Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Catl European Tour Invasion Continues In Part 4

Catl European Tour Invasion Continues In Part 4

We had 9 minutes to transfer to our connecting train to make the show on time and we made it! With all of our shit that we're carrying it was no small feat. We then proceeded to get drunk on the train once the hard work was over. Sarah ate a curry that wasn't bad. We arrived in Vienna and met up with our host Stefan. Super nice guy, who just happened to be the manager of the club we're playing at. We walked to the club in the rain and I ate a falafel from a Turkish food stand that was pretty tasty.

Jamie pretending to look smart whilst blogging on the train headed to Vienna.

Another amp-roulette incident. Beggars can't be choosers, and I'm sincerely grateful for people loaning me their stuff but Jesus Christ. A Marshall combo with so many dials on it I thought it could fly. The sound-guy just told us we were too loud so Sarah had to put a piece of material on her drum which made her face tense up like she just stepped in dogshit. Funnily enough no on in the club complained about us being too loud and fun-time revelry was had by all. An enthusiastic fan, named Peter who saw us play in Toronto came out and had a blast. He had recently injured his hand on a faucet so he had an oversized novelty bandage on his right thumb. Every time he gave us the 'thumb-up' sign, all of Austria knew what he meant.

It's hard to snap a good photo of all the spectacular things we can see from the train when it's moving at 200km/hr or more, but there has been lots of beauty to take in. 

We had some pine-cone schnapps, and some ginger schnapps followed by some of the most delicious clean water from mountains of Austria that I've ever had. Yes, I said water. My blood was turning into alcohol so I had to bring it back from poisonous levels. Ever beer bottle here seems to be made for a giant.

Slept well, had a shower in Stefan's kitchen (yep, kitchen) and we're off to Rosenheim!

Sarah's surprisingly tasty curry! Train food seems to be much better than airline food. 
Sadly we didn't get to see much of Vienna as it was dark when we arrived and headed straight for the club. #tourlyfe One thing we did spy was the 'Fleming Hotel' which gave us a chuckle as that is our fearless guitarist's last name.

Having shots of schnapps (really good schnaps, not that sweet BS you used to drink in highschool to get wasted) with Stefan, Babsi and the rest of the Loft crew!

Sticker on the door of Stefan's apartment. Oh yes, and we do too!

Leaving Vienna the next morning. Still didn't get a chance to see anything with another longish travel day ahead of us, but we did drive by the club again so Sarah grabbed a shot.