Friday, November 30, 2018

The Myth of Vincent Motorcycles' Black Lightning | Robb Report

The bikes created by British manufacturer Vincent Motorcycles are some of the most sought-after collector motorcycles in the world, and the Black Lightning occupies the top rung of this hierarchy. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that when it came out, it was the fastest production motorcycle in the world, even beating out the fastest production car of the day, the Jaguar XK120.

The bike had several owners, but it was in the possession of Australian motorcycle shop proprietor and racer Jack Ehret for the longest period—47 years. During that time, it smashed the Australian Land Speed record, hitting an average of 141.5 mph, and participated in numerous races. One of the most compelling things about the bike is that it is an original, which is exceedingly rare because of the beating they usually take on the track—a legacy that is still evidenced by the wear and tear that is still visible on the bike.

Datura Release Lyric Video For The Song - Keeper Of The Light

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Datura - Keeper of The Light, from the album The Harrowing. Lyric video designed and edited by Justin Casey. Stay up to date with all things Datura on Facebook

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Ouija Planchette Belt Buckle From Rusty Knuckles

Ouija Planchette Belt Buckle From Rusty Knuckles
Working up new ideas for belt buckles is always on our work bench. Whether it be custom orders for folks world wide or new ideas that are being sketched out, we are here to continually revamp our approach to unique designs. This new spirit reader belt buckle can be ordered without a buckle back to be used on your Ouija board or can be made into a belt buckle. Head over to our Etsy store and have a look or send us an email about customizing them further with varying designs. We can't change the buckle template, but the top surface is open to interpretation.

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Read into the deeper history of Ouija from the Smithsonian

Ouija Planchette Belt Buckle From Rusty Knuckles

The Asound Featured On Riff Relevant

The Asound featured on Riff Relevant

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Asound - Wolves Will Feed - Debut Video

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We are damn proud to be working with The Asound out of western North Carolina. These fellas bring the heaviness with their riffage and pounding rhythms. Having shared stages with Eyehategod, Lo Pan, Black Cobra, The Accused A.D., Bask, Today Is The Day, The Obsessed, Ringworm and many more, take stock in them as a band that will be heard far and wide after their brand new album, Impalement Arts starts to seep under every crevice.