Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Horse Smokeout 2011

Once again another Smokeout has come and passed and we are still thinkin' on how great a time was had. If a distinctive moment or key word had to be thought on which would describe the Smokeout Rally it would boil down to just the word "friends". Every year we seem to get to know more folks and get to hang out all night talkin' on bikes, bands, choice of beer and more than anything else about all things motorized. It is in these circles of friends that makes it worth while to drop everything and roll out for a few days of camping and let the world seem to not exist except for the events unfolding directly in front of us.

A few amazing things to note from the event, saw one crazy mofo do a wheelie the entire drag strip and was still running in the low 10's, Michael Lewis of Violent Choppers won the Chop Off and also rode the bike from New Orleans all the way to Rockingham, bad ass! Some crafty folks made a slip in slide on the hill side of the track that reverted everyone to being an 8 year old, Motorcult folks Mad Max style propane flame throwing bicycle, good times hangin' with the fine folks of Justified Defiance, Led Sled, Crafters Metal Fab, Wrench Works & Ben Jordan Designs, the Loose Lugnuts playing for almost four hours along with having two kegs for free, last but not least, we saw more bikes truly built for ridin' instead of chopping to chop. Good times for sure and already lookin' forward to the next Smokeout!

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