Friday, December 25, 2015

Whiskeydick Creates New Video Series About Learning To Play Their Tunes

This video is about WhiskeyDick's new youtube series called Whiskeydick Pickin' staring Fritz and Reverend Johnson showing anybody that would like to learn WhiskeyDick songs. Comin' January 2016.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Billy Don Burns Performs Live On WHAS 11 In Lousiville, Kentucky

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Slayer's Jeff Hanneman Lives On Through His Guitar Collection

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Recently, GUITAR WORLD Magazine released an exclusive, compelling, and unique feature regarding the reactivation of numerous famous guitars and amps owned by SLAYER’s late guitar-god, JEFF HANNEMAN--now acquired by BROKEN HOPE guitarist and HANNEMAN loyalist, JEREMY WAGNER.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Get Out To See The Final Shows At The Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, North Carolina

Catl European Tour Invasion Part 5

Catl European Tour Invasion Part 5

After getting picked up at the train station by our host Mark, we met him at the Deep Blues festival in Clarksdale, MS this past October. Mark and his beautiful girlfriend Andrea let us stay at their country home, and the hospitality was over the top.

Rosenheim is a smallish city and the Asta club where we played was one of the only games in town. The soundcheck was easy and I finally got an amp that was easy to drive - a fender Hot Rod Deluxe. The skin on Sarah's floor tom is getting stretched out and is starting to sound like she's hitting a piece of bologna. Sadly the only music store in Rosenheim didn't carry the right size so bologna it is!

Max Schaaf - This Time - As Featured on Vimeo

Catl European Tour Invasion Continues In Part 4

Catl European Tour Invasion Continues In Part 4

We had 9 minutes to transfer to our connecting train to make the show on time and we made it! With all of our shit that we're carrying it was no small feat. We then proceeded to get drunk on the train once the hard work was over. Sarah ate a curry that wasn't bad. We arrived in Vienna and met up with our host Stefan. Super nice guy, who just happened to be the manager of the club we're playing at. We walked to the club in the rain and I ate a falafel from a Turkish food stand that was pretty tasty.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Chewbacca Plays Bass and Rusty Knuckles Customs Made His Guitar Strap

Chewbacca Plays Bass and Rusty Knuckles Customs Made His Guitar Strap

Star Wars‬ fun fact, Chewbacca used to play in a band at the Cantina on Bass. When things didn't jive with Chewie's style of finger slappin', the lead singer's Imperial ways got the best of him. A fit was thrown and Chewbacca being the Rebel he is, knocked him out cold and left on a starship with another infamous smuggler. We are proud to have made his bass strap and to support Rebels all across the galaxy.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Have You Checked Out The Lineup For The Nashville Boogie Yet?

Have You Checked Out The Lineup For The Nashville Boogie Yet?

Have You Checked Out The Lineup For The Nashville Boogie Yet? This is going to be one hell of a shindig and with the amount of bands lining up to make this a great time, you best bet it will be talked on for years to come.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

James Hetfield of Metallica Jams at Guitar Center and Talks Music

James Hetfield, the man himself, sat down with us at Guitar Center in San Francisco. In the small room, he shared stories about becoming a musician, rising to fame, and even played a bit. All the while, customers continued to shop in the store, having no idea it was James playing, Hetfield's new ESP Iron Cross.

Can A Cardboard Guitar Be Shreddable?

Cardboard Chaos is here and it’s time to riff on a new idea! Rock out with your cardboard stock out! This episode we work with a master builder at the Fender Custom Shop to see if paper has the ability to handle the look, feel and sound of one of the world’s most recognizable guitars, the Fender Stratocaster. A master builder can make just about anything look good, but will it sound good? Will it have tone and will it be able to handle the heat and get approval from one who rocks for a living in one of the most ass kicking bands of the last two decades, Linkin Park?! It’s a tall order and with roughly 250lbs of torque put on the neck of a guitar from the strings 

Catl Invades Europe On Tour and Lands In Freiburg, Tour Write Up Part 3

Catl Invades Europe On Tour and Lands In Freiburg, Tour Write Up Part 3

We left our friends Sabina and Frank in Cologne. I bought and consumed a delightful cheese sandwich from a local vendor and off we went to Freiburg which signaled the beginning of 8 shows straight. This will either turn us into the tightest, sloppy rock and roll band or we'll drop dead trying.

After arriving at the Slow Club and got ripped off by the cabbie. He's what you call in German - a dickhead (very similar to English). The club looked kinda non-descript from the outside, but what wonders filled its hallowed halls. Never have we been taken care of better than the people that ran this club. All the local beer and organic wines we could swallow, a beautifully prepared pumpkin soup and lasagna dinner and a place to sleep upstairs. I've seen some band crash-pads in my day and I wouldn't let a blind dog sleep in them. This place was gorgeous with a fully stocked kitchen, linens on the beds, a shower and fresh towels. Spotless.

Catl Invades Europe, Tour Write Up Part 2 While Rolling Through Belgium

Catl Invades Europe, Tour Write Up Part 2 While Rolling Through Belgium and meeting the good luck monkey.

So we got driven to Mons, which is an hour away from Brussels in two small cars with all our gear. I said "wouldn't one giant American-style car be enough?", and everyone hugged and laughed and lit their cigarettes.

We played downtown near their city hall where they had a beautiful giant Christmas tree surrounded by some very unsteady skaters. Apparently, we shouldn't expect any hockey threats coming out of Belgium.

Sarah and me prepped for the show by 'touching the good luck monkey' near the Mons City Hall. We reluctantly rubbed its shiny little noggin and wouldn't you know it, the show was killer. Thanks Mr. Lucky-Monkey-Man!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Catl Lands In Europe and Is Documenting The Invasion - Show 1 - Rock Classic

Watching bands tour from afar can be quite entertaining and we have decided to open up our news feed for bands on the label and bands that we really dig. This is cool way to document tours and for an expose into what it takes to move from show to show and all the great things that can happen along the way. Over the next few weeks our favorite Canadian blues rockers, Catl will be broadcasting about their current European tour. Have a read below:

Stump Tail Dolly Feature Write Up On We Hate Pop Country, Labeled As "Thrash Country Done Right"

Stump Tail Dolly Feature Write Up On We Hate Pop Country

Download Stump Tail Dolly's new EP now

"Innovation is one of the very things that keeps a genre growing, and thriving. It helps take down all of the boundaries, and really gives it a fresh new sound. While southern metal has been around for quite some time now, you don’t see too much of it anymore, at least anywhere near the mainstream circuit. Bands like Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Texas Hippie Coalition, Honky, and Norma Jean popularized the combining of metal and country music influence, and now Stump Tail Dolly is taking it to a whole new level. A duo of two feisty, and sensational artists, “STD” is bringing back a style of music that quite a few consumers of both the metal, and country scene enjoy.

Did You Miss It? If So, Go Back And Listen To The Monster Magnet Interview on MetalSucks Podcast

Feature podcast interview with Monster Magnet on the MetalSucks podcast
MetalSucks podcast is always a great listen and one thing we enjoy hearing about are the nuggets of wisdom within the business of the music industry. For as much as we know and understand, there are so many angles to look and to comprehend based upon your goals, needs, wants, etc. It is a great listen to hear what Dave Wyndorf has to say about his music progression and what many are alluding to when they speak of the always fascinating numbers. Have a listen below...