Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nobody Likes A Thief - Elvis Proctor Got Busted

Thanks to the quick eye of Owen Mays and the folks over at Farmageddon Records, an indie record label was caught red handed bootleggin' music. Yes, you heard right, an indie label called Pint of Happiness, owned by Elvis Proctor. We understand the controversy, from being right there at the beginning when Lars from Metallica was lambasted by many fans over his fight with Napster to present day when its hard as hell to get folks to even pay a dollar for a full album. Its one thing to share music with your friends and maybe burn a mix cd of music you want folks to listen to. But to be caught grabbin' so much music from indie bands and labels that are struggling to survive, yet own a small indie label, absolute horseshit in our book. Eye for an eye is our belief and now you have the masses gunnin' for ya as you have been caught and spread through to the facebook masses. No mercy and no sympathy for Pint of Happiness Records.