Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zombie Mosh Compilation - Featuring Antiseen, Green Lady Killers and She Rides

A while back we posted the images below for a new board game called Zombie Mosh. Well, we finally got copies of the compilation in that Antiseen, Green Lady Killers and She Rides will be on. Honestly, the packaging and the whole vibe of is bitchin'. Glad to see that the folks over at Pig Records really put out a great product on this. As far as buying the game goes, well not exactly sure but I did find links over at to be able to purchase the board game. You could primarily try your big box stores online such as Best Buy and Amazon and directly through their site, but you can buy the cd directly through Manic Pogo.

Variety is the spice of life and sometimes a project comes down the pike in which you get the chance to influence a new generation. Instead of letting the rugrats get influenced by the crap of shows of American Idol, Glee or any other glam pop shite that exists, show'em the good stuff. Yes, we are speaking about a new compilation and board game based around zombies tearing each other apart featuring tracks by ANTiSEEN, Green Lady Killers, She Rides and other notables such as The Accused, Raw Power and The Dehumanizers

We were contacted by Joe Pogo Records to see if any of the bands on the label have songs about zombies or moshing that could match the vibe of the game, which will cater to pre-teens. Three tracks were selected and now will be featured on a comp that is supplemental to the board game. Quite cool knowing that these tracks are on there from Rusty Knuckles Music:

Zombified - Green Lady Killers
Walking Dead - ANTiSEEN
Sleeping With Zombies - She Rides