Saturday, June 4, 2011

She Rides - Loud, Raucous & Belligerent Rock N’ Roll

Huge shout out out over to Chris at Hellride Music for the review on She Rides. We know these ocean state fellas are ready for big stages, but does the world know it yet? This year they will have their shot opening up for some huge bands and swaying the masses in their favor. Also be on the lookout for a new track they are working on for a 7" vinyl split with Crank County Daredevils. Both bands are working on a cover song that will sure as hell match their style and make folks turn their heads in a "holy shit" kind of way.

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"Loud, raucous and belligerent rock n’ roll falls out of my area of expertise. If there isn’t muted e-string chugs and/or occult references, I’m usually at a loss for adequate metaphors, allegories and pith. I have to reach waaaaay back into the medial temporal lobes for appropriate terminology and dusty, long forgotten references.

From the Ocean State, appropriately descended from the first colonials to call bullshit on Britain’s tyrannical grip on New England, come She Rides. Seemingly raucous young fellas full of vim and vigor, their EP Buy The Ticket is one part Iggy & The Stooges, one part MC5, another part ANTiSEEN (who happen to be label-mates) chaos with a tad of Thin Lizzy guitar harmony. Four tracks and a quarter hour steeped in youthful rebellious abandon, irresponsible amounts of alcoholic beverages and violent moshing. It’s fast, loud and insolent, like your neighbor’s ADD-addled kid. And just as obnoxious.

Really, it’s about time Rock n’ Roll tapped into its testicles again. She Rides is a throwback to a golden era of unabashed rebellious music, not the packaged-up, watered-down, mainstreamed innocuous stuff that passes for rock these days. Remember a young Mick and Keith? Or Iggy rolling around on glass? How about pogo-ing to any number of bands on the SST roster? Man, I sound old. Well, it’s true. As loud, dirty and obnoxious as it sounds, She Rides sparks the nostalgic spirit of “Fuck You”-isms deep within my soul. It’s the real deal, and sounds like it" - Chris Barnes 

She Rides - Buy The Ticket by RustyKnuckles

She Rides - Party In The Piss Kitchen by RustyKnuckles