Sunday, June 5, 2011

ANTiSEEN Are Considered The Pinnacle of Beardcore

Leave it to the fellas over at Hellride Music to come up with another stellar review. Their words are concise and on point, we truly appreciate getting a solid write up. Here is what they had to say about the Antiseen 7" entitled "Sweet Blood Call" featuring Joe Buck Yourself.

"ANTiSEEN are the pinnacle of Beardcore – the point where Outlaw Country, Punk Rock, Shock Rock and Southern White Trash Culture intersect. You know it when you see it – mesh trucker hats, a good deal of bushy facial hair, a penchant for American whiskey, WWE t-shirts and the Confederate flag freely unfurled either on person, vehicle and/or home. It’s a good time for a lot of folks, but usually makes even me walk the other side of the street.

“Sweet Blood Call” is Bo Diddley-on-Rohypnol distortion-soaked Southern blues and unapologetic in ….uh… subject matter, let’s just say. “Black Eyed Susie” is a catchy, toe-tapping, banjo-accompanied diddy that’s an ode to old school Southern living. Both feature the unmistakable burly timbre of man-giant, Jeff Clayton, who, love him or hate him, oozes charisma. Black Eyed Susie hey, Black Eyed Susie ho.

The Rusty Knuckles label is doing a great job with bands of ilk rocking the rebellion rawk. I can’t recommend this 7” for anyone remotely sensitive to degradation of Feminism, but it’s a tounge-in-cheek block of rawk for the rest of us." - Chris Barnes

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