Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Live At The Dive" - Rusty Knuckles Music Showcase - Raleigh, NC 9.11.10

Its a few months out but we just wanted to plant the seed in everyone's brain about the big upcoming Rusty Knuckles Music showcase here in Raleigh. Apparently some folks in town got the big idea to start a music fest akin to SXSW. Well apparently those same folks got funding and next thing ya know, a hundred and twenty bands are scheduled and its got top billing. Yeah, something is brewing here in the dirty south. I proposed to the folks over at Dive Bar why not start a music fest of our own, the same weekend. The cool folks at Dive Bar were in agreement and now we are going to have a damn good yearly showcase for the Rusty Knuckles Music team. Peep this flyer, its just a taste of whats coming up. If you are from far away get a hold of us, as we are going to have tours lined up for all the bands to hit regional shows as well. That's just how we roll, we are all about the camaraderie and showing folks a great time. And guess what, bikes and cars will be involved for sure, imagine that...

Raleigh will be going off that weekend as there is also the HopScotchMusic fest in town, with over 120 bands on the bill. Needless to say, if you want the rock, we have it in spades for the first annual "Live At The Dive" music fest.

6 Bands for $5 Bucks - Have A Listen And Spread The Word

Crank County Daredevils

Hellbound Glory

Flat Tires

Jay Berndt


She Rides

Bands will start at 6:30 with outlaw country sets by Jay Berndt and Hellbound Glory. After that we will have the rock show opening with She Rides, BeItTheMeans, Flat Tires and Crank County Daredevils.

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