Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Svenmeister Is The Best Bike Salesman, Fueled By Scott Biram

How often do you get a salesman that just says, "fuck it, go buy it" or "cock pet fuck shit." After seeing several of his videos posted up on Facebook, its no doubt that we are proud to have Svenmeister building bikes here in the States. Pure character is doled out here with every other cuss word. Add in the soundtrack by Scott Biram and it has to be one of the best promotional videos to sell a bike we have ever seen, it's honest and to the point. Learn more about the Suisse mad man known as Svenmeister. Care for a bit more Scott Biram as well? Just dive into the video below and get out to see him live at the Muddy Roots Music Fest. We will be there hangin' in our booth all weekend along with Hellbound Glory, Ronnie Hymes and quite a few other great folks.