Thursday, December 10, 2015

Catl Invades Europe On Tour and Lands In Freiburg, Tour Write Up Part 3

Catl Invades Europe On Tour and Lands In Freiburg, Tour Write Up Part 3

We left our friends Sabina and Frank in Cologne. I bought and consumed a delightful cheese sandwich from a local vendor and off we went to Freiburg which signaled the beginning of 8 shows straight. This will either turn us into the tightest, sloppy rock and roll band or we'll drop dead trying.

After arriving at the Slow Club and got ripped off by the cabbie. He's what you call in German - a dickhead (very similar to English). The club looked kinda non-descript from the outside, but what wonders filled its hallowed halls. Never have we been taken care of better than the people that ran this club. All the local beer and organic wines we could swallow, a beautifully prepared pumpkin soup and lasagna dinner and a place to sleep upstairs. I've seen some band crash-pads in my day and I wouldn't let a blind dog sleep in them. This place was gorgeous with a fully stocked kitchen, linens on the beds, a shower and fresh towels. Spotless.

Since I didn't bring an amp I borrowed one from the club. It was a Japanese-something-or-other, but it did the job. My first Japanese amp! Sid the soundman was a super-pro, and as another career first, he actually asked 'what kind of lighting' we wanted. We didn't know what to say so we went with 'ones that light up',

They were apologetic about the turn-out claiming it was a Tuesday. But we were super happy with the 30-40 people all diggin' what we were doin'. Another encore, and more records sold. Nothing to apologize about. The same Tuesday in North America would result in us playing to the staff, so this seemed kind of amazing. 

Thanks to Rolf our host / booker, we plan to come back on a weekend net time and pack the place. Next stop Vienna! Only an 8 hour train ride away.

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Enjoying these great write ups from Catl? Well dive into their tunes and get out to one of their shows when they come through your local venue.

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