Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reno Divorce Smokin' European Stages

Just got an email from Tye in Reno Divorce that they are having a killer tour and everything is going over solid. It is to be expected from such a pro band. First time I got to see the fellas live as a full band was at our showcase during SXSW this year at the Dirty Dog Saloon. While setting up and about to hit the stage Tye comes rollin' up with all their sound requirements written down and ready to rock. That said it all to me as their sound and presence is huge onstage and their professionalism about showtime is way beyond good. If Reno Divorce isn't headlining 1000 capacity venues in the immediate futre the world truly is potentially going to hell.

Funny enough Reno Divorce ended up playing a big festival date with the German Green Day inspired band Itchy Poopzkid. We were doing a show in Switzerland on one of the last nights of the Crank County Daredevils 2010 European tour and played a big show with them. Amazing club in Solothurn that had two huge rooms and same backstage for both rooms. Regardless of how funny the name Itchy Poopzkid sounds, as its completely lost in translation, they were really down to earth fellas and had drinks with them at some fashion show after party, we all got invited to. Oh Switzerland, how we all miss you, as everything is legal except for choppers and hot rods but the people are hands down cool as hell.

Say It - Reno Divorce by RustyKnuckles

Supercharger - Reno Divorce by RustyKnuckles