Friday, April 22, 2011

Miss Dime City Cycles

If you are not attending the killer show being put on by Dime City Cycles in Tampa, FL on May 14th, you might want to check your brain.

Link to article over on Dime City Cycles blog

Alright our devout ton-up chasers and grizzly bearded v-twin wielding brethren, listen up! We’ve got some awesome news! (Ladies as well…we gotta make guys think it’s important for them to get their attention too!)

It’s no secret that the 1st Annual Miss Dime City, USA Pin Up Pageant is shaping up to be quite the to-do affair here in the Tampa Bay area. $1000 cash is being provided by St. Pete Powersports to the winners along with a spread by Retro Lovely Magazine for the crowned queen of The City. So far we’ve filled 12 of the 16 available slots with some of the most classically beautiful women you will have ever laid your eyes on. One of which, is actually flying down all the way from Oregon to participate in the pageant! That said…like everything at Dime City, we’re going over the top with this one and would like to introduce all of you to Pin Up America, a local Tampa Bay syndicate dedicated to making Ybor City the Pin Up capital of the world!
We recently had the chance to sit in on a live weekly airing of The Pinup America Show hosted by the lovely Miss Judy Pop aka: Kitten and her vivaciously vixenish co-host, Contessa, where they cover anything from local hot-rod and motorcycle shows to Tampa Bay pin up happenings. Chock full of humor and full to brim with the weekly donated bottle of Sailor Jerry Rum, they delivery a punchy performance that you simply have to watch. They’re just too much fun and it’s easy, just visit the website link above weekly on Wednesdays at 8PM EST and you can watch them live right from you computer, iPad or iPhone. How cool is that?

So what’s the big news at it pertains to Miss Dime City, USA?
Well, we’re fortunate enough to have Judy and Contessa on site at the Dime City Cycles for the Grand Opening with a booth full of gorgeous ladies and Pin Up SWAG for your review. In addition, they will be hosting the Miss Dime City, USA Pin Up Pageant helping us crown the first official Miss Dime City, USA! How fantastic is that? With their help this event is sure to go off without a hitch and go down in Pin Up infamy as one of the best events to be had.
And ladies, you can be rest assured that there’s some great stuff to be announced that will be provided in partnership with Pin Up America as it pertains to Dime City’s new Queen and the face of Cafe Racer! Stay tuned for more details and in the mean time, get plugged into Pin Up America on Facebook by here.
But wait, there’s more…

In the spirit of promoting Pin Up goodness we’d also like to announce the involvement of On The Trashy Side, you’re local one-stop shop for anything and everything as it pertains to womens Pin Up style clothing and accessories in the Miss Dime City, USA Pin Up Pageant.

Hand making every item for that authentic retro look and feel, Shannon and the team at On The Trashy Side have everything you need whether it be pencil skirts, blouses or tops they’ve got you covered with just the right amount crass and class. And to sweeten the Miss Dime City, USA kiddy they’ve been kind enough to offer up $100, $75 and $50 gift bags to the winners of the pageant. How great is that? Be sure to stop by and checkout their booth at the Dime City Cycles Grand Opening to see all their gorgeous hand-made creations in person. There truly is nothing else like them around!
Here’s some great examples of the type of styles we’re looking for Miss Dime City, USA to represent. All presented by On The Trashy Side and available in their 2011 collection. Remember, the rules are very strict! This is a high-class event and anyone showing up in lingerie will be turned away! We’re not kidding! And remember, there will be three classes, Evening Attire (skirts, blouses, pencil skirts), Themed Pin Up (Rosie the riveter, hot-rod girl, etc) and The Girl Next Door.