Tuesday, July 20, 2010

International 53 R-110

Sometimes life just works in mysterious ways. Currently reading a book from a writer up in Wisconsin about one year of his life in which he is rebuilding an old International farm truck about the trials and tribulations involved. The very next morning after passing out asleep while reading, I get an email from my buddy John about a truck he rebuilt, and oh yeah, its an International, go figure. Hopefully, ya John talking to you, John will send along the story and the build process of the truck. Old stepside trucks like this are the perfect shop truck in my mind. They ooze style and nothing better than shifting 3 on the tree. Here is a sneak peak at hopefully an upcoming multi part story on this bitchin' 1953 International R-110.

John is also quite the craftsman, have a look at some of his handiwork and collections on our Flickr page. Soon we will be posting more of his projects from start to finish.

KJ Antiques on Rusty Knuckles Flickr