Thursday, June 30, 2011

Muddy Roots Fests - Sept 3rd and 4th - Cookeville, TN

Throughout the summer there are all kinds of music festivals happening around the US from Jazzfest in New Orleans to Bonnaroo in Tennessee to Lollapalooza in Chicago and even Maryland Death Fest in Baltimore, but none really cater to outlaw country. We also have our new festival dates with the Rumble Fests that bring in a mix of outlaw country and punk attitude with vert skating, bands and all things that custom and motorized.

Well, if you haven't been clued in as of yet the Galaz fellas have been putting together a festival called Muddy Roots and in its second year it looks damn great. So damn great in fact that we are packing up and being a vendor there for the entire weekend. Be on the lookout for us as you will not be able to miss our booth. We have a big project in the works to make us seen and heard along with quite a few bands hanging out in our "mobile" lounge. Come hang with us, Hellbound Glory, Ronnie Hymes and Southbound Turnaround as the music won't stop all weekend wherever we are.
Get your passes for Muddy Roots Festival

Here is the full write up on the fest from Saving Country Music

y all accounts, last year’s inaugural Muddy Roots Festival was an overwhelming success. The lineup was amazing, the performances were spectacular, and all the brave people that made the trek to Cookeville in middle Tennessee said the experience measured somewhere between a life changing event and a religious experience. Good times, good people, good food, and of course, good music. The only thing missing was YOU.
So this year for the second installment, we need to fix that. If you like the music that is talked about on Saving Country Music, then this is the premier event of the year. There is nothing bigger, and nothing better. And when you factor in all the bands you will be able to see for the price they’re asking, it’s a bargain. But the music is just the excuse. To a man, the 2010 Muddy Roots participants all boasted about the camaraderie the event created between the fans and artists, and between each other, and the friendships and memories they walked away with lasted well after the music stopped.

Saving Country Music is dedicated to being the hub of information about all things Muddy Roots leading up to this year’s festival September 3rd &4th, being held once again in Cookeville, TN, just outside of Nashville.

The beginning of the lineup can be seen below, but please note more names will be added later, and some could change leading up to the event.

Tickets are $55 in advance, and $70 for walk-ups. But think of this like buying a ticket for a show. Think of it as someone throwing the biggest backyard party imaginable, with any and all of your favorite bands traveling from all around the country to be the entertainment, and this is just you pitching in for a keg and paper plates.

Check out a few of the bands playing...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rusty Knuckles New Merch Just Arrived

To say that we are stoked on the new merch is an understatement. We are DAMN proud of the latest designs to hit the press and be ready for yall. The newest package deal we are going to have will be tomorrow for the Flat Tires summer of Stay Cool package deal. You can get the Joe Buck Split 7", Freeborn and a limited time bandana. Get on it before they are gone, once they are sold, sayonara...

Also, don't forget about the "gunsablazin" sale we are having, 10% off all orders

News Corp Sells Myspace To Justin Timberlake and Specific Media

Seeing news like this is almost quite interesting, but then knowing all the suits will scramble over the site and think how they can edit and fix what was once a great music portal is quite sad. Yo Justin Timberlake, let myspace die off. You are wealthy enough and have a big name, just keep entertaining us with your dick in a box.

I could be totally wrong on this whole revamp that is probably going to happen. My mindset is that with the ADD riddled brains we have, once a bubble is burst everyone in today's tech world has already moved on to the next cool widget. Sorry dude, but your other dud was trying to create "American iconography of denim and biker culture" in your clothing line at Target. Wish yall the best, but damn Myspace tried to reign in their site once they had already given the keys to the coding kingdom. You will have to win back the masses who Myspace pissed all over with their constant barrage of shitty code and user interface updates. Call up Andy Samberg for help on this one.

Justin Timberlake poster at Target

NEW YORK (Reuters) - News Corp has sold Myspace for $35 million, a fraction of what it paid for the once-hot social media site even as a new generation of Web-based start-ups is enjoying sky-high valuations.

Advertising company Specific Media will team with the singer Justin Timberlake to acquire Myspace in a deal that caps a tumultuous period of ownership under Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, which swooped in to buy Myspace for $580 million in 2005.

