Sunday, January 31, 2016

Catl, Last Show, European Tour Invasion, Part 10 - NOVI SAD, SERBIA

 It's catl's last stop, before sweet home Canada!

Look for them this July, at Munich's Raut Oak Fest

And don't forget, they'll be touring the U.S this year! 

"We drove an hour with all our gear, our host Aleks, the driver Zoran, and Iggy the harp player, to the charmer of a town called, Novi Sad. The car was a small Ford ‘something or other,’ and you couldn’t squeeze a piece of rice into the cramped cabin if you wanted to."

catl-radio Novi Sad is on the air!

Our first stop in Novi Sad was a local radio station to promote the show that night. We had no idea what was being said.

Gritty Rock N' Rollers, The Seduction, Join Rusty Knuckles Music

Please welcome The Seduction to Rusty Knuckles Music and crank it loud! These dudes are from multiple points on the western North Carolina map and you will see them all over the state and eastern seaboard on stages large and small. Its refreshing to see a band that is added to shows from death metal to indie rock and never misses a beat. Proof in the puddin' that good music transcends genres and how these miscreants are building a solid rep for their live show and great songs far and wide! New album in the works and shooting for a killer release party at Heavy Rebel this fourth of July weekend in Winston-Salem, NC.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Catl, European Tour Invasion, Part 9 - BELGRADE, SERBIA

 catl's tour in Europe is winding down, and coming to an more stop to go!

"We hopped in a van to get to Serbia, where we met our first, official, border hassle. The rather large Serb, with the machine gun, asked us for our papers for being musicians. We handed him the only things we had - our very ripped up itinerary, that had been in Sarah's purse all tour. That seemed to be enough, and off we went."
Near the outskirts of Belgrade at a toll booth. An incredible fog had descended on the city, which had lasted two weeks by the time we got there. This is one of many stray dogs. #fogdog

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Catl, European Tour Invasion, Part 8 - BUDAPEST

It might have been a Sunday, but it didn't deter the rockers in Budapest from coming out to see catl

Stunning architecture, delicious Turkish food, and welcoming/ beautiful people...these are some of the things Budapest is made of! 

Check out what catl had to say about their Budapest stop!

Having a snack on the train. Sarah insists it's an elephant, Jamie says it's something else....
The train to Budapest, was the last train we took on the tour, and it was by far the most ghetto train of all. Rickety. Old. No food or drink. But it still looked fucking cool as hell! It made us miss the cushy trains we'd experienced earlier on this tour.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Catl, European Tour Invasion, Part 7- FELBACH, AUSTRIA

This here is the OFFICIAL VIDEO for 'Gold Tooth Shine'  Featuring Pete Ross on harmonica, and Dani Nash on extra vocals. Director: Brett Van Dyke, Cinematographer : Brett Van Dyke csc, Editor: Kyle McNair

Life on the road isn't always easy! Sometimes all you want is quite, a clean place to rest your head, and food that won't make you sick!

Thank goodness for the friends catl made in Europe! It helped make the rest of their European tour a comfortable success!

Read more about their travel success and tribulations in this, and future blogs!

"Our host Didi met us at the train station and we went straight for dinner. Sarah couldn’t eat anything on our second train (the ‘ghetto’ train) because she's vegetarian and celiac so she was starting to chew on her drumsticks for sustenance."

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Catl, European Tour Invasion, Part 6 - PRAGUE

Canadian greats, catl, have been hitting the road hard! 

Here's a peak into the fun, and struggles, they have been encountering on their European tour!

Jamie's ongoing amp roulette - Marshal Stack baby!

"We traveled on the train for about 8 hours, to get to this weird little pub in the middle of a park. It was their staff Christmas party, and they were handing out gifts, like socks with 'Jameson's' written on them. They were also pretty well oiled, just like the rest of Europe.
There were long pauses after our songs ended, and they seemed to like it with some polite applause; but when we threatened to stop playing, they got feisty and wanted us to keep going. One fella stopped us afterwards, and said our music was 'good quality'. We said 'thanks but our hygiene is becoming of very poor quality', and he stared at me blankly.

Monday, January 25, 2016

American Roots UK Gives Peewee Moore Tremedous Review On Hs Latest Album

Read the fantastic review over on

"This is Peewee Moore's third tremendous album of modern 'Outlaw country.' I use the word 'modern' simply to distinguish him from the 'old timers' Bobby, Willie, Waylon, etc. because there are differences despite Peewees close stylistic links. The big thing is that his music has a total lack of sanitization whilst the other three, at least early in their careers, were dictated to by the record companies, as a consequence of which, whilst they were always edgy, some of that record company way of doing things can't have failed to have smoothed off some of the harsh edges. This is not the case with Peewee's music, which on occasions is raw and edgy but at the same time incredibly melodic despite a hardness that adds an aggressive and at times slightly threatening nuance to his work.  

