Thursday, June 9, 2011

Slappy's Skate Shop - Ramona, CA

Good pals to the Rusty Knuckles camp, Jake Doomey and Jason Carney opened up a killer skate shop just outside of San Diego in the small but happenin' town of Ramona, CA. Guess what else has happened in that area, yep, the Rumble in Ramona for the last three years which was actually in Jake's backyard at his hot rod shop. For all you mofo's rollin' into that area on September 10th for the fourth annual Rumble in Barona (it is moving 6 miles over to Barona to be held at the Barona Dragway) stop into Slappy's and say hello. Not only is there a plethora of skate products to choose from, but we are betting that there will be a nice selection of music in there soon as well.

Link to a write up on Slappy's Skate Shop over on the

Owners Jason Carney and Jake Doomey

Check out Carney rippin' it...