Friday, July 23, 2010

Hi Fi & The Roadburners

Way back in those years called the 90's a band we used to play with called Barbed Wire Necktie was huge into another band called Hi Fi & the Roadburners, well more specifically, Butch the singer was. Our band, Union 75 was all about drinking as much beer as possible and playing hardcore in the vein of H20, Sick of It All, Clutch, Next Step Up, Killing Time and other killer East Coast bands that we deemed our hero's. Butch kept tellin' me that Hi Fi was coming to a town close by and we had to roll down and check'em out. I thought, well, its a weekday, there are no parties going on and we had no shows, so why the hell not. We get there and funny enough there is another upstart band called Anti Flag playing as the openers from Pittsburgh. We were sorta in competition with them but they had no clue who we were as we were in competition with every band that picked up an instrument in our hardcore influenced dna. Needless to say, once Hi Fi hit the stage, my jaw sorta dropped. I hadn't a clue about this genre of music called rockabilly but they had tattoo's and were bikers so I felt a kinship. Here we are about 16 years later and I still to this day think of them and potentially Reverend Horton Heat as the only rockabilly bands I enjoy, well and of course the Belmont Playboys since I listed them below. Give ol' Hi Fi and the Roadburners a listen. Hung out with the guys after the show for a while. They were solid dudes and I still listen to all three of their albums regularly. Can't say that about many bands out of the thousands of cd's I own...

Hi Fi & The Roadburners - and their bike shop Fear City Choppers