Friday, July 30, 2010

Record Of The Week - Pirates Press

Some folks are just plain huge into Vinyl Records. I straddle the fence as I put albums out and enjoy music on vinyl but most of all I dig album artwork on 12" jackets. When a records is spinning and I can hear that wet and slight crunch of sound coming from the speakers its a damn good feeling. After working with Pirates Press on our new 12" picture disc coming out with GG Allin & Antiseen I thought I should post a link to their Record of the Week blog page. Its always refreshing to see a medium in which album art is still highly regarded instead of just photo after photo promoting whatever pop artist of the moment is at hand. Pirates Press does quality work and if you are in need of vinyl or cd's give'em a holler.

Pirates Press Record Of The Week

Fuel Magazine Australia

Opened up my email this morning and found a link to a cool mag down under in Australia that is promoting rods and chops. Seems to be a damn cool mag but I just wish I was seeing a few more bikes involved, and or some American Southern Sleaze, hint hint, Fuel Magazine... All images from the Fuel Zine blog.

Fuel Zine Dot Com

Gun Puzzle - Machinist GarE Maxton

I found this posting over on Neatorama and my jaw hit the floor. Not only am I fan of all sorts of puzzles but especially ones made to this level of perfection. GarE Maxton seems to be quite the proficient machinist and overall wizard when it comes to the unique complexity of his creations. The puzzles are brilliantly crafted and also he have distinct ways of hiding other elements within the myriad of shapes to create a true transformer out of varying types of metal.

GarE Maxton - Puzzle Genius

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ride For Lightning - Route - Oct. 15th & 16th

Tim and I blasted out the run yesterday and holy shit was that a marathon. We checked out all our routes for the run and made sure everything was solid. The roads are beyond bitchin' and its going to be such a different vibe than our Revenge Run on the east coast of North Carolina, this past April. These roads are going to be a lot more challenging as it will be fall, chilly in the hills and the chance they might be slippery with the leaves falling. This also leads me to clue folks in about the roads. If yall are ridin' with small tanks be aware that you will need to gas up anytime you see a station. Its remote and gas stations can be sometimes about 40 - 60 miles apart. For you folks with no front brakes, be damn careful as some of the grades are steep and full of off camber turns and pitches. Its mountain riding, be prepared.

As we have been putting this run together I can say in all honesty, thank you to all the sponsors that have signed on so fast. You guys get it! This run isn't just about riding or promoting a particular business, through click throughs or money driven promotions. Its about helping a fellow human, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. If the sponsors see a monetary uptick in sales from being part of the event, killer. A high tide will float all boats and this "can do" attitude is what we are proud to promote and be a part of. So for the few sponsors we are waiting to hear back from, any help today is more help than we had just yesterday. Don't think you have to give big to blow your wad on being a sponsor. If anything donate a few bucks to Lee's online paypal over at or send in a few items that we can raffle off at the after party. All proceeds will be going directly to Lee to help get him the treatment he needs to fight the good fight against this mother fucker known as Multiple Sclerosis. Being on the run, going to the after party and or becoming a sponsor is about fighting the good fight.

More Ride For Lightning Route Photos on Flickr

Ride For Lightning Blog

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Dime City Cycles

Life is all about who ya know, not what ya know. Case in point, became friends with the dudes down in Tampa, FL that own and operate Dime City Cycles. Over the course of the last year we have helped each other out with quite a few things, whether it be promotions or bike runs or just shootin' the shit. Recently I shipped down a package to them and thought I would include a magazine I came across with Florida in the headlines. One good turn deserves another and just like that our cb650 cafe racer is featured on their blog and now on Do The Ton dot com. Thanks fellas I appreciate it! You will be seeing a lot more of them this fall when they are live on your TV with Discovery Channel's new series about Cafe Racers.

Do The Ton Dot Com Featured on Rusty Knuckles Cafe Racer

Dime City Cycles

Ride For Lighting - Artwork

Just finished up a few minutes ago with the sketch on the Ride For Lightning run and party. Quite stoked on how it came out, as it was just from my brain to the paper with my regular tools of the trade, sharpie, pencil and a fine point ink pen. In this day and age of modern computing I gotta say, still doing things by hand feels amazing. Whether it be working on designs in pen and ink or simply wrenching on bikes or cars. The day we forget how to fix or build something by hand, is the day we quit being human.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Carolina Shine Fest • July 31 - August 1st

Ya have to give it up for the great folks of the Southern Culture Society to be able to bring such a great event. What could be better than awareness and pride in brewing homemade liquor! Yes, we like to indulge in moonshine here in the dirty south, as its simply part of the local heritage. We would like to thank guys like Junior Johnson who is a bonefide moonshine racing legend on the back roads ad in Nascar. Do yourself a favor and make plans to join us next Sunday with some shine infused drinks.

Southern Culture Society Carolina Shinefest

Wrench Knives - New Shirt

After a buddy of mine surprised me one day with a custom knife forged from a Craftsman 15/16th box end wrench I knew I had to put it to good use. Check out our latest shirt design. We opted to try some new colors as many folks have been asking for choices other than just black. We are offering the Rusty Knuckles Wrench Knives in Navy Blue and White for a limited time only.

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