Thursday, January 28, 2016

Catl, European Tour Invasion, Part 8 - BUDAPEST

It might have been a Sunday, but it didn't deter the rockers in Budapest from coming out to see catl

Stunning architecture, delicious Turkish food, and welcoming/ beautiful people...these are some of the things Budapest is made of! 

Check out what catl had to say about their Budapest stop!

Having a snack on the train. Sarah insists it's an elephant, Jamie says it's something else....
The train to Budapest, was the last train we took on the tour, and it was by far the most ghetto train of all. Rickety. Old. No food or drink. But it still looked fucking cool as hell! It made us miss the cushy trains we'd experienced earlier on this tour.

"Budapest - Wow! What a beautiful city! Half the price of Paris, and twice the decadence! It was a Sunday night, so we didn't expect too much. The opening bands (first opening bands on the tour), were a kind of Hungarian version of Americana roots bands, and were actually really good at it. One thing about these shows is that the people really know music, and play great shit between bands."

Jamie, post-show, posing with just one of the many, incredibly stunning buildings this city is home to.

"We had some Turkish food for dinner. People really dug the show and we had a decent turnout. One guy paid us in cigarettes!"

"Our show promoter Schleki was cool, and we got an encore every night on tour so far! It's like they never want the shows to end. Don't these people work in the morning? Its Sunday!"
Oh drunken bicycle riding bear! We've been there buddy! This bear was seen on the wall of the hostel we didn't end up staying in, due to the overnight disco that thumped away until 6am.

"When we got back to our hostel at 2 AM, the disco below us was in full swing, and the bass was making us vomit. Apparently it runs until 6AM, so we packed up all our shit, and moved to another hostel that was quite the stunner."

Sarah posing in the interior courtyard of the hostel we moved to, to get some peace and quiet for a few short hours. It's was so beautiful, we couldn't believe the contrast between this one, and the hostel we were supposed to stay in. Party hostel? What a terrible idea.
Entrance way to the new hostel. How many times can we use the word 'stunning' for one city?

Close up of the details on the ceiling of the entrance. Just too much!

"19th century architecture, a beautiful courtyard, comfortable bed in a loft. Probably the best 3 hours of sleep we'll get all tour."
This building was next to the cafe we had breakfast at. Beautiful iron detailing.

Close up of some of the iron work on the same building. Budapest is definitely a city we'd love to come back to!

"Next Stop - Belgrade!"

Toronto based rock n’ roll duo catl., have teamed up with Hamilton production crew 5th Monkey Productions to create a new and inventive music video for their latest single “F.U. Blues”. The song is a powerful statement about violence against women, specifically their experiences of unwanted sexual harassment in their everyday lives. The video follows our hero Sarah K., (drummer/singer for catl.) as she encounters all too familiar unsolicited advances from various scumbags. She turns the tables with a cartoonish ultra-violent counterattack that teaches the perpetrators much more than a lesson about respect!

The video was directed, produced and edited by 5th Monkey productions – a local Hamilton unit consisting of Ian Steinberg, Khalm H'erbin, and Cole Sutton-Greenhalgh . The locations were all exclusively based in Hamilton, including everyone’s favourite live music venue This Ain’t Hollywood (check out the homage to the Ti-Cats and Frankie Venom!). Even the cast members include some local Hamilton music celebs including Snowheel Slim (Ginger St. James) and Jim Fitzgerald (Frankie and Jimmy). A fine collaboration between two great cities, delivering a powerful message: Don’t F%&# With The Ladies!!!