Monday, April 11, 2011

Flat Tires Fan Dedication

Fan dedication comes in many forms. It could be going out to shows, buying cds, buying a tshirt to support a band or just getting back to basics. Yep, you got it, sending over "naked" photos of yourself proclaiming who is your favorite band is also a dedicated and age old way to get folks to listen. Clint and the fellas in Flat Tires are enlisting legions of new members into their army, so ladies the sign up sheet will be at their merch table nightly. Get out to their shows and especially the one this weekend in Fayetteville to witness one hell of a party about to take shape for the Road To Recovery. Rory Kelly & Triple Threat, Octane Saints and Flat Tires will be playing the Black Cat as the launch party for two weeks on the road.

Rollin' to Vegas in Jefe's ride...