG bag, $50 J&P Cycles gift certificate"

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flat Tires Getting New Ink

Review of Flat Tires & Joe Buck 7" on Saving Country Music

Thank you to Triggerman for a great review over on Saving Country Music.

"I’m not one to chase every single limited-release 45 rpm put out by my favorite bands–that can get expensive quickly–but since we are nearing Record Store Day where the 7″ limited-release reigns supreme, and this little gem was thrown in my lap, I thought I would tell you about it’s virtues, and by proxy, the virtues of the single-sized vinyl format for those still perplexed why technology has regressed to move forward.


From Rusty Knuckles, this limited-edition 300-run 45 is a split with madman Joe Buck Yourself, and the Flat Tires. As aesthetics and artwork are just as important as the music for these collector-oriented releases, this one is delivered in clear blue vinyl, with a sleeve that has a parchment-like look with gold flecks you can see if you hold it in the light just right. The sleeve folds out to make a very cool original artistic rendition of Joe Buck and the Flat Tire front man meeting at the torso without interruption.

Anybody who has seen Joe Buck Yourself live can attest his show is like no other. This 7″ includes a staple of his live performance called “Planet Seeth”, which may on the surface sound like an immature punk/metal song targeted to the kids of divorce, while when you take it in, especially live, it can grant the most infinite wisdom.

“I fucking hate that I hate.” 

That line is angry, self-deprecating, wise, relieving, and enlightening all at the same time. It is nothing short of genius. And live, when Joe Buck calls for “hate” from the crowd, scowling, pleading with his outstretched arm, with the red light gleaming in his eyes, it is an experience like no other. Of course trying to re-create this energy and interchange with crowd and performer in your domestic abode is virtually impossible, but it is highly more probably when the track your listening to is live like this one, and delivered with the piercing pureness and warmth of needle on vinyl.

On the flip side is the Flat Tires. Straight from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia, their punk-infused, raucous rockabilly juke joint madness comes at you like a kick in the teeth. I’ve never seen them live, but hearing this makes me bust my seams wanting to. The first minute on this live version of “Drink It Dry” is spent rearing back, like a taught slingshot string that when they finally let it fly, exudes more energy then a classroom full of ADD kids. It’s a rocking, wild number that gets your heart thumping and your head banging.

Two guns up!"

She Rides US Tour Epilogue

If you are in a band, most likely the first thing you want to do is to play a show. Second notion that comes to mind is hitting the road and spreading your gospel to the masses. Well, She Rides did that in spades and covered the good ol USA in their "luxurious" conversion van and trailer. After a successful round of shows during SXSW and burning their memory into the minds of everyone at their stops, the fellas are safely back home in the north east and plotting their next invasion. Stay tuned for new album updates, bigger shows and more party antics from these mad men. Lock up your daughters, hide your booze and prepare to Buy the ticket and take the ride.

She Rides - Buy The Ticket by RustyKnuckles

Go Buy Records Today - National Record Store Day

Record stores are dying off like the dinosaurs and we need to keep them alive. Instead of just shopping for new tunes online or the main big box stores help to support those inside stores which have launched thousands of unheard bands. Indies stores have a vested interest in breaking new bands and promoting great music as the sales are directly tied to their survival. Find a store near you and go make some new friends. While you are in there, ask if they carry any Rusty Knuckles bands. If they don't, sell them on how great our great our bands are and we will cut you a percentage of the sales. Yep, it pays to be active in our community of motors, music and moonshine.

Record Store Day - Get Active and Learn More

About Record Store Day

The original idea for Record Store Day was conceived by Chris Brown, and was founded in 2007 by Eric Levin, Michael Kurtz, Carrie Colliton, Amy Dorfman, Don Van Cleave and Brian Poehner as a celebration of the unique culture surrounding over 700 independently owned record stores in the USA, and hundreds of similar stores internationally.

This is the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day and hundreds of artists in the United States and in various countries across the globe make special appearances and performances. Festivities include performances, cook-outs, body painting, meet & greets with artists, parades, djs spinning records and on and on. Metallica officially kicked off Record Store Day at Rasputin Music in San Francisco on April 19, 2008 and Record Store Day is now celebrated the third Saturday every April.

Record Store Day is currently managed by Eric Levin, Michael Kurtz, Melanie Nipper, and Carrie Colliton. Folks wanting to contact Record Store Day are encouraged to email us at

Gotta love the Integrity poster in the back shot of this scene

Integrity - Micha (Those Who Fear Tomorrow) - The band that put fear into the Hardcore scene and created more controversy than they ever get credit for. Metalcore nerds, you need to worship this band as this is where the sound came from. For those that can't appreciate indie record stores, we unleash the Kr├Ącken known as Dwid upon you.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Road To Recovery - Part 1

In 2009 the Task Force Dagger Foundation was founded to help US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) soldiers and their families, when valid needs are identified. Next week we will begin a new endeavor, in which we are a proud sponsor of the Road To Recovery along with an ongoing partnership with Task Force Dagger. Helping to give back and create awareness for those that volunteered to serve their country in combat is something we are honored to be a part of.

Throughout next week we will posting the journey of the Road To Recovery and showing the route, the folks involved, scenic America and most of all diggin' into what is Task Force Dagger. Join us for the kick off party in Fayetteville at the Black Cat with with Octane Saints, Rory Kelly & Triple Threat and Flat Tires.

our chariot to Vegas