Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jay Berndt Is Cultivating True Fans

There are many times when you read a music review and can tell that a person is just going through the motions of doing the review but not really listening to the music. Well thanks to Jamie Lambert, Sad Bastard Songs, just got one hell of a paragraph write up on Facebook:

"Dipping my toe into the water that is now Jay Berndt, I am eased into the CD like bringing a hot cup of perfectly brewed coffee to my lips. Even the "intro" first track reels me right in. As I bring the smooth "drink" of the first few tracks to my lips, it warms me down to the pit of my stomach. I feel the caffeine kick in shortly after with some nice foot stompin' tracks, and then you bring me back around into that cocoon with "Running Blues", transitioning into the only thing I can describe as a "slave/freedom" tune for the final finish. Growing up in the Providence music scene, I am mostly a listener of hardcore/metal music, but I very much appreciate the smooth side of things, and can liken this CD to the legendary Johnny Cash. Bravo Jay, I need another cup of coffee.................."

Jay Berndt - Requiem For A Heavyweight by RustyKnuckles