How To Not Make An Electric Guitar

Custom ESP Guitar For Gary Holt of Exodus and Slayer Painted With His Own Blood by Vincent Castiglia

Custom ESP guitar for Gary Holt of Exodus and Slayer painted with his own blood by Vincent Castiglia

Do yourself a favor and dive into the detailed illustration work of Vincent Castiglia. He is renowned for his work with using human blood to paint intricate narratives and has now taken that level of detail upon a custom ESP Guitar for Gary Holt of Exodus and Slayer fame. The guitar was presented at NAMM this past weekend and ended up taking two months to paint and roughly 19 vials of blood from Gary Holt himself. 

Amon Amarth Dish Out Punishment To Internet Trolls

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Music Mecca in Chicago


  In 2009, Fort Knox opened its studio doors on the North Side of Chicago. As of 2016, it houses 92 private studios in its 160,000 square foot space. National, award winning artists from all over, have come to rehearse and record at this once abandoned warehouse. For example, bands who come to town for large festivals, such as Riot Fest and Lollapalooza, have been seen practicing and recording during their stop in Chi-town!

Iron Maiden Finally Gets Their Own Video Game

Iron Maiden Finally Gets Their Own Video Game
"Up the irons, fans. Eddie's got some quests to finish.
Iron Maiden's beloved mascot is set to star in his own free-to-play video game, Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, and it's coming to Android and iOS sometime this summer. He'll visit many of the surreal landscapes pictured in the band's album art over the years, taking on different forms (and new abilities) with each location he visits.
Publisher Roadhouse Interactive and developer 50cc Games are working closely with Maiden's management to deliver an enjoyable experience for fans. The various worlds Eddie visits are enhanced by music from the band's archives, including previously unheard live recordings curated by longtime engineer Tony Newton and founding bandmember Steve Harris.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Dead Soldiers, Whiskeydick, Urban Pioneers and Joshua Morningstar Invade West Virginia For One Hell Of A Shindig March 19th

Another Evening of Sin - Saturday March 19th at Schmitt's Saloon in Morgantown, WV
Tickets $12 advance $15 day of show

Dead Soldiers
Urban Pioneers
Joe and Sean of The Tillers
Josh Morningstar

HBO's Vinyl Soundtrack Features A Them Song By Sturgill Simpson

HBO's Vinyl Soundtrack Features A Them Song By Sturgill Simpson
Read the full write up from below

"Two days before Vinyl, the highly anticipated new HBO series from executive producers Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger and Terence Winter bows on Feb. 14, Atlantic Records and Warner Bros. Records will release Vinyl: Music From the HBO Original Series - Volume 1 and the music will keep coming weekly throughout the show’s 10-episode run.

Following Volume 1’s physical and digital release, each Friday, Atlantic and Warner Bros. will digitally release an EP with music featured in and inspired by the upcoming Sunday’s episode. Then the Friday prior to the season finale, a second physical and digital soundtrack will come out.

Muddy Roots Music Festival Is Featured In Rolling Stone

Muddy Roots Music Festival Is Featured In Rolling Stone

You can now believe Rolling Stone's latest article about the best music fests of 2016 or you can dive into the underground roots music scene with its epicenter festival of Muddy Roots every labor day weekend. We have only missed one year and that was the first and from the friends and folks that we see and hang with every year, it is hands down one of our favorites to be a part of.

More than Jazz in New Orleans?

Down plays Mardi Gras at the New Orleans Civic Center

Since the city of New Orleans is synonymous with  Mardi Gras, The French Quarter, Bourbon Street, crawfish, and Jazz, it's hard to imagine the city being home to a rock scene.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

North Carolina Live Music Shows January 9th 2016 - Metal, Rock, Punk

Jan 09 - SMS Booking & Promo presents Oak City Hard Rock Showcase: A Lightdivided, Enigmatic Path,
 - Burning the Veil, Thundering Herd, Space Rabbit /Southland Ballroom(R)
 - RUSCHA, American Empire / The Maywood(R) 

- Crank It Loud presents: Fear the United (CD release), Dear Desolate, Convicted Fate, In Waves,
 - Headfirst For Halos, Kingdoms Collide /Greene Street Club(G)
Jan 10 - 10 years tour: P.O.D., Dead letter Circus, War Of Ages /Ziggy’s by the Sea(W)
Jan 11 - We Were Once, Makeshift, Hangman, Nice Shot Kid, Here To Stay /The DHP(F)
Jan 12 - Crank It Loud & CVLT presents Chaos Raids U.S.A. 2016 tour: 1349, TOMBS, Full Of Hell, GROHG,
 - Bobby Orr / Local 506(CH/C)
Jan 13 - Jucifer, Them Damn Burners / Cats Cradle-Back Room(CH/C)
Jan 14 - Eldritch Horror, Suppressive Fire(Album release), Temple Crusher / Slims Downtown(R)
Jan 15 - Horseskull, The Beard, Spiral Down / The Maywood(R)
 - Jucifer, TOKE, Paagtheaan, Kohmats / Reggie’s 42nd Street Tavern(W)
Jan 16 - Primitive Ways presents: IRATA, InAeona, The Hag / Slims Downtown(R)
 - Suppressive Fire, All Hell, Extermination Rite, October / The Milestone Club(C)
Jan 18 - Room 13 Productions presents: Power Trip, Funeral Chic, JOY, Invoke, Refocus / Kings Barcade(R)
 - Motorbilly, Ghost Town Opera / The Pour House(R)