At the time, Myspace was among the world's most popular websites, and News Corp's success in beating out rival Viacom Inc in a bidding war was viewed as a major victory for Murdoch. Since then, however, Facebook has eclipsed Myspace in popularity, and the deal has become a hard lesson in what can happen when a traditional media company imposes its will on a start-up.

It also shows how quickly audience -- and investor -- tastes can shift in the world of social networking. Indeed, Wednesday's deal contrasts sharply with the current frenzy over social media companies, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Groupon, among investors looking for the next big thing.

Another of the hot start-ups, Zynga, an online social game company, plans to raise up to $2 billion in an initial public offering that could be filed by Thursday, valuing the company at $20 billion

"This is a mistake that will repeat itself," James McQuivey, an analyst with Forrester Research, said of the Myspace saga. "I'm not sure that someone being pushed on by early round investors, someone reading their own press, which is praising them, will stop and say, 'Wait, is this a one-year fad, a two-year fad? Or is this a five-year to ten-year change in the way things are done?'"

The Myspace transaction calls for News Corp to retain a minority stake in the website, the companies said in a statement, confirming a deal that was reported earlier.

Specific Media, which specializes in digital advertising, did not disclose financial terms. It announced, however, that Timberlake -- who happens to have played Facebook adviser and investor Sean Parker in the movie "The Social Network" -- would take an ownership stake and serve a "major role" in developing a strategy for Myspace.

A source familiar with the transaction said the deal is worth $35 million and is a mix of cash and stock. News Corp will retain about 5 percent, the source said.

Additionally, more than half of Myspace's 500-strong workforce is expected to be laid off because of the sale, the source said.

The deal comes after a four-month bidding process in which a number of different possible buyers surfaced, including other social networking sites and private equity firms. The auction had been expected to fetch in the neighborhood of $100 million.

In the end, the sale serves as the latest example of what can happen to a once coveted company with a rocket-like trajectory that quickly loses its luster as competitors zoom past it in popularity.

Founded in August 2003 by Chris De Wolfe and Tom Anderson, Myspace was conceived as a way for friends and fans to connect with one another as well as with their favorite bands and artists.

Myspace, a kind of musical version of pioneer social network site Friendster, fast became wildly popular with teenagers and young adults, who spent hours designing their own pages with their favorite digital wallpaper, posting photos and adding friends.

At its peak in 2008, Myspace attracted nearly 80 million people in the United States, almost double that of Facebook.

The growth was too fast and Myspace had trouble scaling the number of users who were flocking to the site. Meanwhile Facebook had opened up its platform to third-party developers, such as Zynga and its popular FarmVille game. That attracted more people and kept them on the site.

By 2011, the number of U.S. visitors to Myspace fell to about 40 million while those visiting Facebook totaled about 150 million, according to online measurement firm comScore.

For the quarter ended March 2011, News Corp reported a segment operating loss of $165 million, mainly due to declines at Myspace.

(Additional reporting by Paul Thomasch; Editing by Bernard Orr, Steve Orlofsky and Matthew Lewis)

DIY Weapons Of The Libyan Rebels - The Atlantic

Our buddies Jefe and Elwood of the Road Devils posted this up on Facebook and these are some amazing photos taken of the Rebels over in Libya fightin' that mustachio'd ego maniac known as Qaddafi. Please rebels take this asshole out as no one will never forget the bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland. Be empowered by these photos as it is true DIY weaponry engineering and seeing what little they have to assemble from, damn right its DIY. All images and text below are copyright of the The Atlantic
In Focus with Alan Taylor

For the past four months in Libya, rebel forces made up of civilians and army defectors have been waging battles against Muammar Qaddafi's armed forces, holding their own and sometimes advancing with the assistance of NATO air strikes. Scrambling to arm themselves against mercenaries and a professional army, rebels have been making use of everything they can -- from using captured weapons and munitions to rigging anti-aircraft guns and aircraft rocket launchers to the backs of civilian pickup trucks. Collected here are recent images of some of this weaponry used by the Libyan rebels. 

Zombie Mosh Compilation - Featuring Antiseen, Green Lady Killers and She Rides

A while back we posted the images below for a new board game called Zombie Mosh. Well, we finally got copies of the compilation in that Antiseen, Green Lady Killers and She Rides will be on. Honestly, the packaging and the whole vibe of is bitchin'. Glad to see that the folks over at Pig Records really put out a great product on this. As far as buying the game goes, well not exactly sure but I did find links over at to be able to purchase the board game. You could primarily try your big box stores online such as Best Buy and Amazon and directly through their site, but you can buy the cd directly through Manic Pogo.

Variety is the spice of life and sometimes a project comes down the pike in which you get the chance to influence a new generation. Instead of letting the rugrats get influenced by the crap of shows of American Idol, Glee or any other glam pop shite that exists, show'em the good stuff. Yes, we are speaking about a new compilation and board game based around zombies tearing each other apart featuring tracks by ANTiSEEN, Green Lady Killers, She Rides and other notables such as The Accused, Raw Power and The Dehumanizers

We were contacted by Joe Pogo Records to see if any of the bands on the label have songs about zombies or moshing that could match the vibe of the game, which will cater to pre-teens. Three tracks were selected and now will be featured on a comp that is supplemental to the board game. Quite cool knowing that these tracks are on there from Rusty Knuckles Music:

Zombified - Green Lady Killers
Walking Dead - ANTiSEEN
Sleeping With Zombies - She Rides

Haynes DIY Manuals Are Now Downloadable

How often have you been in your local bookstore and naturally graduate towards the automotive section? I am guessing it might be the only spot you go to besides checking out the magazines. If that is the case then you are in luck knowing that the famous Haynes DIY manuals are now going to be offered for sale as pdf downloads online. This is a great day for anyone needing a parts list or cure for their ailing jalopy. Best aspect about their online roll out of the manuals is they will also be available as e-readers and for mobile devices. Whether it be a vintage Porsche, a Ford Pinto, old Harleys or just about anything motorized the Haynes Manuals are available.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Band Lineup For Heavy Rebel Weekender

We are stoked to have a booth at the Heavy Rebel Weekender again this year. Stop in say and say hello as there is no way in hell you will be able to miss us. We are in the main room directly across from the main stage with our booth. Along side of us will be the Road Devils Car Club lounge and we will also have Ronnie Hymes stopping in to do a few outlaw country sets along with Scotty P from Crank County Daredevils. So yes, our booth will be rockin' all weekend long.

Here is who we think you should be checking out this weekend at HRW in no certain order: Southbound Turnaround, The Dielectrics, Ronnie Hymes, American Speedway, Jayke Orvis, Octane Saints, Goddamn Gallows, Rex Romweber, Hillbilly Casino and The Defilers

Link to the band showtimes on

More Photos of Hellbound Glory In The Studio

A few more photos of the fellas in Hellbound Glory puttin' the new tracks into perfection. All photos by Jenn Bowers

Here are a few tracks from the critically acclaimed Old Highs & New Lows

Why Take The Pain by RustyKnuckles

Hank Williams Records by RustyKnuckles

Reno Divorce Smokin' European Stages

Just got an email from Tye in Reno Divorce that they are having a killer tour and everything is going over solid. It is to be expected from such a pro band. First time I got to see the fellas live as a full band was at our showcase during SXSW this year at the Dirty Dog Saloon. While setting up and about to hit the stage Tye comes rollin' up with all their sound requirements written down and ready to rock. That said it all to me as their sound and presence is huge onstage and their professionalism about showtime is way beyond good. If Reno Divorce isn't headlining 1000 capacity venues in the immediate futre the world truly is potentially going to hell.

Funny enough Reno Divorce ended up playing a big festival date with the German Green Day inspired band Itchy Poopzkid. We were doing a show in Switzerland on one of the last nights of the Crank County Daredevils 2010 European tour and played a big show with them. Amazing club in Solothurn that had two huge rooms and same backstage for both rooms. Regardless of how funny the name Itchy Poopzkid sounds, as its completely lost in translation, they were really down to earth fellas and had drinks with them at some fashion show after party, we all got invited to. Oh Switzerland, how we all miss you, as everything is legal except for choppers and hot rods but the people are hands down cool as hell.

Say It - Reno Divorce by RustyKnuckles

Supercharger - Reno Divorce by RustyKnuckles